Ministry of Defence Fire and Rescue Project

Ministry of Defence Fire and Rescue Project

The MOD is seeking requests from companies (or consortia) to participate in the competition for the delivery of a Fire and Rescue capability that meets the following Single Statement of User Need.

United Kingdom-Andover: Fire-brigade and rescue services

2014/S 200-353748

Contract notice


Directive 2009/81/EC

Section I: Contracting authority/entity

I.1)Name, addresses and contact point(s)

Ministry of Defence, C&C
DFRP Team, Ramillies Building, Floor 2, Zone 4, IDL 424, Marlborough Lines, Monxton Road
SP11 8HT Andover

Further information can be obtained from: The above mentioned contact point(s)

Specifications and additional documents (including documents for competitive dialogue and a dynamic purchasing system) can be obtained from: The above mentioned contact point(s)

Tenders or requests to participate must be sent to: The above mentioned contact point(s)

I.2)Type of the contracting authority

Ministry or any other national or federal authority, including their regional or local sub-divisions

I.3)Main activity


I.4)Contract award on behalf of other contracting authorities/entities

The contracting authority is purchasing on behalf of other contracting authorities: no

Section II: Object of the contract


II.1.1)Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority:

Defence Fire and Rescue Project (DFRP).

II.1.2)Type of contract and location of works, place of delivery or of performance

Service category No 26: Other services

NUTS code UK

II.1.3)Information on framework agreement
II.1.4)Information on framework agreement

II.1.5)Short description of the contract or purchase(s):

Fire-brigade and rescue services. Fire-fighting vehicles. Fire-fighting vehicle ladders. Fire-fighting rescue and safety equipment. Breathing apparatus for fire-fighting. Fire-fighting materials. Pumps for fire-fighting. Fire-fighting equipment installation work. Repair and maintenance services of fire-fighting equipment. Fire-brigade uniforms. Occupational clothing, special work-wear and accessories. Fire-detection systems. Water-tender vehicles. Fire suppression system. Fire suppression foam or similar compounds. Fire hoses. Vehicle-fleet-support services. Fire and explosion protection and control consultancy services. Training services. Training facilities. Education and training services. Specialist training services. Training simulators. Risk or hazard assessment other than for construction. Investigation services. Airport operation services. The MOD is seeking requests from companies (or consortia) to participate in the competition for the delivery of a Fire and Rescue (F&R) capability that meets the following Single Statement of User Need.
‘Defence requires personnel, estates and assets to be appropriately supported worldwide, in peace and conflict, by a preventative, protective and responsive fire and risk management capability which is cost-effective, affordable, sustainable and agile’.
The competition may include delivery of all or part of the underlying services necessary to deliver the overall fire and rescue capability.
It is expected that during the period of contract, adjustments will be required to take account of changes which may impact the fire and rescue requirement, contract provisions or method of delivery. Such changes being:
— Future operations or locations where a fire and rescue service may be required;
— Changes to the volume and locations of Defence Establishments.
Any such changes will be managed within the contract and shall not be considered as material changes.
The request to participate must take the form of a completed Dynamic Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.

II.1.6)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)

75250000, 34144210, 34913700, 35110000, 35111100, 35111200, 42122110, 45343200, 50413200, 35811100, 18100000, 31625100, 34144212,35111500, 35111520, 44482100, 50111110, 71317100, 80500000, 80520000, 80000000, 80510000, 34152000, 90711100, 79720000, 63731000

II.1.7)Information about subcontracting

The tenderer has to indicate in the tender any share of the contract it may intend to subcontract to third parties and any proposed subcontractor, as well as the subject-matter of the subcontracts for which they are proposed
II.1.9)Information about variants
II.2)Quantity or scope of the contract

II.2.1)Total quantity or scope:

