Public Relations Agency for Invest in Hampshire

Public Relations Agency for Invest in Hampshire

The Economic Development team at Hampshire County Council (HCC) requires an innovative, specialist destination marketing agency to devise and deliver creative PR campaigns over three years to help raise awareness of Hampshire as an outstanding destination for business.

Reference number: ENV1098

Deadline date:29/11/2013

This deadline is for… Receipt of tenders

Contract value:£0 – £90,000

Location where the contract is to be carried out: Hampshire CC

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers? Yes

Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations? No

Name of the buying organisation: Hampshire County Council


Description of the contract

The Economic Development team at Hampshire County Council (HCC) requires an innovative, specialist destination marketing agency to devise and deliver creative PR campaigns over three years to help raise awareness of Hampshire as an outstanding destination for business.



Classification of the contract

79416100 Public relations management services

79416000 Public relations services


Additional information

Contract type: Services – Unspecified

Is it a framework agreement? No

Is this contract related to a programme of funding? No

Contract will be awarded based on: Most economically advantageous tender in terms of: The criteria stated in the contract documents

Estimated length of contract: 36 Months


Who to contact

Contact name Clare Foxton

Organisation name Hampshire County Council

Address Elizabeth II Court 2nd Floor West, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8UD

Telephone 01962 832323

Extension number:


