Powys Strategic Play Project

Powys Strategic Play Project

The BIG Lottery awarded Powys £249,988 in March 2008. The original purpose and aims of the project were to establish a play infrastructure across Powys that had a top-down, and a bottom-up remit.

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Powys County Council
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Angela Williams
County Hall, Llandrindod Wells, Powys
Llandrindod Wells
01597 826223
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Powys Strategic Play Project
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The BIG Lottery awarded Powys £249,988 in March 2008. The original purpose and aims of the project were to establish a play infrastructure across Powys that had a top-down, and a bottom-up remit. This improved two-way communication system would ensure the best use of funding and resources would be made, a coordinated approach to service delivery would be evidenced, as well as integrating play into both the local authority, the CYPPs and the local voluntary sector organisations.

By providing the additional Year 5 funding (2012-2013) the Lottery specified that the following programme outcomes are met:

1. By the end of the grant projects have strengthened play infrastructure in their area.

2. By the end of the grant projects will have strengthened and started to implement and

deliver their sustainability proposals.

The milestones that would be achieved as a result of the additional (BIG Lottery 12 months) funding are listed below:–

– Establish the identified ‘HUB’ functions within an existing organisation (Service B)

– Local Play Forums have first of three meetings p.a.

– Workforce Development Officer recruited to train and develop playwork professionals

including volunteers (initial funding available for 1 year through BIG Lottery Fund. Future

funding to be sourced and managed by successful organisation)

– Training centre accreditation established

– Play Networks delivering on their 3 year business plans

– Volunteering project established with volunteers actively delivering play

– 35 Practitioners trained and accredited in playwork practice

– 6 Playwork assessors trained

– Presentations to key/potential investors

– Play module delivered to community groups, schools, parents and professionals

(minimum 6 workshops to deliver module p.a.)

– 30 volunteers recruited and trained

– Funding applications submitted to support the project

– Sustainable Recycle Store piloted as an income generation project

The Service Performance will contribute towards:-

a) The One Powys Yn Un Plan Outcomes

People in Powys live in supportive, sharing and self reliant communities

People in Powys have the skills to pursue their ambitions

People in Powys benefit from a thriving diverse economy

People in Powys feel and are safe and confident

People in Powys are supported to get out of poverty

People in Powys are healthy and independent.

b) The BIG Lottery Child’s Play Programme

A stronger play infrastructure

A sustainable infrastructure

c) The CYPP Plan – Core Aims

Core Aim 1 – have a flying start in life.

Core Aim 2 – have a comprehensive range of education and learning opportunities.

Core Aim 4 – have access to play, leisure, sporting and cultural activities.

Core Aim 6 – have a safe home and a community which supports physical and emotional wellbeing.

Core Aim 7 – are not disadvantaged by poverty

d) Families First

Supporting the delivery of services to children, young people and families that are – Family focused






Description of Service

Service A (1st August 2012 – 31st July 2013)

To deliver the extended lottery project and meet all the agreed milestones including;

• Establish an Accredited Training Centre Locally

• Co-ordinate and Deliver a Workforce Development Programme

• Establish a volunteer recruitment programme

Service B (1st August 2012 – 31st March 2015)

To establish the Play Hub that will;

• Be a central point of communication for Play and playwork – to include legislation, policy

and playwork practices updates

• Support workforce development programmes

• Co-ordinate monitoring & evaluation of play development & opportunities, making use of

Results Based Accountability methods / framework

• Co-ordinate marketing and promotion of play and playwork

• Encourage relevant stakeholders to recognise the value of play

• Support other organisations to develop play opportunities

• Identify sources of funding and make appropriate applications / submissions for such

funding with partners to enable infrastructure development and play delivery

• Co-ordinate community level contributions to and manage implementation of the Powys

Play Strategy

• Develop a local sustainable recycle store as an income generation activity

The Contractor will also be required to work collaboratively where appropriate with RAY Ceredigion to ensure that a regional approach is deployed for play development e.g. Workforce Development.

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80000000 – Education and training services.
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92000000 – Recreational, cultural and sporting services.
98000000 – Other community, social and personal services.

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