Office Services West Midlands Police and Surrey Police

Office Services West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police and Surrey Police wish to work with the private
sector to transform the delivery of future policing services.

Accommodation and office services

This procurement is being undertaken by West Midlands Police
Authority as lead authority in collaboration with Surrey Police
Authority. West Midlands Police Authority is acting jointly on behalf of
itself and Surrey Police Authority and the parties reserve the right to
substitute one for the other at any time at their absolute discretion.
West Midlands Police Authority is also acting on behalf of the
organisations listed in II.2 without any obligation on them to


West Midlands Police and Surrey Police wish to work with the private
sector to transform the delivery of future policing services, and have
interpreted transformation as integrating the best of business
innovation and ways of working while preserving the integrity of the
office of constable. The benefits of this relationship are anticipated
to be: improved experience of policing services by end users;
realisation of cost savings from transformation initiatives; more
efficient delivery of policing services; improved access by forces and
others to private sector capability; and a more innovative and cutting
edge approach to 21st century policing.


The purpose of entering into a strategic partnership with forces is
to deliver transformation across policing services. It is anticipated
that the strategic partner will also directly manage some services with
the forces. However, for reasons of policing specialism, operational
risk and public confidence, some activities will necessarily continue to
be delivered by police forces.


The forces wish to develop a sustainable business model that
maintains and improves the delivery of policing services to the public,
while staying within likely future funding settlements. The forces
believe that efficiencies are better achieved by taking a wider view of
policing activity rather than reducing the budgets of functional units.
The forces will publish a Memorandum of Information, available on
application to the procurement portal found at
The Memorandum of Information contains further information regarding
the requirements of West Midlands Police Authority and Surrey Police


The contract will be offered in two Lots: one lot comprising custody
services (lot 2) and another lot comprising all other services (lot 1).
Suppliers for both lots are required to deliver transformation across
all the respective services, with benefits realised across both forces.
There will also be policing activities within lot 1 that may be managed
by the supplier, in particular those comprising resources and
infrastructure to support the delivery of frontline policing. Suppliers
may tender for one or both Lots, but should be aware that bids for the
lots will be evaluated separately. The lot 2 supplier will be expected
to work closely with the lot 1 supplier in order to deliver integrated
transformation across services with the forces. The forces will maintain
an option to novate the contract for lot 2 to the successful lot 1
supplier, and the lot 1 scope includes custody services to support this


The activities involved are covered by the ‘Police Activity Glossary’
(PAG), which identifies the activities each police force conducts.
Bidders should note that not all these activities will necessarily be
included in the final scope, and that each police force will select some
activities from these areas where they see the best opportunities for
transformation. A revised version of the PAG is as follows:


— Assure service – manage performance, maintain professional
standards, assure compliance, manage risk, provide legal services,


— Bring offenders to justice – investigate crimes, detain suspects, non-judicial disposal, develop cases, support prosecution,


— Deal with incidents – respond to incidents, manage scenes of
incidents, investigate incidents, manage major incidents, support
victims and witnesses,


— Lead service – support the Leadership of the organisation to
develop strategy, policy and plans, manage change, and manage


— Manage public engagement – patrol neighbourhoods, manage public
relations, manage customer relationships, report on performance, manage


— Manage resources – manage suppliers, manage finance, manage
people, manage ICT, manage fleet and livestock, manage equipment, manage


— Protect the public – manage high risk individuals, improve
communities, protect vulnerable people, disrupt criminal networks,
manage planned operations, protect vulnerable places, manage licensing,
manage road safety,


— Support operational services – manage duty and tasking, manage
forensics, provide specialist services, gather police information,
manage property and evidence, manage intelligence.
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