Occupational Health Physician

Occupational Health Physician

Contract value:£50,000 – £150,000. You have been invited to tender for an Occupational Health Physician with Wolverhampton City Council from 1st December 2012 – 31st March 2015.

Reference number: PC384A

Deadline date:18/09/2012

This deadline is for… The return of the tender documents

Contract value:£50,000 – £150,000

Location where the contract is to be carried out: Wolverhampton

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers? Yes

Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations? No

Name of the buying organisation: Wolverhampton City Council


Description of the contract

You have been invited to tender for an Occupational Health Physician with Wolverhampton City Council from 1st December 2012 – 31st March 2015. Wolverhampton City Council employs approximately 12,500 people across the full range of Council Services. The Occupational Health Services (OHS) forms part of the Safety, Health & Wellbeing Service within Corporate Services, Delivery Directorate. The majority of clinical referrals are undertaken by 3 Occupational Health Nurse/Advisors; clinical support is provided by external providers for the Counselling and Physiotherapy services. The tender seeks to provide clinic consultancy to underpin and support nurse led clinics. The OHP service will be “in-house” at Wolverhampton City Council premises on a 1 day per week basis; dependent upon demand this may increase from 1 to 2 days per week. The successful provider will liaise directly with the Occupational Health Advisors on a day-to-day basis and/or with the Safety Health & Wellbeing Manager. The successful Tenderers will be expected to follow and utilise WCC’s own bespoke processes, systems and Occupational Health OPAS software/systems. (Details provided in Specification) The instructions for Tenderers have been prepared to assist you in submitting your tender. Please read this information carefully.



Classification of the contract

85140000 Miscellaneous health services

85100000 Health services

85000000 Health and social work services


Additional information

Contract type: Services – Unspecified

Is it a framework agreement? No

Is this contract related to a programme of funding? No

Contract will be awarded based on: Most economically advantageous tender in terms of: The criteria stated in the contract documents

Estimated length of contract: 01/12/2012 – 31/03/2015


Who to contact

Contact name corporate.procurement@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Organisation name Wolverhampton City Council

Address Corporate Procurement Unit, Civic Centre, St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV1 1RL


Extension number:

Fax 01902555095

Web address www.wolverhampton.gov.uk


How to apply

To gain access to this tender opportunity firstly register at www.blackcountrybusiness.co.uk Here you will be able to view, download and submit your tender. Please take note of the key dates and times: Documents available until: 17th September 2012 Tender closing: 18th September 2012 @ 3pm You should read the tender document fully and understand the requirements before you submit. Please take note of some of the key requirements, especially: 1. Insurances (Public Liability, Employers Liability, Professional Indemnity) 2. Form of Tender 3. Service Delivery Plan 4. Schedule of Rates This list is not exhaustive and you should read the requirements of the ITT fully before you complete your submission. An incomplete submission maybe rejected by the Council If you have any technical questions on the contract please contact Dawn Phillips (01902) 554035