Web address


How to apply

Tenders must be submitted in accordance with the following instructions. Tenders not complying with these instructions may be rejected by the Council (“the Council”) whose decision in the matter shall be final. 1.All information supplied by the Council in connection with the Invitation to Tender shall be treated as confidential and tenderers shall not, without the prior written consent of the Council, at any time make use of such information for their own purposes or disclose such information to any person (except as may be required by law or where such information is reasonably disclosed for the purposes of obtaining sureties, guarantees or comments from insurers/legal advisers and other information required to be submitted with the tender). All aspects of this tender and all other information provided by or on behalf of the Council must be treated as private and confidential. Tenderers should not disclose the fact that they have been invited to tender or release details of the Invitation to Tender other than on a strictly confidential basis to those parties whom they need to consult for the purposes of preparing the tender. Tenderers shall not at any time release any information concerning the Invitation to Tender and/or their tenders and/or any related documents and/or any clarification and/or discussion with the Council in this connection for publication in the press or on radio, television, screen or any other medium. Each tenderer warrants to the Council that no document that it prepares as part of its tender shall infringe any Intellectual Property Rights. Each tenderer shall retain Intellectual Property Rights in all documents that it prepares as part of its tender and the Council shall not copy or use any such documents other than for the purpose of evaluation of tenders. The Council reserves the right to retain all documents submitted by each tenderer as part of its tender throughout the period that their tenders remain valid and open for acceptance. Each tenderer undertakes to indemnify the Council and to keep the Council indemnified against all actions, claims, demands, liability, proceedings, damages, costs, charges and expenses whatsoever arising out of or in connection with any breach of the foregoing provisions. The Council shall treat all tenderers’ responses as confidential during the procurement process. Tenderers may designate any information in their tender as confidential or commercially sensitive where they consider this appropriate but this may not prevent the Council from having to make a disclosure of such designated information in accordance with the principles of the FOIA. Requests for information received following the procurement process shall be considered on a case-by-case basis, applying the principles of the FOIA. 2.The Council acknowledges the effort and commitment of tenderers in completing their tender submissions and seeks to ensure that tenderers are provided with clear and adequate information. Tenderers should comply strictly with the requirements as set out in the Instructions for Tendering, to ensure that their tender is considered. 3.The tenderer shall not approach any employee of the Council (other than via the Correspondence facility via In-Tend) with a view to providing or requesting information on any part of their tender. 4.When completing the tender, tenderers should only provide information which relates to the organisation/party (entity) which, if successful, would contract with the Council. Where the tenderer is a company, the tender must be signed by a duly authorised representative of that company. Where the tenderer is a consortium, the tender must be signed by the lead authorised representative of the consortium, which organisation shall be responsible for the performance of the Contract. In the case of a partnership, all the partners should sign or, alternatively, one only may sign, in which case he must have and should state that he has authority to sign on behalf of the other partner(s). The names of all the partners should be given in full together with the trading name of the partnership. In the case of the sole trader, he/she should sign and give his/her name in full together with the name under which he/she is trading. 5.Tenderers are required to sign the Form of Tender, Collusive Tendering, and Canvassing documents incorporated in the tender documents. The documents should be submitted via In-Tend, as part of the tender submission, with an electronic signature (or can be signed and scanned in) 6.No UNAUTHORISED alteration or addition should be made to the tender document. 7.Tenders must not be qualified but must be submitted STRICTLY in accordance with the tender document. Only tenders submitted without qualification strictly in accordance with the tender documents will be accepted for consideration. 8.Tenderers should not include in the tender any extraneous information which has not been specifically requested, for example, standard terms of trading, sales literature etc. 9.Tenders should remain valid for 120 days following closing date for submission. 10.The full cost of responding to this tender and tender process, including but not limited to any costs and/or expenses involved in the preparation of the tender response and for any subsequent presentations and/or demonstrations and/or negotiations, will be borne by the tenderer. The Council shall have no liabilities in this regard. 11.Tenderers are advised to read carefully all of the documentation contained in the Invitation to Tender to ensure they are fully aware of the nature and extent of the obligations to be accepted by them if their tender is successful. No later claim for any alleged lack of knowledge of the conditions, specifications and documentation will be considered. The Council takes no responsibility for identifying any clerical errors or misunderstandings in any tenders submitted. Tenderers must therefore ensure that the content of any tenders is complete and accurate. 12.Company/Organisation Details Tenderers are reminded to complete the stage 1 tender assessment sheet and return it with their tender submission. 13.The Council does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender and reserves the right to accept the whole or any part of any tender, unless the tenderer stipulates otherwise. 14.Every effort will be made to reach a decision on award of the Contract as soon as possible after submission of tenders. 15.Tenderers are reminded that it is their responsibility to check all correspondence/clarifications, issued by the Council, to ensure they have received all of the information provided to them. During the tendering process, tenderers will be notified electronically via In-Tend if there is new project correspondence or clarification. In order to access this correspondence tenderers should click on the blue Clarification and/or Correspondence button on the Hampshire In-Tend Home page. Responses to any clarification/correspondence should be uploaded through the In-Tend electronic web portal. Hard copy (paper submissions) is not acceptable. 16. Tenderers may raise clarification queries during the tender period and these should be submitted via the In-Tend e-tendering system to be received no later than 17.00hrs on 22nd November 2013. All questions and answers shall where appropriate be distributed to all tenderers via the In-Tend e-tendering system and shall be anonymous. If the Council receives a request for clarification or other query from a tenderer, the Council reserves the right: (a) where the query relates to an item on which, in the judgement of the the Council, it is important that all tenderers are clear, the answer to the query shall be made available to all tenderers and/or (b) where the query requires, in the judgement of the Council, a change or addition to any of the documents comprising the tender, to change or add to the relevant section of the tender. If a tenderer wishes the Council to treat a clarification as confidential and not issue the response to all tenderers, it must state this when submitting the clarification. If, in the opinion of the Council, the clarification is not confidential, the Council will inform the tenderer and it will have an opportunity to withdraw it. If the clarification is not withdrawn, the response will be issued to all tenderers. 17.All clarification requests should be submitted via the “Create New Correspondence” button on the In-Tend e-tendering system no later than date as specified in the section above. The Council cannot guarantee to respond to any clarification requests submitted after this deadline. No responses will be given to any questions or requests for clarification that are made verbally. 18.Tenders should be submitted via the In-Tend e-tendering system website no later than 2:00pm on Friday the 29th November 2013 Tenderers should note that at certain times of day, especially during the lunchtime period (12pm – 2pm) network speeds can slow down appreciably. Paper copies of tenders or late or incomplete tenders will not be considered. Documents must be uploaded in Word/Excel or PDF format only and must be correctly labelled. Tenderers should note that the Council’s network cannot accept attachments above 15Mb. Large attachments should therefore be submitted as Zip files. Tenderers will need to be aware that if they are using an external device to access the internet remotely that this can prohibit tenderers from uploading documents as part of a tender submission due to internet connectivity being poor. 19.How to submit a tender using the In-Tend web site: Once a tender has been completed, tenderers should scroll down to the ATTACH DOCUMENTS button and search for their saved document/s. Upload the documents back on to the website and click on the RED SUBMIT RETURN BUTTON. This will submit the tender. If successfully uploaded, the system will issue a confirmation receipt. If the receipt is not visible due to POPUP BLOCKER tenderers will be able to view the receipt on the HISTORY TAB. Documents must be uploaded using Word/Excel or PDF format. 20.Tenderers must ensure that all documents/attachments etc that are uploaded as part of their tender submission are correctly titled i.e. Financial Accounts 20010/11 and not just “Attachment 1”. 21.The full sub criteria and full scoring mechanism for the tender evaluation are stated in the Invitation to Tender