Operation of Leicestershire Local Enterprise Fund

Operation of Leicestershire Local Enterprise Fund

Quotations are invited for the operation of the Leicestershire Local Enterprise Fund.


Leicestershire Local Enterprise Fund (LLEF)
Awarding body Leicestershire County Council

Est. Start Date: 23/09/2013
Est. End Date: 22/09/2015


Leicestershire Local Enterprise Fund Ref LCC/CE/13/LLEF

Leicestershire County Council is committed to the local economy and to the success of Small and Micro Size Enterprise (SME) based in Leicestershire.

Leicestershire County Council has allocated council reserves to establish a loan fund for small and micro enterprises in Leicestershire aimed at helping address the lack of availability of debt finance to local business as a barrier to growth.

Our aim is to provide funding for a loan scheme for small businesses in Leicestershire that have been unable to secure sufficient funds from mainstream sources of finance on reasonable terms. The LLEF intends to increase the accessibility of funding available to small businesses in Leicestershire whilst ensuring that the County Council’s initial investment is protected and a market return earned.

£1 million is available to support this endeavour for an investment period of 2 years, with an option to extend for up to 12 months. The County Council has a preference for proposals that are able to include private sector investment being made alongside the County Council’s, on equal terms. The LLEF should ensure that the County Council is repaid its investment with any return thereon within 5 years of the end of the investment period.

Quotations are invited for the operation of the Leicestershire Local Enterprise Fund. The County Council’s detailed requirements are defined in the Request for Quotation document (RfQ) which can be obtained by email from Stewart.brewer@leics.gov.uk.

Additional information

Contract Type One off
Procurement Process Quotation
Option to extend Up to 12 months
Estimated ValueText Description
Category Financial Services,
CPV codes 66000000,
Suitable for SME YES

Document Available Until

23 August 2013

24 days

Submission Return By

28 August 2013

29 days

extend contract options:

Up to 12 months

Contact Details

Leicestershire County Council
Stewart Brewer
0116 305 5857