Mobile eCommerce App Development – Competitive Dialogue

Mobile eCommerce App Development – Competitive Dialogue

To create a mobile eCommerce App that is fully synced with the HAA website.


Mobile eCommerce APP

Awarding body Hear4u & Healthscreen Ltd T/A Hearing Aid Accessories

EST. START DATE: 01/06/2021
EST. END DATE: 31/10/2021


Tender – Mobile eCommerce APP

Awarding Body – Hear4u & Healthscreen Ltd T/A Hearing Aid Accessories
Project Est. Start Date – 01/06/2021
Project Est. End Date ETA – 31/10/2021

About Us

Hearing Aid Accessories (known as HAA) is a division of Hear4u & Healthscreen Ltd. HAA is an online shop providing hearing aid accessories to the hard of hearing worldwide. Currently hosting around 1000 products and beginning to venture into distributorship HAA is showing exponential growth across the world possibly due to ageing populations and hearing loss worldwide using more technical equipment with advancements in Bluetooth and wireless equipment, advancing knowledge of hearing loss and the benefits of assistive equipment, and the desire to be self-supporting with their hearing loss for freedom of movement in the world. Suppliers of both trade and retail clients with a multitude of equipment ranging from simple tubing for behind the ear hearing aids to Bluetooth streaming equipment for televisions to hearing aids.

Project Overview

The project is to create a mobile eCommerce APP that is fully synced with the HAA website. To compliment the website and support in further sales of hearing aid accessories worldwide.
The mobile app would need to be developed for both Android and iOS platforms and deployed respectively. The app would need to be connected to our current database to allow a single portal for management of products and customers information.

We are looking for this app to be deployed within a 6 month timeframe from commissioning, at the very least The apps would need to accommodate a multilingual as we expand in the global market.


As a minimum requirement we would require the vendor to supply:
A. Wireframe – A functional specification and wireframing
B. Development and Deployment – App development, testing, and deployment to both Apple & Google Stores.
C. Configuration and Implementation – Proposals should include details of configuration and Implementation plan and timeframe of the project invested in.
D. Training – Proposals should include all aspects of training, with the number of hours/days and costs associated with it. ( Any other training that may be beneficial to us should be advised).

1. The app needs to connect and sync to the current product, category, and user database and ideally reflect changes.
2. Website to push updates to the app in real-time.
3. Submitted to both Google & Apple App Stores
4. Ability to purchase through the mobile App through the current payment gateway; Paypal. Vendor to recommend other payment merchant gateways applicable and provision for other payment gateways ie, Strip Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc… ( inclusion of costs and relevant fees).
5. Push notifications
6. Potential for the ability to pre-fill customer contact details through their device.
7. Share with other contacts through Whatsapp, email, phone friends, etc
8. Store checkout and cart contents for another visit through App caching
9. Social sharing
10. Responsive on all mobile/tablet devices
11. Product search feature
12. Minimal use of keyword for easier interaction
13. Ability to use as much of the App offline where available
14. Simple and intuitive navigation
15. Fast and smooth experience
16. Seamless order and checkout process saving the customers information as much as is possible taking into account safety and security (just need to enter CVV?)
17. Feedback and reviews (possibly connected directly into Trust Pilot) – but we would welcome advice/ Suggestions on this.
18. Security is of course paramount
19. Future options to add and auto-select language based on IP/Location and using shared language elements.
20. App version control and bug fix log.
21. Search keywords in the required languages
22. App description in the required languages
23. App Short and Full descriptions
24. Copyright information
25. Privacy Policy

General requirements
– Dependencies that meet the development and deployment of the App.
o Service/API documentations
o Documented flowcharts or any information related to the project
o Platform / Profile / Account credentials (Android / iOS)
o Any third party software the app may be using
– Reporting and Activity usage on app platforms
– Develop and deploy plan
– Data migration (if applicable)
– Training & Acceptance Testing
– Complete testing and acceptance Deploy
– Go-live
– Post-go-live support
– Bugfix support plan ( include cost and timeframe to action)

Your Tender
Your tender will go through an evaluation and selection process:
Evaluation and Scoring
Evaluation Criteria

At the selection process, proposed solutions will be evaluated on the criteria stated below.

