Racking Tender National Museum of Science and Industry

Racking Tender National Museum of Science and Industry

RINA and Art racking. 

Reference number: WRT0024M

Deadline date: 22/02/2012

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Contract value: £0 – £0

Location where the contract is to be carried out: SwindonNMSI Wroughton

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers? Yes

Name of the buying organisation: National Museum of Science and Industry (NMSI)

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Description of the contract



User’s Specification for Archive Stores and Art Racking

The National Museums of Science and Industry (NMSI) is seeking a contractor or contractors to supply and install racking in a new purpose built Archive and 3D object store. The Archive is for the storage of paper archive collections collected from post-privatisation railway companies under the Railway Industry National Archive (RINA) initiative. The 3D store will house, among other things, pull out art racking for the Science Museum’s fine art collection.

1. General location and access

The Archive racking is to be installed in three modules which are being constructed inside a former WW2 hangar (Labelled (49) on file Wroughton site plan (annotated).pdf) on the former airfield at Wroughton, near Swindon, which is owned by NMSI and managed as a storage and archives and library facility.

The Archive modules are under construction and this phase will be complete by 11th May 2012. It might be possible to access the modules before this date, but this would require coordination with the Principle Contractor, currently running the CDM site. As the modules are under construction, there is no site visit possible during this procurement period. All relevant drawings are made available and all design and cost development must be based on these.

The three modules are stacked vertically. The first and second floors are accessed via stairs and balconies. The three Archive modules are contiguous with the 3D object store and it will also be possible to forklift items up to the first and second floors utilising the loading balconies associated with the object store. For details of the stairs, loading balconies and general arrangement of the floors please see drawings 1111_02 & 03.

The 3D object store shares the same height and depth as the Archive but the floors are considerably wider. The storage scheme is to have the art racking on a the second floor for the 3D object store.

Site access is via the NMSI security gate at Red Barn Gate (Labelled (3) on file Wroughton site plan (annotated).pdf). The site has 24 hour security, however deliveries require a minimum of 24 hours notice and delivery times are between 8am and 5pm. Please note smoking is prohibited throughout the entire Wroughton airfield site.

2. Material to be stored

It is intended that the three Archive modules will be used for the storage of boxed paper records – files, minutes, reports, leaflets, brochures etc., and free-standing volumes. It is anticipated that the majority of the material will be stored in commercial bankers’ or document boxes, or in archival standard acid-free boxes.

The art racking will store the Science Museum’s fine art collection.

Framed works of art on canvas- oil, acrylic; with and without glass

Framed works of art on board- oil, acrylic, tempera, guoache – with and without glass

Framed works of art on paper- watercolour, guoach; chalk, pastel, charcoal, pencil, crayon, ink, marker- with and without glass

3. Details of the modules to be fitted out

The following drawings are supplied with this tender –

1111_01 rev K Site Plan

1111_02 rev N GA plan [ground, first, second floors and roof]

1111_03 rev C GA Section

The modules requiring racking out form a 3-storey block. The dimensions of the three modules are as follows:

Ground floor = 17.45m x 4m x 3m

First floor = 17.45m x 4m x 2.2m

Second floor = 17.45m x 4m x 2.2m

Each module is accessed by a door 1100mm wide in the centre of each end wall – see drawings.

The 3D object store floors have the same depth and floor heights but are 12.4m wide (1 no. @ 17.45m x 12.4m x 3m and 2 no. @ 17.45m x 12.4m x 2.2m). These floors are access via standard doors to 3.8m wide roller shutters. On the loading balcony outside the first and second floor roller shutters are loading bays to allow the lifting and placing of objects/materials.

There will be a non-passenger, platform lift serving the first and second floor balconies. This will have a maximum load of 500kgs and the approximate dimensions of 1m x 1.5m.

4. Racking requirements

The requirement is for static metal racking which must conform to BS5454:2000 ‘Recommendations for the storage and exhibition of archival documents’, paragraphs 9.1 to 9.2.4

All shelves must have a useable depth (front to back) of 450mm.

