Production of B2B Magazine

Production of B2B Magazine

The supplier would be expected to design the magazine, produce copy (in liaison with the Growth Hub team and other stakeholders) and arrange printing.

Tender Opportunity- B2B magazine

Cumbria Chamber Of Commerce

Contract summary


Materials and Products, Printing and Publishing

Location of contract

North West

Value of contract (£)


Published date

18 May 2016

Closing date

10 June 2016

Contract start date

17 June 2016

Contract end date

31 December 2018


TENDER OPPORTUNITY – B2B MAGAZINE Cumbria Chamber of Commerce has a need to procure a B2B magazine to support the operation of Cumbria Business Growth Hub. Cumbria Business Growth Hub Cumbria Business Growth Hub is a one-stop-shop for business support: • supporting the growth and competitiveness of Cumbrian businesses • helping to unleash their potential • acting as a focal point for businesses that wish to be sustainable, increase their competitiveness and grow • providing inspiration and driving activity • providing a focus for access to support • providing relevant support, programmes and networking • offering subsidies towards private sector consultancy • complementing and referring into other funded, subsidised and paid for support Support on offer throughout Cumbria encompasses online, face-to-face and telephone activity, providing information and more intensive packages of support. Packages of support for each individual client are based on a review and action plan and built around their individual needs, drawing on a range of support available within and outwith the project. Central to activities is an interactive web portal,, that brings together and promotes the range of information, support and opportunities (funded, subsidised and paid for) relevant to business growth and incorporates online tools, support and forums. The portal makes innovative use of new and emerging technologies to provide a range of networking, collaboration, information dissemination and learning products and services utilising, for example, smartphones, iPads, Twitter, social media technologies, videoconferencing and virtual classrooms. What we are looking to procure: We are looking to procure the production of a B2B magazine, ideally quarterly, focussing on business growth and Cumbria Business Growth Hub activities. The supplier would be expected to design the magazine, produce copy (in liaison with the Growth Hub team and other stakeholders) and arrange printing and potentially distribution. We will consider either a specific Growth Hub magazine or sponsorship of a wider magazine including specific Growth Hub coverage plus editorial and design input into the wider magazine.

About the buyer

Contact name

Lydia Winder


3rd Floor, Broadacre House

16-20 Lowther Street





0844 257 84 50



Other information


Full tender Document

Tender opportunity – GH magazine May 2016.docx

The Chamber’s rights The Chamber reserves the right to: • Waive or change the requirements of this ITT from time to time without prior, or any notice, being given • Seek clarification or documentation in respect of a tenderers submission • Disqualify any tenderer that does not submit a compliant tender in accordance with the instructions in this ITT • Disqualify any tender that is guilty of serious misrepresentation in relation to its tender or the tender process • Withdraw this ITT at any time or re-invite tenders on the same or any alternative basis • Choose not to award any contract or accept the lowest or any tender as a result of the current procurement process • Choose not to award a contract to any organisation it views as a competitor or to have another conflict of interest • Make whatever changes they see fit to the timetable, structure of content of the procurement process Bid cost The Chamber will not be liable for any bid costs, expenditure, work or effort incurred by a tenderer in proceeding with or participating in this procurement, including if the procurement process is terminated or amended by the Chamber. Project Funding It is anticipated that the Growth Hub will be supported by the European Regional Development Fund Programme 2014-2020. The Department for Communities and Local Government is the managing authority for the European Regional Development Fund Programme, which is one of the funds established by the European Commission to help local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support local businesses and create jobs. For more information visit

How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided.

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