Non-Destructive Evaluation of Munitions

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Munitions

The Weapons Domain in the Defence Science and Technology Programme Office is responsible for planning and delivery of research and technology to support the future UK weapons needs.

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Opportunity Details
Opportunity Title Non-Destructive Evaluation of Munitions
Buying Organisation MOD
Opportunity Method Notice Only
Opportunity Type Other supply chain (public sector)
Nature of Opportunity Services
Estimated contract value (GBP) Not disclosed
Important information This is a ‘Notice Only’ Opportunity. Do not respond to it on CompeteFor – instead follow the Buyer’s instructions below.
Description About the Opportunity:
The Weapons Domain in the Defence Science and Technology Programme Office is responsible for planning and delivery of research and technology to support the future UK weapons needs. The Domain achieves this primarily through placing research with industry and academia. Key goals include the fast and effective delivery of technical capability to the front line and encouraging innovation to exploit emerging and potentially disruptive technologies.

This CDE themed call is seeking innovative research proposals in any area of weapons systems that help to reduce cost, weight and volume and to increase life, performance and modularity. A specific area of interest is Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Munitions.

NDE is used to determine the chemical and physical state of an energetic formulation(s) (explosive, propellant or pyrotechnic) within munitions. NDE is used by manufacturers to develop processes and verify the quality of their products, and by MOD to assess to determine the remaining safe life of munitions’ in-service use. However, the techniques currently available are limited in applicability and resolution. Many physical and chemical properties of interest can only be measured by destructive testing, or are inferred from initial development testing and the munitions’ service history. These properties include stress, strain, temperature, modulus, porosity, bond strength, hardness, chemical stabiliser content, degree of decomposition, polymer chain length, and degree of polymer cross linking.

Therefore, proof-of-concept proposals are sought in this CDE themed SBRI call for novel techniques to determine properties such as, strain, stress, density, porosity, etc. throughout the energetic formulation(s) as well as evidence of cracking and wall separation without the need to destroy the munition. The energetic formulation may be housed in munitions with metal or composite cases from 1mm to 10mm.

About the buyer’s selection process:
The competition will launch at a seminar to be held at Harwell, Oxford on Tuesday 8th January 2013. Potential applicants are strongly recommended to attend the seminar, registration is necessary via

The call will close at 1700 hours on Tuesday 19th February 2013.

All proposals must be submitted via the CDE portal.

Open date: 08 January 2013

Close date: 19 February 2013



Phone number: 01235 438445

About the buyer:
The Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) aims to bring innovation into MOD, stimulate wider entrepreneurial interest in defence related technology and attract private funds into the R&D programme and defence markets.

Its role is to seek, assess and support proposals for innovative technology solutions that have potential to meet current and future operational requirements or help deliver the R&D programme

The Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) is the first point of contact for anyone with a disruptive technology, new process or innovation that has a potential defence application. CDE is a gateway between the outside world and the Ministry of Defence (MOD), bringing together innovation and investment for the defence market, ensuring that our front-line forces have the best battle-winning technologies for the future.

Delivery point UK
Business Categories
  1. Research organisations
  2. Universities and Medical Schools
  3. Computer systems and software (development)
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Estimated tender close date 20/02/2013
Estimated contract award date 01/04/2013
Estimated contract start date 07/04/2013