Printing Contract West Midlands

Printing Contract West Midlands

Printing Of KS3 Sandwell Early Numeracy Test. 

Sandwell MBC’s P2P Team are looking for a company to express interest and submit a quotation for the following opportunity:-


There are 95 Plates and 95 questions = 190 single colour sheets but will be copies double sided to 95
We need a cover designed for the assessment
Spiral Bound
Finished Copy will be a tent system (easel) where assessment is stood up on the test with the pupil one side and the teacher the other side asking questions.

Student Response Book

Cover Page to be the same design as assessment but with different title
11 pages in total but will be backed – all in colour


Cover Page same design
41 single pages which need to be backed.

Results Summary

3 pages. 1 will remain a single side
2 sides backed – full colour

Resources to go with the test.

Supplementary Items for Testing Pupils
These need to be packed individually for each test question. All packs will then be kept in one box.

Question 12 10 x 1cm x 1cm cubes

The following Questions will have individual cards measuring 5cm x 5cm with the numbers on for:
Question 51 – needs numbers 1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 13, 16, 18, 19, 20
Question 42 – neends numbers 3 5 9 10 11 14 18 20
Question 27 – needs numbers 5, 9 , 3, 1
Question 50 – Circle, Triangle and Square – 1 of each shape in each colour (Red, Green, Blue) – giving 9 in total for pack
Question 3 – require 5 individual stars all measuring 5cm x 5cm

The following Question will have individual cards measuring 4cm x 4cm with the numbers

Question 8 – 1, 6, 4, 0, 3, 5, 2

Question 38 – Card size 8cm width x 4 cm height with the individual words of:
subtract, minus, plus, add, takeaway, more

We will also require a CD rom with a copy of the response booklet, manual and results summary sheets.

The finished product should look like

1 box which contains the assessment, manual, response book, CD rom, summary sheets and the supplementary items for testing

Please submit quotations to

Closing date is Monday 5th March at 12 noon
Direct Link:
Closing Date: 05/03/2012
Location: West Bromwich

Posted by: Ellen Painter – Team Leader, Sandwell M B C