Residential Care Service London

Residential Care Service London

Residential care service for older men with alcohol misuse care needs.

Islington Council
1516-034 Residential care service for older men with alcohol misuse care needs
Please note, this contract was previous advertised in August 2014 and is being re-advertised with a marginally greater budget.

Islington Council seeks expressions of interest from suitability qualified and experienced providers for the provision of registered residential care for older men with long term alcohol misuse needs and a history of homelessness in the London Borough of Islington.

The current contract expires on 31 March 2016.

The service will need to be provided from Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered premises in Islington as outlined in this advertisement. The provider will also be expected to manage the contract within the budget allocated.


The current service provides personal support and accommodation to twelve (12) men over the age of fifty (50) with enduring alcohol misuse needs with significant homelessness histories.

The average age of the current cohort in the service is sixty-four (64), ranging in from fifty (50) to seventy-three (73) years of age. Most of the twelve (12) male residents in the current block contract have significant alcohol-related impairments, including physical and mental health deficits. Some will have Korsakoff’s Syndrome or Korsakoff-like symptoms.

The service provides support to help residents reduce the harm of alcohol dependency and assist with some physical care needs relating to pre-existing conditions or concomitant with increasing age, frailty and continued alcohol misuse. The service is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The target group for the service is older men experiencing long-term alcohol misuse needs with significant histories of homelessness, mental health needs and increasing physical care needs. Although the current cohort of residents in the service is not less than fifty (50) years of age, the service will need to cater for men aged forty-five (45) and older.

Given the age of the residents and alcohol dependency histories, the service may also need to manage residents with some challenging behaviours and cognitive impairments due to long-term alcohol misuse, other dual diagnosis care needs, and support some residents who are actively misusing alcohol by taking a harm reduction approach.

The successful provider will need to have suitable premises within the borough of Islington to provide registered residential care and met all relevant regulations in the operation thereof, including all building regulations, and be able to provide the service from 1 April 2016.

The requirement

The aim of Contract is the provision of high-quality residential care which emphasises rehabilitation and recovery. Residents will be encouraged to live as independently as possible

within the residential service with support to lead fulfilling lives, maximising life opportunities, independence, and maintaining links with the local community, family, and friends.

Additionally, the successful provider must be able to:

? Develop and maintain a close working relationship with local secondary mental health services, particularly the local community mental health teams for those residents subject to a Care Programme Approach (CPA) care plan

? Provide high-quality, CQC-registered care to older men with alcohol misuse needs that respects the rights of residents, personal freedom, choice in daily living, self-respect, independence, dignity, and privacy

? Support residents to maintain social, cultural and religious links; provide access to a range of meaningful social activities; and consult regularly with residents and their carers to support continuous service development

? Respond to the changing needs of residents and ensure staff have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to do so

? Focus on enabling residents to maintain their wellbeing in the care home to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions

? Contribute to the aims and key objectives of Islington’s Fairness Commission report. The provider will ensure that the service is provided in a non-discriminatory and professional manner

? Have an established suitable residential care home building located with the borough of Islington for twelve (12) men from which to deliver a CQC-registered residential care service from 1 April 2016. The provider will need to have appropriately-trained staff 24 hours per day from the start of the service.

Providers expressing an interest in this tender should be suitably experienced in providing residential care for older men with long-term alcohol misuse and mental health and physical care needs, demonstrating how they have enhanced the quality of life of those using its services by reducing social isolation, promoting participation and integration, and prolonging independence.


This contract is for a single service which is not being divided into lots.

TUPE [Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations]

Potential providers must be aware that TUPE may or may not apply to this service. Further details will be available in the invitation to tender.

Contract Period

The contract period will be for thirty-six (36) months from 1 April 2016 with the option of up to three (3) twelve-month extensions (total seventy-two (72) months). Contract extensions will be subject to performance reviews and availability of funds.

Contract Value

The estimated value of this contract is £368,000 per annum (£2,208,000 for the maximum seventy two (72) month term of the contract). There is a maximum fixed budget for this service. Any bids over this amount will be disqualified.

Award criteria

The contract will be awarded to the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) on the basis of quality 70% and cost 30%.

Quality – 70%, made up of:

Proposed model of care – 30%

Proposed approach to quality management of performance and outcomes – 20%

Proposed approach to resident engagement and resident activities – 10%

Proposed approach to safeguarding and risk management – 10%

Cost – 30%

Tenderers should be aware that we reserve the right to interview leading bidders. Interviews will be for verification purposes to confirm the scores of the written submission.

Procurement Process

This contract will be procured using the Open Procedure. The Open Procedure means that all bidders who successfully express an interest will automatically be invited to tender and have access to the tender documents. Those who submit a tender and meet the minimum requirements will have their full tender, method statements and pricing evaluated.

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