National Living Wage Research Contract

National Living Wage Research Contract

Impact of the New National Living Wage Target.
Impact of the New National Living Wage Target: A Study of Future Changes in Pay Structures and Age-related Pay

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  • Research and development consultancy services – 73200000
  • Market and economic research; polling and statistics – 79300000

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06 February 2020

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02 March 2020

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10 March 2020

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31 December 2020

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The research will investigate whether firms will modify their pay and organisational structures, including systems of incentives and rewards, in response to the National Living Wage (NLW) as it begins its journey towards a target of two-thirds of median hourly earnings by 2024 with the age entitlement being reduced from 25 to 21 in two stages – first to 23 in April 2021 and then to 21 by April 2024. It will give initial insights of how firms are planning to adjust their pay structures and use of age-related pay in light of the new and more ambitious policy for the NLW.

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