The Defence Fire and Rescue Project (DFRP) aims to identify whether an Industry Service Provider will provide increased value for money in the delivery of a worldwide Defence Fire and Rescue (F&R) service. The MOD is seeking Industry to participate in a competition for the delivery and support of Fire and Rescue services (currently provided by the Defence Fire Risk Management Organisation (DFRMO).
The MOD’s F&R service requirements are founded on three key pillars, namely protection, prevention and response. Supporting these pillars are 5 high level characteristics categorised as: management, monitoring, provision, geographical and constraints. The proposed contract scope includes, but is not limited to:
— Provision of a protection and prevention service.
— Provision of an F&R response service to mitigate the risk of the loss to any Defence capability due to fire.
— Provision of appropriate F&R services to protect life in support of Defences mission at identified locations.
— Provision and maintenance of assets (vehicles and equipment) necessary to support the delivery of the requirement (including any residual Defence F&R services).
— Professional fire-fighting and fire awareness training.
DFRMO provides (and manages) a F&R service to protect Defence interests (including strategic assets and airfields) which includes the provision of resources (personnel, training and equipment). The DFRMO establishment is approximately 1900 personnel in circa 90 permanent locations in the UK and overseas. It should be noted that due diligence on the total volume requirement is ongoing and will be finalised during the competition process. In addition, DFRMO deploys with and supports the Armed Services on operations and exercises worldwide
The MOD, through the competition to be conducted under Competitive Dialogue (CD), wishes to explore whether increased value for money would be achieved by transferring responsibility to Industry for the provision of some of the enablers (for example vehicles and equipment) necessary to deliver fire and rescue capability. Bidders invited to participate in the competition may also be required to propose options to fund such enablers, noting that this will be clarified as part of the CD process.
As part of the competition, MOD will be producing an internal Value for Money Benchmark. The VfMB solution will provide proposals to meet the User Requirement and System Requirements Documents and will be compared against Industry proposals. Consequently, MOD provides no guarantee that any contract will be awarded as a result of this CD procurement process and MOD will not be held liable for Industry costs incurred in participating in this competition.
Dynamic Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (DPQQ).

Note: Please ensure that you have read and answered all the questions listed in the DPQQ. If you incur any difficulties with such completion, please e-mail the DFRP Contact Mailbox ( as per paragraph 20 of the DPQQ Guidance Document. Those companies who report any technical difficulties and have duly informed the DFRP contact mailbox will not automatically be excluded from the competitive process. It is critical, however, that any such technical difficulties are reported as soon as identified. Those companies who fail to complete and notify the Authority of any such issues will be excluded from competition.

The procurement will be conducted under the CD procedure and will consist of a number of pre-defined stages which will be detailed, in full, in the Invitation To Participate in Dialogue (ITPD).
The aim of the DPQQ is to rank the highest scoring responses provided by Industry against the detailed DPQQ selection criteria. It is envisaged that the companies that provide the top 4 (but no more than 5) responses which have demonstrated a sufficient level of competence will be invited to participate in the next stage of the process.
The DPQQ marking, scoring and selection criteria have been provided in the supporting DPQQ guidance.
Proposed Commercial Time-lines:
DPQQ Return — By 14:00 on 14.11.2014.
Bidders briefing day — Following the DPQQ evaluation those successfully selected will be invited to participate in the bidders briefing day, anticipated to be held on the 16.12.2014.
ITPD — is anticipated to be issued early in 2015.
MOD Main Gate Business Case endorsement — is anticipated late 2016.

II.2.2)Information about options

Options: yes
Description of these options: The contract duration is yet to be determined. Further analysis will be undertaken during the procurement process to ascertain the optimum duration in terms of cost, effect and risk.
II.2.3)Information about renewals
II.3)Duration of the contract or time limit for completion

Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information

III.1)Conditions relating to the contract

III.1.1)Deposits and guarantees required:

Bank and/or Parent Company Guarantees and/or guarantees of performance, payment and financial capacity may be required which will be to the anticipated value of contract.

III.1.2)Main financing conditions and payment arrangements and/or reference to the relevant provisions governing them:

Conditions relating to financing and payment will be specified in the contractual documentation. The payment mechanism will be identified which will incentivise the Supplier to achieve financial and operational efficiencies. Moreover it will ensure that the appropriate levels of performance are achieved and measured against pre-determined service levels and associated financial incentives.

III.1.3)Legal form to be taken by the group of economic operators to whom the contract is to be awarded:

If a group of economic operators submit a bid, the group must nominate a lead organisation to deal with the MOD. The MOD will require the group to form a legal entity before entering into the contract.

