Military Ethos Grant

Military Ethos Grant

The support arrangements to be covered under this strategic grant will form part of the Department’s wider military ethos work, incorporating cadet expansion, and Troops to Teachers.

Reference number: 1099

Deadline date:30/05/2014

This deadline is for… 12 noon 30th May 2014 for return of tenders

Contract value:£500,000 – £1,000,000

Location where the contract is to be carried out: England

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers? Yes

Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations? Yes

Name of the buying organisation: Department for Education


Description of the contract

The Government is committed to raising educational standards in the alternative provision sector through providing education on par with that of mainstream, and appropriate support to pupils in achieving this. Part of this work includes diversifying the alternative provision sector to help improve the offer of high quality alternative provision for all pupils who, through behaviour, health or otherwise, are not in mainstream schooling. The support arrangements to be covered under this strategic grant will form part of the Department’s wider military ethos work, incorporating cadet expansion, and Troops to Teachers. The aim is to improve the educational outcomes for pupils through using values from a military ethos, such as self-discipline, confidence and teamwork. In particular this work aims to support pupils with behaviour and attendance issues and/or who are either disengaged with education or at risk of becoming disengaged. Focus should include supporting the transitional periods from primary to secondary education and from secondary education into post-16 education or employment alongside part-time study and training. Bidders should have the capacity to operate at national level and to work with primary and secondary schools, other AP providers, and further education and sixth form colleges, utilising the skills of a high proportion of former armed services personnel or other staff with experience in this field of work. All bids must clearly demonstrate how educational attainment will be improved towards standards of mainstream schooling, including steps to improve those things which support it such as good behaviour and attendance. This is an invitation for proposals for a grant to commence from 1 September 2014. Bidders should provide a breakdown of costs for the individual elements of work the bidder proposes to undertake in relation to raising educational standards in schools through the use of military ethos. The funding for this grant has not yet been authorised and bidders should be aware that the department will cancel the tender if the funding is cancelled. You should also be aware that you will not be entitled to claim from the Department any costs or expenses which you may incur in preparing your tender whether or not your tender is successful or the tender is cancelled through lack of funding. Value range is £500,000-£1,000,000m. The value range given is indicative only for each piece of work, bids at higher or lower values also will be considered.



Classification of the contract

80000000 Education and training services

Additional information

Contract type: Services – Unspecified

Is it a framework agreement? No

Is this contract related to a programme of funding? No

Contract will be awarded based on: Most economically advantageous tender in terms of: The criteria stated in the contract documents

Estimated length of contract: 12 Months


Who to contact

Contact name Greg Midcalf

Organisation name Department for Education

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How to apply

The specification for this grant can be obtained from Greg Midcalf, by email at