Public Health Transformation Fund Grant

Public Health Transformation Fund Grant

Cheshire East Council has confirmed that a Public Health Transformation Fund will become available during 2014/15 following final approval from Cabinet on 22nd July.

Cheshire East Borough Council
Public Health Transformation Fund Grant
Cheshire East Council has confirmed that a Public Health Transformation Fund will become available during 2014/15 following final approval from Cabinet on 22nd July.

Estimated grant value £30,000 – £150,000.

The Fund offers the opportunity to develop prevention and early intervention initiatives, improve health and wellbeing now and over the long term and reduce reliance on ‘treatment’ focussed services. The Fund will provide a dedicated, flexible and time-limited financial resource which will enable residents to access and benefit from innovative approaches to health not previously available to Cheshire East residents through the work of the statutory, voluntary, community, faith and private sectors. Potential applicants should focus on areas of need identified in:


·         The Director of Health’s Annual Report

·         The Health and Wellbeing Board’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy

·         The JSNA.


Proposals should seek to improve outcomes highlighted in the:


·         Public Health Outcomes Framework

·         Outcome 5 of the Council’s 3 Year Plan.


The Fund will not be used to:


·         Fund major capital investment

·         Fund areas which would be more suitably funded through another area of the Council or NHS

·         Offset or substitute other defined service areas, in particular acute hospital, primary or social care interventions

·         Fund non-health improving proposals

·         Provide long term investment

·         Provide funding for people living outside of Cheshire East.


All bids will be reviewed by a Public Health Transformation Panel. Successful bids will be subject to a grant agreement and will follow the Public Health Transformation Fund Terms of Reference and associated documentation detailed below (attached to this e-mail for reference):


·         Grant agreement

·         Terms of Reference which outlines the Transformation Fund and its purpose

·         Panel Assessment Sheet (appendix 1) – this has been provided for your reference but is for use by the Transformation Fund Panel only

·         Progress Report (appendix 2) – this form enables bidders to evaluate and communicate their progress in line with the information provided on the proposal form

·         Proposal Form (appendix 3) – this form enables you to outline your proposal.


Proposals for the Fund may now be submitted. Bids received on or before 14th August at 5pm will be reviewed after approval has been granted by Cabinet at the first Public Health Transformation Fund Panel meeting on 18th August 2014.Transformation Fund Panel

Final Submission Date

Tuesday 14th August 2014 (5pm)

Meeting Date

Monday 18th August 2014

Final Submission Date

Friday 29th August 2014 (5pm)

Meeting Date

Wednesday 10th September 2014

Final Submission Date

Tuesday 30th October 2014 (5pm)

Meeting Date

Friday 10th October 2014

Final Submission Date

Wednesday 07th January 2015 (5pm)

Meeting Date

Thursday 15th January 2015

Final Submission Date

Friday 23rd January 2015 (5pm)

Meeting Date

Wednesday 04th February 2015

The Council reserves the right to cancel the tender process at any point. The Council is not liable for any costs resulting from any cancellation of this tender process nor for any other costs incurred by those tendering for this Contract.

To submit a bid you will need to register on The Chest ( ). Once registered you will need to search for and register your interest in this Fund. Once you have registered the system should send you an e-mail confirming this with a link. If there is a significant delay in the receipt of this e-mail, you should do the following:


·         Log back in to the system and click ‘My Opportunities’, then select ‘Cheshire East’ from the drop down list and click the refresh icon. Click the relevant ‘Contract ID’.

·         On this screen you should then click ‘View Stage Detail’. You should then click the folder that says ‘View Itt Open” all the documents should be there. When you click ‘Finish’ the ‘View Responses’ should become available for you on the next screen.


If you would like further information or support when registering on The Chest, please contact Procurement on 01270 686440.

If you have any queries in advance of the further guidance, please email via The Chest.

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