We would consider all quotations received before the response by date and time. Our evaluation would consider the functionality, price, and other elements as per the criteria and weightings below:

No. – Criteria – (Maximum Points/scoring – Weighting Factor)
1. The quotation must include the supplier’s name and full business address (this must be on a letterhead document) – (Pass/Fail – N/A)
2. The quotation to made out to us using our company’s name and full address – (Pass/Fail – N/A)
3. The quotation to includes the date issued, and the period the quotation is valid for (ideally for 3 months) – (Pass/Fail – N/A)
4. The quotation should clearly indicate the Payment Terms – (Pass/Fail – N/A)
5. Costs of the functional design of the APP – (5 Point – 5% Weight Factor)
6. Costs of the build of the APP – (5 Point – 10% Weight Factor)
7. App maintenance cost – (5 Point – 15% Weight Factor)
8. Functionality – (5 Point – 30% Weight Factor)
9. Support, implementation, and consultancy services – (5 Point – 20 % Weight Factor)
10. Scalability and new features – (5 Point – 10% Weight Factor)
11. Ongoing aftercare and support – (5 Point – 10% Weight Factor)

Scoring Evaluation Methodology:
The scoring for criteria will be based on the following point system.
(Points) – Quality of Response
(5 = Excellent)
– Exceptional demonstration by the Supplier of the relevant ability, understanding, experience, skills, resources and quality measures needed to meet this requirement, with evidence to support the response.

(4= Good)
– Above-average demonstration by the Supplier of the relevant ability, understanding, experience, skills, resources, and quality measures needed to meet this requirement, with evidence to support the response.

(3 = Average )
– Demonstration by the Supplier of the relevant ability, understanding, experience, skills, resources and quality measures needed to meet this requirement, with evidence to support the response.

(2 = Fair)
– Some minor reservations of the Supplier’s relevant ability, understanding, experience, skills, resources & quality measures needed to meet this requirement, with limited evidence to support the response.

(1 = Poor )
– Considerable reservations of the Supplier’s relevant ability, understanding, experience, skills, resources and quality measures needed to meet this requirement, with little or no evidence to support the response.

(0 = Very Poor)
– Does not comply and/or insufficient information provided to demonstrate that the Tenderer has the ability, understanding, experience, skills, resource, and quality measures needed to meet this requirement, with little or no evidence to support the response

Formulas for Final Scoring:

All proposals will be evaluated based on the delivery of the project, against a weight and scoring model, based on an importance scale scored between 0 to 5 points; (point system mentioned above), which will be awarded to those that meet our specific project criteria. Each criterion has a weighting factor, that will enable us to calculate a weighted score, against each criteria score. The weighting scoring method will enable us to make a decision on a suitable supplier based on the proposal achieving the highest score.

Highest scored supplier demonstrating their ability to fulfill our project requirement will be awarded the tender.

Nb: The quotations would be considered null if it does not meet the essential criteria (1-4).

Selection Process

Written Proposals
Suppliers will submit a fully written costed proposal in pdf format.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the criteria as detailed in this document. Suppliers are required to provide a written proposal, detailing the mobile App development with recommendation or proposals indicating whether each element of the functionality and features requested is a standard feature of the proposed solution, and can be demonstrated how, or would need to be developed. The proposal should identify all costs related to development, deployment, consultancy, and training services, and include details of any ongoing costs including support, licensing, etc.

Where third parties are used e.g. to provide optional development, functional, or licensing extras, it is expected that responsibility for those items/services will lie with the primary supplier both for managing implementation of the item/service/project and for ongoing support. Proposed arrangements should be documented within the proposal.

Proposals should be submitted on company letter headed paper (include vat/reg no.), dated, and address to the company with full address. These must be valid for the proposed two/ three months date period. Prices must be clearly indicated inc./exc. VAT.

Selected proposals will be shortlisted for further discussion and may be invited to provide demonstrations of proposed solutions as appropriate. We will follow up with reference sites prior to final decision.
Suppliers will have an opportunity to revise initial proposals as appropriate to take into account any changes resulting from discussion/presentation and will submit the final proposal by the agreed date at presentation.

Closing dates for proposal submission 05/05/2021
Final decision to be made: 10/05/2021
Project Start – W/C 01/06/2021

Expected Go-Live date by – 01/11/2021

All requests for the specification must be made by 05 May 2021 all proposals must be recited by 05 May 2021.

Following the evaluation criteria and selection exercise, it is anticipated a final decision will be made by 10 May 2021.

Additional Information
Contract Type One-off

Document Available Until
05 May 2021

Submission Return By
05 May 2021
Questions & Further information
For further information, please contact –
Name: Samantha J Bennett


Additional information

Contract Type One off
Procurement Process Competitive Dialogue
Category Information Communication TechnologyOnline Services,
CPV codes 48000000,
Suitable for SME YES


5 May 2021

13 days


5 May 2021

13 days


Hear4u & Healthscreen Ltd T/A Hearing Aid Accessories
Samantha J Bennett


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