Request for Quote – Advertorials

Request for Quote – Advertorials

Creation and Management of Advertorials in Print and Online Media across the West Midlands.

Aston University

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Construction and Real Estate, Materials and Products, Printing and Publishing

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West Midlands

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Published date

03 August 2015

Closing date

12 August 2015

Contract start date

17 August 2015

Contract end date

07 September 2015


This is an exciting opportunity to provide a quote to create and manage a series of Advertorials in both print and online media across the West Midlands to showcase 30 SME businesses who have just completed the Aston Programme for Small Business Growth. The Advertorials should explore the impact of the programme on each business as well as advertising the business across their local areas. We are seeking a supplier with the facility and capability to manage the entire Advertorial process from purchasing space in appropriate media (both print and online) to interviewing each business owner and creating the copy for each Advertorial. Advertorials will need to be at least a quarter page in size and may need to be as much as a double page spread if we choose to group businesses together by geographical area. Therefore, we are looking for a full range of pricing so we can make an informed decision on style and content. Agencies are invited to apply if they meet the following criteria: • Knowledge of local West Midlands print and online media • Ability to purchase advertising space in the chosen media outlets • Previous experience of managing an Advertorial process from start to finish for a similar target audience • Previous experience of completing corporate Advertorials and knowledge of the styles and requirements associated with these

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Fiona Barnes


Aston University

Aston Triangle


B4 7ET






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Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided.