Provide an Integrated Public Health Service in Knowsley

Provide an Integrated Public Health Service in Knowsley

Provision of antenatal reviews from 28 weeks of pregnancy. Provision of all mandatory universal reviews as prescribed by the Healthy Child Programme.

Opportunity Id
Provision of the 0-25 Public Health Service in Knowsley
321000 – Social Community Care Supplies & Services – Adult
321100 – Social Community Care Supplies & Services – Children

Knowsley Borough Council is commissioning the provision of an integrated Public Health service for expectant mothers, children and young people and their families across the Borough. The Service will be delivered using the principles of ‘proportionate universalism’. It will comprise of the following components: • Provision of antenatal reviews from 28 weeks of pregnancy. • Provision of all mandatory universal reviews as prescribed by the Healthy Child Programme at the following points: o Antenatal o New births o 6-8 weeks o 9-12 months o 2-2.5 years o Provision of school readiness health visitor review for pre-school children including key relevant development assessment and referral (where relevant) • Targeted and intensive support for young parents and high risk/vulnerable families who meet thresholds of need, via the provision of a Health Visitor led Enhanced Family Support Pathway • Provision of the National Child Measurement Programme at commencement and completion of Primary School and work in partnership to support children and their families to access relevant local interventions and services • Co-ordination of Audiology screening and uptake at commencement of primary education (reception age children) (see separate specification – LOT 4) • Promote uptake for an antenatal and maternal exercise offer (see separate specification – LOT 3) • Provision to sustain and improve breastfeeding rates and provide leadership and development to the Breastfeeding Peer Support service (see separate specification – LOT 2) • Provision of Special Education School Health Nursing interventions for public health, including identification and management of children with Education Health Care Plans (EHCP)s. For a full specification for this opportunity, please register you interest. Bidders are advised that the deadline set out above is absolute. You are advised to upload your submission well in advance of the deadline to avoid any technical issues that might arise causing you to fail to meet the deadline which would lead to the rejection of your submission. The Council is conscious that Bidders spend a huge amount of time, effort and expense in putting together a submission and is keen to ensure that no bid is rejected for this reason. In submitting your tender you agree to contract on the terms and conditions that have been issued as part of this opportunity. Due to the Council’s obligations of fairness and equal treatment to all bidders it cannot accept amendments to these terms and conditions or alternative terms and conditions. If you seek to amend the terms and conditions or submit alternative terms and conditions the Council may reject your submission.

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Knowsley Council
Carol Glover
0151 443 4939
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From 10/03/2021 10:30 to 21/04/2021 09:30