Produce Forensic Science Report

Produce Forensic Science Report

The intention is to present a report in the autumn that contains the views of leading experts in the field of forensic science and related areas from a wide range of perspectives, including social, psychological, industrial and financial.

UK SBS – PS150175 – Forensic Science Report Production


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Construction and Real Estate, Printing and Publishing

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11 August 2015

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18 August 2015

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31 August 2015

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30 November 2015


1. Background The Government Office for Science (GO-Science) is an organisation that ensures that government policies and decisions are informed by the best scientific evidence and strategic long-term thinking. It is led by the Government’s Chief Science Adviser (GCSA), Sir Mark Walport, whose role is to advise the Prime Minister and Cabinet. The intention is to present a report in the autumn that contains the views of leading experts in the field of forensic science and related areas from a wide range of perspectives, including social, psychological, industrial and financial. The GCSA will respond to that body of independent evidence by identifying key trends and issues arising. 2. The brief To design, typeset, proof and print copies of the ‘Forensic Science and Beyond – Authenticity, Provenance and Assurance’ report in hard copy (full version) and online to a high standard, to aid effective dissemination of the project’s key messages. The report will be approximately 16 chapter @ 4000 words with 16 one page infographics between them, 5 longer case studies @ 1000 words and 35 case studies @ 500 words and should have Total: 86,500 The target audience is primarily decision makers (i.e. policy makers, regulators, politicians), but certain sections will also be of interest to private industry and the general public. The project team have appointed a professional editor who is currently working with the chapter authors and the successful designers are expected to work with him throughout the report production. The successful designers will come to the GO-Science premises to run a short session with the team to discuss how they work (including presenting examples of previous work) and the information needed to produce a high quality report. 3. Core services Report Production • Proof-reading. • Document design (2 x template options). • Typesetting to allow for three sets of iterations throughout the report allowing for progressively detailed text changes towards final deadlines. • Design of cover image (3 x image options). • 16 one page infographics • Interactive PDF (please separate out costs for an interactive vs standard PDF) which is easy to access and navigate electronically. • Picture research to match picture brief. • Printing (please provide separate quotes for the printing of 200, 500 and 1000 copies). • Interaction with the project team in person, by email and on the phone during all stages of the production of the report.

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PS150175 Forensic Report Invitation To Quote

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