Provision of National Citizen Service

Provision of National Citizen Service

Cabinet Office and Department for Education.

Reference number: NCS

Deadline date: 13/03/2012

This deadline is for… Registration for the final sector-specific briefing event. Registration for earlier sector events will close sooner. See further instructions for suppliers.

Contract value: £72,000,000 – £108,000,000

Location where the contract is to be carried out: England

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers? Yes

Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations? Yes

Name of the buying organisation: Cabinet Office and Department for Education


Description of the contract

1.1 This notice replicates the information contained with the OJEU PIN reference 2012/S 27-043855. It pertains to the first phase of a multi-stage market testing exercise. The scope of the work, contract period, overall value and allocation of contracts has not yet been decided and will be subject to further review. The requirement may be packaged as a framework(s) with or without lots; one or more contract lot(s); and/or another alternative vehicle following conclusion of this market testing phase. 1.2 National Citizen Service is a new, ambitious programme, being taken forward jointly by the Department for Education and the Cabinet Office, which gives young people the chance to: 1.2.1 Learn new skills, develop confidence and leadership skills and learn about team work, 1.2.2 Meet new people from all walks of life, 1.2.3 Make a real difference to their community, or an issue they care about. 1.3 Teenagers taking part spend 2 weeks away from home, plus an additional 30 hours working in their communities in their own time. Working as part of a team they have the chance to take part in outdoor activities like mountaineering, canoeing and abseiling. They also design and deliver their own project in their local community, working with other young people to improve the area they live in. 1.4 NCS currently includes five distinct phases of activity: 1.4.1 Phase 1: an introductory phase in which expectations will be set and relationships built between participants and staff. 1.4.2 Phase 2: a set of tasks, completed in a residential setting away from home, which are personally challenging (typically in the form of an outdoor challenge experience), and focused on personal and social development (week 1) 1.4.3 Phase 3: a set of structured tasks that involve understanding, visiting and helping the local community and developing skills, completed in a residential setting within the participants’ local area, and with increased autonomy and responsibility for time and tasks (week 2). 1.4.4 Phase 4: participants design a social action task in consultation with the local community to address a problem/ issue identified in week 2 (week 3). 1.4.5 Phase 5 onwards: — A period of 30 hours of social action on a part-time basis, includnig fundraising and project delivery, — A graduation fair or event to encourage participants to get involved in ongoing social action or volunteering activities in their local areas. 1.5 Cabinet Office is interested in hearing from all potential suppliers with a significant role to play in the delivery of NCS, including but not limited to: 1.5.1 Developing and managing supply chains within a geographical area, 1.5.2 Working directly with young people in frontline delivery, 1.5.3 Recruiting and developing the frontline workforce for NCS, 1.5.4 Recruiting young people to join the programme, 1.5.5 Providing specific components of the programme at low cost including: — Accommodation for the residential phases, — Provision of outward bound activities for phase 2, — Provision of social action opportunities. 1.5.6 Logistical support such as: — providing means of travel between residential accommodation, — data/ information management systems for programme delivery. 1.5.7 Event management for graduation ceremonies etc. 1.6 Potential suppliers are advised that the estimated cost stated below represents the total estimated size of the potential opportunity in 2014/15 for the delivery of 90 000 places. 1.7 Further information can be obtained by registering with the contact point named on this notice.




Classification of the contract

80310000 Youth education services

85322000 Community action programme

80570000 Personal development training services

85311300 Welfare services for children and young people

55520000 Catering services

98341000 Accommodation services

63515000 Travel services

72222300 Information technology services

79952000 Event services

92000000 Recreational, cultural and sporting services

79342000 Marketing services

80400000 Adult and other education services

79600000 Recruitment services


Additional information


Who to contact

Contact name ERG Service Desk

Address , SW1A 2WH

Telephone +44 8450004999

Extension number:



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How to apply

This is a voluntary notice for a requirement which falls within Part B of Schedule 3 to the Public Contracts Regulations (2006). The purpose of this notice is to alert the supplier community to this potential opportunity, and to assist the buying organisation with developing its procurement strategy. Potential suppliers should register with the contact point named on this notice, to receive a prospectus and questionnaire, and an invitation to one of several initial sector-specific briefing events (see dates below). Registrations for events, and completed Questionnaires must be received no later than 4 Working Days before the relevant event. /// Monday 5.3.2012 – voluntary, community and social enterprise sector and small and medium enterprises (including youth organisations). /// Wednesday 7.3.2012 – education sector. /// Monday 19.3.2012 – large businesses and social investors. /// This market sounding exercise does not form part of a formal procurement process and the buying organisation reserves the right to decide whether or not to proceed with any tendering procedure in the future. Potential suppliers shall be solely responsible for any costs which they incur as a result of participating in any aspect of this market testing exercise.