III.1.4)Other particular conditions to which the performance of the contract is subject, in particular with regard to security of supply and security of information:

Security Clearance — The invitation to participate in dialogue will detail any security clearance requirements that may be required in the delivery of all aspects of the service.
TUPE Implications: It is expected that TUPE will apply to this requirement. For Authority and ex-Authority Employees who may transfer under TUPE, your attention is drawn tot he requirements of the Treasury’s guidance contained in ‘Fair Deal for staff pensions: staff transfer from central government (October 2013)’
III.1.5)Information about security clearance:
III.2)Conditions for participation

III.2.1)Personal situation

Criteria regarding the personal situation of economic operators (that may lead to their exclusion) including requirements relating to enrolment on professional or trade registers

Information and formalities necessary for evaluating if the requirements are met: The Authority will apply all the offences listed in Article 39(1) of Directive 2009/81/EC (implemented as Regulation 23(1) of the Defence and Security Public Contract Regulations (DSPCR) 2011 in the UK) and all of the professional misconducts listed at Article 39(2) of Directive 2009/81/EC (see also Regulation 23(2) in the DSPCR 2011) to the decision of whether a Candidate is eligible to be invited to tender.

A full list of the Regulation 23(1) and 23(2) criteria are at

Candidates will be required to sign a declaration confirming whether they do or do not have any of the listed criteria as part of the pre-qualification process.
Candidates who have been convicted of any of the offences under Article 39(1) are ineligible and will not be selected to bid, unless there are overriding requirements in the general interest (including defence and security factors) for doing so.
Candidates who are guilty of any of the offences, circumstances or misconduct under Article 39(2) may be excluded from being selected to bid at the discretion of the Authority.
a) Appropriate statement from the economic operator’s bankers or where appropriate, evidence of relevant professional risk indemnity insurance;
b) The presentation of balance sheets or extracts from the balance sheets, where publication of the balance sheet is required under the law of the country in which the economic operator is established;
c) Where appropriate, a statement, covering the 3 previous financial years of the economic operator of:
i) the overall turnover of the business of the economic operator: and
ii) where appropriate, the turnover in respect of the work, works, goods or services which are of a similar type to the subject matter of the contract.
The following additional financial information will be required for pre-qualification in accordance with Regulation 24 of the DSPCR 2011:
a) Alternative means of demonstrating financial status (if trading less than a year);
b) 2 years of certified audited accounts in statutory form, including profit and loss account and balance sheet.
The MOD will request this information through the Dynamic Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (DPQQ) attached to this Contract Notice.
In addition to the above the MOD also reserve the right to request any additional information which it considers necessary in order to demonstrate the potential provider has sufficient economic and financial resources to deliver the service provision.

III.2.2)Economic and financial ability
III.2.3)Technical and/or professional capacity
III.2.4)Information about reserved contracts
III.3)Conditions specific to services contracts
III.3.1)Information about a particular profession
III.3.2)Staff responsible for the execution of the service

Section IV: Procedure

IV.1)Type of procedure

IV.1.1)Type of procedure

competitive dialogue
IV.1.2)Limitations on the number of operators who will be invited to tender or to participate

IV.1.3)Reduction of the number of operators during the negotiation or dialogue

Recourse to staged procedure to gradually reduce the number of solutions to be discussed or tenders to be negotiated yes
IV.2)Award criteria

IV.2.1)Award criteria

The most economically advantageous tender in terms of the criteria stated in the specifications, in the invitation to tender or to negotiate or in the descriptive document

IV.2.2)Information about electronic auction

An electronic auction has been used: no
IV.3)Administrative information

IV.3.1)File reference number attributed by the contracting authority:


IV.3.2)Previous publication(s) concerning the same contract

IV.3.3)Conditions for obtaining specifications and additional documents or descriptive document

IV.3.4)Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate

14.11.2014 – 14:00
IV.3.5)Date of dispatch of invitations to tender or to participate to selected candidates

