NEPO Furniture Supply Framework

NEPO Furniture Supply Framework

5 Lots. Lot 1 – Office Furniture. Lot 2 – Educational Furniture.

Opportunity Id
NEPO411 Furniture
56000000 – Furniture and Furnishings

The Association of North East Councils Limited Trading as the North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) seeks to establish a multi-supplier, multi-lot framework agreement for the supply of furniture across the United Kingdom, the existing framework is split into 3 lots:

Lot 1 – Office Furniture

Lot 2 – Educational Furniture

Lot 3 – Residential Furniture (Social Care)

It is envisaged that the same requirements will be covered in the renewal procurement process. Market consultation activities will also explore the inclusion of additional requirements including but not limited to; home working solutions, nursery, library and dining solutions, care home furniture and white goods. NEPO will also explore the inclusion of additional lots:

Lot 4 – Specialist medical furniture

Lot 5 – National comprehensive sole-supplier lot

An OJEU compliant tender process will be used to procure this framework. It is envisaged that NEPO will be in a position to issue tender documentation in March 2021 for a framework start date of 1st September 2021. The proposed contract period will be no longer than 48 months in duration.

The Framework will be available for use by all NEPO Member Authorities and Associate Members.

To support this, we would like to gain information from the market regarding a number of issues related to the potential procurement exercise.

Completion of this survey is not an invitation for formal expressions of interest. NEPO is issuing this request for information only, to assess the appetite of the market and thus make any potential process more focused and efficient.

If you would like to provide feedback, please express your interest to access the Soft Market Testing Questionnaire.

NEPO also recently held virtual interactive group market consultation sessions via a secure online meeting platform; the slides presented at those session are available to view, please see PowerPoint presentation attached.

Region(s) of supply
Estimated value
Furniture, Office Furniture , Residential Furniture (Social Housing), Educational Furniture

Key dates

Estimated contract dates
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Contact details

Ms Marie Bartup


Expression of interest window

From 26/11/2020 16:00 to 04/12/2020 12:00