Quality Improvement Learning – Request for Quotation

Quality Improvement Learning – Request for Quotation

The successful provider will work with us to plan and design a Quality Improvement learning offer that meets our learning requirements.

Quality Improvement – learning and development.

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17 June 2021

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2 July 2021

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2 August 2021

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1 August 2022

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Service contract

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Open procedure

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NEL Healthcare consulting are seeking to enhance their current transformation skills and build on their Quality Improvement capability, so they may tackle the challenges faced on their improvement journeys and successfully co-produce improvement solutions with their partners.

The consulting team understand that the healthcare system is built on a complex foundation, with an interweaving care process and intricate pathways. They also understand that relationships are a critical component of successful quality improvement and at its best Quality Improvement is a team activity.

The team use their knowledge of how complex healthcare systems work and their collaborative approach when designing and implementing changes to make a difference for patients. The ambition is to build on this knowledge and it is with this in mind, the team are;

Developing their Quality Improvement Leadership approach.
Seeking to embed Improvement culture in their behaviours and skills by applying a systematic approach.

NEL Healthcare consulting are therefore inviting quotes from suppliers who can provide enhanced Quality Improvement learning to our consultants at various learning points.

The successful provider will work with us to plan and design a Quality Improvement learning offer that meets our learning requirements, specifically:

Provide learning expertise that is based on real-life experience.

Supply learning practitioners who can support our people to learn, whilst coaching them through their learning journey.

Work with us to scope and stand up a dynamic learning offer for our people.

Quality improvement draws on a wide variety of approaches and methods, although many share underlying principles, our learning partner must appreciate the diverse approaches of our wider system partners.

This contract will be for a period of 1 year from 2 August 2021. Prospective Bidders are requested to review the contents of the Request For Quotation guidance document carefully, register their organisation, and express their interest in the RFQ via the e-tendering portal (ProContract).

RFQ documentation can be accessed following initial registration and expression of interest via the e-tendering portal: https://procontract.due-north.com/Advert?advertId=507f39a9-ddc9-eb11-810c-005056b64545

Any reference to “the e-tendering portal” should be considered reflective of the above web address. The RFQ has been issued through the e-tendering portal.

All Bidders wishing to participate must complete and submit Bids that comply with the requirements set out in the RFQ document. Bidders are required to complete the Bid Response Document (Section F of this document) and upload it and any attachments as indicated, onto the e-tendering portal before the deadline for submission of bids specified in the RFQ document.


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Odezi Stephen Ivuerah


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