School Building Works Lincolnshire

School Building Works Lincolnshire

The proposal is to construct a new 1FE primary school for 210 pupils and a pan of 30 on the Elsea Park, Bourne site.

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New Primary School – Bourne
Awarding body Mouchel

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Est. Start Date: 10/09/2013
Est. End Date: 14/07/2014


Lincolnshire County Council has a statutory obligation to address the pressure on school places within the geographical area of Lincoln and LCC require that additional capacity is created to ensure that they can meet their statutory obligation to provide sufficient school places for primary aged children.

It has been identified that Bourne area is subject to a projected shortfall of pupil places and therefore requires a new 1FE Primary school facility to alleviate the deficit and provide appropriate school places in time for the academic year commencing in September 2014.

The proposal is to construct a new 1FE primary school for 210 pupils and a pan of 30 on the Elsea Park, Bourne site.

The proposed buildings school building foot print (external wall) is 1449m², and the overall site area is 18,293m². The total gross floor area within the school is 1422m² (building and cycle shelter)

Internal and external areas have been established via guidelines recommended in the Building Bulletin 99 and the Building Regulations Documents

The school has been developed on a linear plan, allowing facilities to be located off one central space which can be utilised for both curriculum and non-curriculum activities. The central space will be flooded with light, via both northerly and southerly clerestory windows. The proposal is orientated running directly across the site running from East to West. The main entrance to the school is located to the east of the site adjacent the site entrance and car park and will be defined with paving and planting. The seven new class rooms are of a south facing orientation and open onto the hard play area that runs the full width of the building and wraps around the west and north facades until it meets the formal hard play games court, the out door dining area and the school playing field.

The proposed school building is single storey and features a series of mono pitch roofs. The main school hall is the highest building element and it measures 6700mm from the finished floor level to its highest point and 4100mm from the ground to the lower eaves height.

The central circulation area again features a mono pitch roof, and it measures 6200mm from the finished floor level to its highest point and 4990mm from the ground to the lower eaves height.

The site is accessed via a single entrance point that leads onto a one way system through the front of school grounds and provides opportunity for a vehicular drop off / collection point, and parking. The area also offers generous space for pedestrians and cyclists to access the school and opportunity for children to be dropped off and collected.

The entire school site is surrounded by a 2.4m high fence to offer security. The main body of the school and the grounds where the children will predominantly reside are separated from the front entrance area and public, by a secure boundary line. These areas can be access only via passing through the main school reception area or via controlled access gates.

The entire building is encircled with hard surfaced areas that assist with access around the school as well as with maintaining it. Access has also been created between the front and back of the school for emergency and maintenance vehicles.

The Green Guide to Design will be used in selection of materials for the construction of the school; all timber will be sourced responsibly and legally, from renewable and sustainable sources.

Prefabrication of building elements will be encouraged wherever possible in order to reduce waste created during the construction period.

The proposed form of contract will be the JCT Standard Building Contract with Quantities (SBC/Q). The main contractor may be expected to provide both Main Contractor and Sub Contractor Collateral Warranties to the Funder or Purchaser and Tenant and the Client. These will probably take the form of Standard JCT Agreements.

This advertisement is ONLY FOR A MAIN CONTRACTOR. All design work has been completed. 

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11 June 2013

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18 June 2013

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Mouchel (Lincoln)
Graham Daubney
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