Restorative Facilitation Training Contract

Restorative Facilitation Training Contract

Department of Finance and Personnel Northern Ireland.

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    PSNI – Restorative Facilitation Training

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    The Provision of Restorative Facilitation Training For the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

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    Restorative practices were introduced into policing in Northern Ireland in 1999, through a pilot scheme hosted in Belfast and Ballymena. This was subsequently evaluated and, based on sound evidence, it was agreed to implement such practices across the PSNI in its entirety.

    Restorative practices were adopted into the PSNI’s Youth Diversion scheme in September 2003. This allows the service to effectively deal with offending in a more holistic way, taking into account the views and concerns of all the ‘stakeholders’ for example victim, community etc. The PSNI also introduced stream line processes into their diversionary disposals in 2009/10, which requires trained restorative facilitators to deliver. It is also envisaged that restorative practice will become an integral part of the discretionary model, which is currently being operated across all eight policing districts.

    Trained police facilitators, utilising the restorative model to its full potential, deliver diversionary disposals such as Informed Warnings and Restorative Cautions through the above schemes.

    The PSNI in the delivery of Personal, Professional, and Protective Policing have introduced restorative practice into community policing. This is in an effort to provide officers with the necessary skills to deal effectively with community tensions such as neighbourhood disputes, anti-social behaviour etc, which can often be a drain on police resources through continual repeat call outs, as well as being a frustration to local communities. By adopting this approach it should allow for better engagement thus increasing confidence between police and the community, reduce incidents of ASB etc, and provide better outcomes for those involved.

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    13/04/2012 11:00
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    This contract will be for a period of 1 year, with 2 possible 12-month extensions.
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    Department of Finance and Personnel Northern Ireland
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    Cole Heather
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