Replacement Website Content Management System

Replacement Website Content Management System

The university has identified a need to replace its content management system (CMS) and redevelop the external website.

Contract summary


  • Content management software package – 48783000

Location of contract


Value of contract

Published date

27 November 2018

Closing date

11 December 2018

Contract start date

18 January 2019

Contract end date

31 January 2022

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Contract is suitable for VCSEs?




The university has identified a need to replace its content management system (CMS) and redevelop the external website, and invites tenders.

The project goal is to establish sustainable methods of creating Digital Services for the university external website. Making this sustainable means acquiring a CMS that suits our needs as a smaller institution. We need to be able to maintain our online services, and be resilient to mitigate changes in internal or external personnel.

The University’s total available budget for this three year contract is £62,000 excluding VAT, to include
• Software Licence costs (CMS application)
• CMS Application hosting (SaaS)
• Implementation /on-boarding/ initial training costs
• Support/Maintenance costs

The procurement will be conducted exclusively via the university’s e-tendering website, where all documentation can be found and downloaded:

The project opens at 1400h on 16th November 2018, and the tender submission deadline is Noon on Tuesday 11th December 2018.

Access code if required, is 9C2EQX5DYS


About the buyer

Contact name

Mark Hayter


Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth


01132837100 ext 471



Other information


Link to the university’s e-tendering website

Accessing a Tender Opportunity via the university’s e-tendering website:-
Once you have created a supplier profile, to respond to an opportunity, click Response Manager or View Invites and Responses. You will then be presented with a list of all opportunities your organisation has previously worked on and be given the option of viewing current invites or entering the access code (9C2EQX5DYS) to begin responding to a new opportunity

“The University wishes to clarify pricing:

The stated budget doesn’t include CMS Application hosting (SaaS)

The University is asking for costs as it may move to this in the future but, certainly initially, the CMS will be hosted with the University.

CMS Application hosting (SaaS) is in the Standard/Mandatory items on the pricing schedule. It is mandatory to provide the price but the University will not use this as part of the tender scoring. The University apologises for any confusion. CMS Application hosting (SaaS) should have been in the ‘other’ costs section of the Price worksheet.


How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided, or follow the instructions given in the notice description or information section.