Psychotherapeutic Interventions Training and Support – Request for Quotation

Psychotherapeutic Interventions Training and Support – Request for Quotation

Northamptonshire Children’s Trust seeks to purchase a suite of Psychotherapeutic Interventions as part of an enhanced training offer.

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Psychotherapeutic Interventions training and support
85300000-2 – Social work and related services

Northamptonshire Children’s Trust seeks to purchase a suite of Psychotherapeutic Interventions as part of an enhanced training offer aimed at increasing the competence of Carers and professionals, improving training and selection of Carers, and Increasing ability to cope with more challenging behaviors. The Corporate Parenting Service has secured dedicated funding through the Business Rates Retention pilot to develop a Resilience Foster Carer scheme aimed at recruiting, training and retaining a cohort of Carers to support young people aged 8-18 years who need and want the stability and continuity of a sustained foster placement. The Resilience Scheme will seek to help the young person to develop positive relationships to bring about long-term change. This will involve providing stability, supporting them in their education and help them develop life skills and leisure interests. The enhanced training offer will be available to new Applicants but in the case where an In-house Foster Carer wanted to join the Scheme then there would be an overview of their Training Profile and relevant experience and so tailor a training package accordingly. It is envisaged that the provider will offer in-depth support to Resilience foster carers by offering a package of services to support the larger Resilience Fostering Scheme including: • Comprehensive training in therapeutic foster care • Regular group clinical supervision • Individual consultation to foster carers • Weekly consultation to the scheme including attendance at team meetings, consultation in reaction to matching, liaison with professionals and reviewing and planning, consultation to Supervising Social Workers. • Accredited CPD for Foster Carers • Continued professional development for supervising social workers We would welcome inclusion of proposals for an annual celebration event for the Resilience Foster Carer cohort. Providers are invited to propose how their offer could be rolled out to the wider Corporate Parenting Service and how the training for Foster Carers may be progressed. These proposals would not be included in the cost of this RfQ, but may be commissioned separately. It is anticipated that the support will benefit the target cohort of 15 foster carers, dedicated Supervising Social Worker(s), and provide a professional liaison service to the Resilience Foster Carer Scheme. Potential suppliers should detail the research, models and techniques which underpin their psychotherapeutic approach, and what happens at the end of the contract period (exit strategy). It is anticipated that the contract will be for a fixed 12 month term. Anticipated outcomes will include: • Ensuring that key individuals have an understanding of the impact of attachment and resilience factors on children’s development, and thus commit themselves to be the child’s champion, acting as good parents would, ensuring the child feels cherished and secure, and making a point of celebrating the child’s achievements. • Good quality direct work and case coordination, to enable looked after children and young people to manage loss and change.

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Psychotherapeutic interventions

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Andy Horwood
One Angel Square
United Kingdom

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From 24/02/2021 12:00 to 12/03/2021 12:00