IV.3.6)Language(s) in which tenders or requests to participate may be drawn up


Section VI: Complementary information

VI.1)Information about recurrence
VI.2)Information about European Union funds

VI.3)Additional information:

Suppliers interested in working with the Ministry of Defence should register on the MOD Supplier Information Database (SID). Register, available The MOD SID is a database of active and potential suppliers available to all MOD and UK Defence procurement personnel, and is the main supplier database of MOD Procurement organisations. Please note: the registration and publication of a company profile on the MOD SID does not mean or imply that the supplier has in any way been vetted or approved by the MOD. Suppliers wishing to compete for advertised MOD contracts must respond to any specific call for competition by submitting a separate expression of interest in accordance with the instructions of the purchasing organisation.

From 2.4.2014 the Government is introducing its new Government Security Classifications Policy (GSC) to replace the current Government Protective Marking Scheme. A key aspect of this is the reduction in the number of security classifications used. All suppliers to the Department are encouraged to make themselves aware of the changes as it may impact on this Requirement. The link below to the website provides information on the new GSC.

The Authority reserves the right to amend any condition related to security of information to reflect any changes in national law or government policy. If any contract documents are accompanied by instructions on safeguarding classified information (e.g. a Security Aspects Letter), the Authority reserves the right to amend the terms of these instructions to reflect any changes in national law or government policy, whether in respect of the applicable protective marking scheme, specific protective markings given, the aspects to which any protective marking applies, or otherwise.

Advertising Regime OJEU: — This contract opportunity is published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), the MoD Defence Contracts Bulletin and

The MOD intends to use AWARD software to assist in the management of the tender evaluation.

Electronic Trading: Potential suppliers must note the mandatory requirement for electronic trading using the Ministry of Defence’s standard Purchase to Payment (P2P) system operating under the Defence Electronic Commerce Service, which shall be a special condition for the performance of this Contract. You can find details on the P2P system at The contractor shall be required to sign DEFFORM 30 (Electronic Transaction Agreements) and unconditionally accept DEFCON 5J (Unique Identifiers), DEFCON 129J (The Use of Electronic Business Delivery Form); and DEFCON 522J (Payment under P2P).

Interested suppliers are required to complete the Dynamic Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (DPQQ) to provide information that allows the Authority to evaluate the supplier’s capacities and capabilities against the selection criteria set out at Sections III.2.1), III.2.2) and III.2.3 of this Contract Notice.
The Authority will use the DPQQ response to create a short-list of Tenderers who:
1. are eligible to participate under Section III.2.1) of this Contract Notice; and
2. fulfil any minimum standards under Sections III.2.2) and III.2.3 of this Contract Notice.
Full details of the method for choosing the Tenderers will be set out in the Evaluation Plan, available to those that follow the Access Code below and the DPQQ guidance documents which will be provided following expressions of interest.
Whilst the Authority is intending to reduce the number of economic operators during the dialogue phase, it retains the right not to do so.
Suppliers must read through this set of instructions and follow the process to respond to this opportunity.

The information and/or documents for this opportunity are available on

You must register on this site to respond, if you are already registered you will not need to register again, simply use your existing user-name and password. Please note there is a password reminder link on the homepage.
Suppliers must log in, go to your Response Manager and add the following Access Code: 64247TS845.
Please ensure you follow any instruction provided to you here.
The deadline for submitting your response(s) is detailed within this contract notice, you will also have visibility of the deadline date, once you have added the Access code via DCO as the opening and closing date is visible within the opportunity.
Please ensure that you allow yourself plenty of time when responding to this opportunity prior to the closing date and time, especially if you have been asked to upload documents.

If you experience any difficulties please refer to the on-line Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) or the User Guides or contact the MOD DCO Help-desk by e-mailing or telephone +44 8452707099.

GO Reference: GO-20141014-DCB-6087978

VI.4)Procedures for appeal

VI.4.1)Body responsible for appeal procedures

Ministry of Defence, C&C

Body responsible for mediation procedures

Ministry of Defence, C&C

VI.4.2)Lodging of appeals

VI.4.3)Service from which information about the lodging of appeals may be obtained

Ministry of Defence, C&C

VI.5)Date of dispatch of this notice: