Request for Quote – Supply of Dell Laptops

Request for Quote – Supply of Dell Laptops

x 50 Dell E6330; Processor: Core i5-3320M;Memory: 4GB.

Halton Borough Council
Provision of Dell Laptops for Halton Borough Council 145 MS
Halton Borough Council are seeking to procure the following.
You must complete the attached pricing schedule to ensure your quotation is evaluated.
Alternatives will not be considered.
This opportunity will be evaluated on price and the ability to deliver the goods to Halton Borough Council within 2 weeks of the order being raised.
x 50 Dell E6330
Processor: Core i5-3320M
Memory: 4GB
HDD: 160GB minimum
Display: 13.3” minimum resolution (1366 x 768)
Optical Drive: DVD ROM
Integrated Webcam and microphone
Carry Case (Nylon)
No Bluetooth required
Wireless: 802.11 A/B/G/N
Windows 7 32bit Professional OS
5 yrs NBD onsite warranty
Halton Borough Council may abort the Request for Quotation (RFQ) at any time, is not bound to accept any quotation and will not be liable under any circumstances whatsoever for the costs suppliers incur in preparing the quotation.
All questions relating to this quotation must be submitted via The Chest’s Question & Answer facility. Please refer to previously asked questions before asking a question as duplicate questions will not be answered.

Both questions and answers will either be made public on The Chest or
responded to directly to the originator depending on the content.

Halton Borough Council will provide all bidders with their final ranked position only after the evaluation process is complete upon request via The Chests Question & Answer facility.
Decisions are usually made 2 weeks following the closing date of the RFQ.

Mr Matthew Moxon
Email Address:
Kingsway House
United Kingdom
Key Dates
23/08/2013 11:48
06/09/2013 10:00
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