School Improvement Consultancy

School Improvement Consultancy

Rotherham Borough Council’s School Effectiveness Service is seeking to appoint a Panel of School Improvement Consultants with whom the Council may award individual contracts.

Rotherham MBC
School Effectiveness Service- School Improvement Consultancy
Rotherham Borough Council’s School Effectiveness Service is seeking to appoint a Panel of School Improvement Consultants with whom the Council may award individual contracts
RMBC currently require two consultants of this nature and will directly award two contracts following the tendering process. However, in coming months the number of School Improvement Consultants required may increase, therefore RMBC wish to appoint a Panel of additional providers should the requirement change.
The Council shall award contracts under the Agreement by assessing which member of the Panel offers the best value in respect of that contract.
The Council may also conduct a mini-competition amongst those Panel members capable of providing the proposed services.  Such mini-competitions will be conducted in accordance with the terms of the framework to be issued to those provider’s successfully shortlisted to tender.
The School Effectiveness Service is a department within the Children & Young People’s Services Directorate of Rotherham Borough Council.  Its purpose is to deliver school improvement challenge and support to education establishments within the Borough and work in partnership with stakeholders to ensure the Rotherham School Improvement Partnership Mission:
all students making at least good progress;

    • no underperforming cohorts;
    • all teachers delivering at least good learning; and
    • all schools moving to at least the next level of successful performance

The service is seeking two school improvement colleagues’ of the highest calibre to help Rotherham leaders and their schools move to the next level of success and beyond.
Rotherham is at the forefront of change and its partnership model is one that others are seeking to follow. During the recent ‘Good Practice Survey of Local Authority Work in Supporting Improvement’, HMI were very impressed with the commitment to the collective mission which underpins all strategies and provides core values, a moral purpose and a collective responsibility.
It is seen as ‘the glue’ which gels together the Local Authority, its partners and schools as a cohesive community. Collaborative working is seen as a particular strength and a key part of that, is the use of diverse arrangements to meet schools’ needs in terms of school improvement. Professional development and training is regarded as being of good quality and a strength is the focus on the development of sustainable capacity for improvement in schools, with the responsibility given back to schools.
The Service now needs to further develop it’s partnerships with external education suppliers and is seeking to work with someone who can demonstrate

    • a strong understanding of school improvement;
    •  implementation of effective strategies for closing the gap between vulnerable groups of pupils and their peers;
    • confidence and skill in giving advice, brokering support, coaching, challenging and problem-solving, as well as an ability to deliver hard messages; and who has credibility as a senior leader, Headteacher, principal, or HMI.

The nature of the work will vary and be subject to change following local and national priorities but we expect the support to consist of:

    • collaborative work with schools, Academies, Governors, Local Authorities, the National College, education advisers, DfE officials, and other strategic partners to bring about sustainable school improvement, at pace, in underperforming schools and help close attainment gaps
    • represent the  partnership of schools as a leading education professional
    • offer professional advice, support and challenge to schools, Academies, Governors, the LA and  the relevant Diocese (using a range of styles including coaching, directing, etc.) to ensure all partners’ efforts are maximised and the right solutions are in place
    • establish and maintain successful relationships with the principal groups listed above to help raise standards and close attainment gaps
    • contribute to the development of a high-performing, effective cadre of leaders
    • possess excellent skills in analysis of a range of quantitative and qualitative data and intelligence to identify issues
    • implement or commission and broker appropriate, effective solutions to bring about rapid improvements, including support from other schools, NLEs, LLEs, Teaching Schools or in some cases, conversion to a sponsor-led Academy
    • monitor and evaluate the implementation of school improvement strategies, refining and/or revising as appropriate
    • coach and support the underperforming school’s senior leadership teams to lead the improvement process
    • produce concise, accurate and timely reports on progress in the school, the challenges still to be overcome, and what further mitigating action is needed
    • encourage, empower and enable schools, Academies and the  LA to develop the infrastructure to create a self-improving, self-sustaining school system, building and maintaining effective partnerships to deliver the partnership mission

Time Frame
The contracted supplier will work with the Service on an Academic Year rolling programme, September to August, subject to performance management, from September 2013 to August 2014, should funding be available RMBC may reserve the right to extend the agreement for a further period of one year.

MS Helen Chambers
Email Address:
+44 1709823661
+44 1709376285
Riverside House
Main Street
South Yorkshire
S60 1AE
United Kingdom
Key Dates
13/05/2013 08:00
13/06/2013 17:00
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12 (months)

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