Standard useable shelf width should be sufficient to accommodate 3 bankers’ boxes – approximately 1100mm side to side. However, some shelving bays can be reduced in width down to a minimum of 600mm if required to add extra capacity to the stores.

As installed, shelves should normally be pitched to give a clear useable height from the top of one shelf to the lowest bottom edge of the shelf above of 350mm. However, this clearance can be reduced in some instances to a minimum of 250mm if required to add extra capacity to the stores.

Individual shelves should be capable of carrying a load of at least 60 kg without deflection.

The maximum point loads imposed on the store floors by the racking installation should not exceed 10kN/m2. The floors are wooden and made of Cross Laminated Timber, CLT. These will be sealed with an intumescent water-based coating.

The top of the lowest shelf in each bay must be a minimum of 150mm above the basic room floor.

The installation must allow access gangways of a minimum of 1000mm wide.

The racking must stand 50mm off the long walls and 150mm of the end, short walls. This needs to be achieved by some form of fixed spacer or bracket to prevent the racking be moved any closer than these distances – similar to the bracket on the back of a microwave which prevents its back being pushed flat against a wall

Aisles between runs of shelving must be a minimum of 750mm wide.

Art racking doesn’t have to stand 50 mm off walls as wire mesh ensures air circulation.

Each panel to be 4500mm wide with 4500mm wide central aisle.

Panels to be welded heavy gauge wire mesh, powder-coated; wire mesh to both faces of each panel.

Panels either on ceiling or floor track (floor track to be buried) with stabilising system to eliminate tipping and ensure safe and steady movement of each individual rack.

Panels to extend full-height of space but not to impede smoke detectors. Full height is floor to the underside of the structural steel beams, in this case 2200mm.

A 1500mm access radius to be left around each fire door

Secure hooking system

Weight limit is 5kN/m2

5. Roller Racking on ground floor

The possibility of a roller racking installation on the ground floor is also being investigated. Tenderers are asked to supply, as a separate item, proposals for installation of a roller unit for the ground floor module. Details of the shelf dimensions and spacing should be the same as outlined in section 4 above.

6. General Notes

The drawings supplied set out the plans, elevations, existing service runs and layout which must be accommodated by the racking installation. It will not be possible to alter the service runs or layouts shown on the drawings.

Our objective for these stores is to achieve the maximum storage capacity, making allowances for the restrictions imposed by the construction of the modules.

All individual shelves must be easily adjustable or removable without the use of tools. The front edge of all shelves must be a rolled edge, and no part of the shelving or bay uprights and bracing should have edges which could damage archive material being removed and replaced on the shelves.

There must be no returns on shelving bay uprights which might allow boxes or stored material to be caught when being removed.

7. Requirements:

Tenderers must supply drawings of the layouts of the racking in each module.

Tenderers must supply the storage capacity of the racking in each module in both linear and cubic metres.

Tenderers must supply details of similar installations to those proposed which they have carried out, where the operators can be approached for references.

Tenderers should supply their programme for the supply and installation of the storage racking based upon a start on site date of 14th May 2012.

Simon Chambers

Project Manager

NMSI Estates

(MT Ref:85572)


Classification of the contract

39151100 Racking

39131100 Archive shelving


Additional information

Contract type: Supplies – Unspecified

Is it a framework agreement? No

Is this contract related to a programme of funding? No

Contract will be awarded based on: Most economically advantageous tender in terms of: The criteria below:

Estimated length of contract: 14/05/2012 – 25/05/2012


Who to contact

Contact name Simon Chambers

Address Science Museum, Exhibition Road, Estates Department, London, GB, SW7 2DD

Telephone +44 2079424177

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Email simon.chambers@sciencemuseum.org.uk

Web address http://www.nmsi.ac.uk


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For further information please review the full notice details at http://www.mytenders.org/search/search_switch.aspx?ID=85572