Provision of a Flexible Integrated Substance Misuse Services

Provision of a Flexible Integrated Substance Misuse Services

Lot 1 -Drugs. Lot 2 – Alcohol. Lot 3 – Recovery.

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Opportunity Details
Opportunity Title Provision of a Flexible Integrated Substance Misus…
Buying Organisation London Borough of Haringey
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Opportunity Type Other supply chain (public sector)
Nature of Opportunity Services
Estimated contract value (GBP) Not disclosed
Description About the Opportunity:
Haringey Council are tendering a requirement for a flexible integrated substance misuse service for adults resident in Haringey. There will be 3 separate contracts within the tender documents specified as Lots.
Lot 1 -Drugs
Lot 2 – Alcohol
Lot 3 – Recovery

Please see attached for more details.

About the buyer’s selection process:
For information how your documents will be evaluated please see the attached document “Supporting Information”.

About the buyer:

Haringey Council employs some 8,500 people making it the largest employer in the borough. More than half of the Council’s employees live in the borough.

The Council’s vision is to to sustain and improve the life chances of its residents, especially those who are most vulnerable, and develop a borough which is a good place to be born, learn, work, have fun and grow old.

The Council’s organisational structure comprises:

• Children and Young People (prevention & early intervention, children & families)
• Adult and Housing Services (adult social care, safeguarding, community & voluntary sector, community housing)
• Place and Sustainability (planning, regeneration & economy, one frontline, leisure, asset management & capital delivery, corporate property, culture)
• Corporate Resources (finance, procurement, customer services, IT, legal, benefits, customer services & local taxation)
• Public Health (health improvement, health protection, health service, emergency planning, coroner)
• Assistant Chief Executive (human resources, organisational development & change, local democracy & electoral services, transformation, policy, intelligence & partnerships, communications & consultation).

Haringey Council was recognised as an Investor in People in March 2005.

The Council’s website, which contains a great deal of information on the borough, its residents and its workforce, is at

Delivery point Various Locations in London Borough Of Haringey
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Business Categories
  1. Social Services
  2. Drug misuse – advice and counselling
  3. Alcohol Misuse – Advice and Counselling
CompeteFor response deadline 22/01/2013 14:00
Estimated tender close date 23/01/2013
Estimated contract award date 01/09/2013
Estimated contract start date 08/01/2014
Additional information for bidders Include any special notes for bidders The contracting authority considers that this framework may be suitable for economic operators that are small or medium enterprises (SMEs).

For the avoidance of doubt, the contracting authority points out that no weight will be attached to whether or not an economic operator is an SME in selecting economic operators to submit tenders or in assessing the most economically advantegous tender.

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