Mutuals Support Programme

Mutuals Support Programme

The Cabinet Office will: 2.1 Procure generic, tailored and bespoke professional advice and support for proposed and existing Public Service Mutuals (these contracts are the subject of this market testing exercise). Reference number: MSP

Deadline date: 31/03/2012

This deadline is for… N/A

Contract value: £0 – £8,333,333

Location where the contract is to be carried out: England

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers? Yes

Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations? Yes

Name of the buying organisation: Cabinet Office


Description of the contract

1. This notice replicates the information showing in the OJEU PIN reference 2012/S 24-039175. It pertains to a market testing exercise in relation to multiple potential requirements across the full range of consultancy and professional advice disciplines, including but not limited to business, management, financial and legal consultancy services. The route to market for; and scope, duration, and value of individual contracts under the programme to which this notice pertains are yet to be determined; 2. The Mutuals Support Programme (MSP) will deliver help and support for proposed and existing Public Service Mutuals*. The Cabinet Office will: 2.1 Procure generic, tailored and bespoke professional advice and support for proposed and existing Public Service Mutuals (these contracts are the subject of this market testing exercise). 2.3 Retain IP to share the advice and support given so other proposed and existing Public Service Mutuals can benefit. 3. This programme will build on the Mutuals Information Service (MIS), which was launched 5.12.2011. The MIS is a web-portal and phone line based triage and case management service for public sector workers interested in setting up Public Service Mutuals, and for existing fledgling Public Service Mutuals interested in going for growth. The MIS will refer the cases and issues with the greatest potential to catalyse new Public Service Mutuals to the Cabinet Office who (where appropriate) will procure and manage individual professional advice contracts. 4. Specific objectives of the MSP are: 4.1 To provide proposed and existing Public Service Mutuals with the support they need (which cannot be accessed through other sources) to enable them to become viable businesses; 4.2 To share (via resource library) as much as possible of the professional advice and support commissioned to avoid duplication, grow the knowledge base and reduce cost; 4.3 Maintain flexibility to enable the Programme to be demand led. 5. The proposed outcomes for the MSP are: 5.1 Outcome 1: proposed and existing Public Service Mutuals have the information and advice required to develop into successful enterprises; 5.2 Outcome 2: a resource library of advice and support is developed to support others, avoid duplication and reduce cost; 5.3 Outcome 3: cabinet Office has detailed evidence and information to inform future policy work. 6. The purpose of this Prior Information Notice (PIN) is to alert the supplier community to potential opportunities which the Cabinet Office (in partnership with Government Procurement Service) may wish to procure. Suppliers are invited to register their interest (quoting reference “Mutuals Support Programme Suppliers”) with the ERG Service Desk to ensure they are kept informed of the latest updates with regard to the MSP, including notification of supplier events, potential opportunities in the pipeline and other information of interest. *Cabinet Office defines a Public Service Mutual as, “An organisation which has spun out of the traditional public sector, but continues to deliver public services under contract, and in which employee ownership and/or engagement has a discernable impact on its operation. They can take a variety of forms in terms of business model, legal structure and membership.”.




Classification of the contract


79400000 Business and management consultancy and related services

66171000 Financial consultancy services

79100000 Legal services

79221000 Tax consultancy services

66519600 Actuarial services

66523000 Pension fund consultancy services


Additional information


Who to contact

Contact name ERG Service Desk

Address , SW1A 2WH

Telephone +44 8450004999

Extension number:



Web address


How to apply

1. This is a voluntary notice for a variety of service requirements which are likely to be procured under the MSP. The purpose of this notice is to alert the supplier community to these potential opportunities, and to assist the Cabinet Office with developing aspects of its procurement strategy. Potential suppliers should register with the contact point named on this notice, to receive an initial briefing pack, and to be added to the MSP supplier contact list; 2. This market sounding exercise does not form part of a formal procurement process and the Cabinet Office reserves the right to decide whether or not to proceed with any tendering procedures in relation to individual contracts. Potential suppliers shall be solely responsible for any costs which they incur as a result of participating in any aspect of this market testing exercise.