North West Councils Workforce Training Contract

North West Councils Workforce Training Contract

Tender or the design and delivery of a workforce training and development programme for 23 Norrh West Local Authorities.

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
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The North West  Directors of Adult Social Sevices (ADASS) are looking for a partner to work across 23 North West local authorities to deliver  the contract above.  A North West Workforce Strategy Group, led by the NW ADASS Workforce Lead, will act as a steering group for the work.

Focus of a development programme

With a particular focus on workforce our local authorities have drawn upon regional funding and existing resources to ensure training has been available for the key aspects of the act.

If we are to sustain the momentum achieved to date we will need to develop leadership across a range of agencies and in particular in social work. We recognise that ‘leadership’ is critical at all levels in order to embed the meaning of the Act in practice.

The majority of our training and support at the North West level has focused upon senior colleagues and those responsible for designing local policies and systems. We suggest a more focused programme with a cohort of practitioners to develop their skills, build capacity within their own organisations and in the NW, and identify learning about Care Act implementation in the North West.

We wish to identify a consultant to help develop a programme of support building upon our initial suggestions:

·         An offer available to at least one colleague in each of our 23 local authorities.

·         The focus of the learning programme will be local authority advanced practitioners.

·         Local authorities will identify the relevant practitioner(s) with responsibility for championing and leading on the implementation of the Care Act into practice.

·         The programme should encourage participating local authorities to ensure that learning is shared.

·         To build into the programme activity for participants that produces learning about Care Act implementation (for example, a short review of a policy or research with colleagues or people who receive care).

·         Accredited to the highest level within budget restrictions.

The levels of service

All 23 North West local authorities will have the opportunity to nominate at least one participant.   Our suggested focus of the work are advanced practitioner roles but we recognise local authorities will require freedom to nominate colleagues.  In some instances this may lead to Care Act programme managers’ involvement.


The work will:

·         Building sustainable capacity to implement the act by developing confident practitioners who will operate as champions of the Act and its application to practice.

·         Our ambition is for this programme to produce a network of advanced practitioners who can act as a reference group for the North West ADASS Strategy Group.

·         Support local authorities in implementing the Care Act by encouraging sharing of learning from participation with colleagues.

·         Produce learning about Care Act implementation for North West ADASS.

Outputs and key timescales

The selected consultant will:

·         Deliver an accredited, modular programme on the Care Act and associated challenges.

·         Provide a venue for taught activity in an accessible location

·         We are looking for a nine month – one year timescale for the provision of the programme, with an additional three month period for recruitment and planning

·         Participate in a steering group

·         Contribute to the selection of participants by supporting the development of criteria for selection to optimise attendance and outcomes

·         Provide monitoring reports on progress, opportunities, risks and unexpected outcomes

·         Provide an evaluation report with clear recommendations and actions for next steps, and present to the North West ADASS meeting and North West ADASS Strategy Group.


The core focus of the learning and development programme will be key components of the Care Act and its application to practice.  We welcome advice on what modules should consist of but suggest inclusion of:

·         Assessment and review – with a focus upon managing the conflict and tension present when balancing risk and choice

·         Managing complexity and ambiguity in relation to eligibility

·         Understanding practice that embodies an assets or strengths based approach.

·         Existing and future financial and legal literacy

·         Multi agency working

We also suggest that content should focus upon:

·         Writing and reviewing social care policy

·         Understanding of the professional role in relation to court work

We are looking for tailored, high quality support that relates to social care practice.  We are not looking for simple presentation of Skills for Care materials as many of our social workers have already had briefings drawing upon these.

The Procurement process has given due regard to the Social Value Act 2012 in consideration of the economic, social and environmental benefits of the delivery of this service.

Mrs Denise Buckley
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05/08/2015 16:00
07/09/2015 12:00
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