School Remodelling Works London

School Remodelling Works London

Harrow Council has a requirement for works to be carried out at Pinner Wood School from mid July 2015 – Oct 2015.

Harrow Council
Pinner Wood School
Harrow Council has a requirement for works to be carried out at Pinner Wood School from mid July 2015 – Oct 2015.

The Phase 2 works at Pinner Wood School includes the following:
a) Works at the ground floor level include;
• remodelling of the existing undersized classrooms into a Year 1 classroom and Group room,
• Installation of external doors to two number existing classrooms , with steps and handrails.
• Remodelling of former Servery into;
o Hall Store
o Medical Intervention Room
• Remodelling of existing Reception Classroom Toilets

Demolition works will be involved; they will be limited to internal partitioning, openings, internal strip out, external door and window removal, the external car park and entrance areas. The remodel works will provide new teaching facility with a carpet/vinyl floor finish, painted walls, double glazed aluminium coated windows and classroom storage.

b) Works at the first floor level include;
• Notifiable asbestos removal,
• a new build single Year 5 classroom extension at first floor over an existing ground floor level classroom. Note; this will include the erection of a steel frame, the ICT suite below and corridor area immediately outside new classroom will require making good after.
• internal refurbishment of the Food Tech Classroom,
• minor remodelling of the existing Science Room and Art area to a Music Room and Resource area respectively,
• refurbishment of the former Music Room into a Year 3 classroom.

c) External Works will include;
• resurfacing and reworking of the external car park, installation of attenuation tank and drainage, re-lining the car park area.
• Fencing & gates
• entrance area to the east of the site, including the erection of a new canopy at the main entrance.

Planning Approval has been granted for phase 2 of works, however, the permission contains a number of conditions in which the Contractor MUST acknowledge and include within their pricing (Refer to Appendix L).

Pinner Wood school will be an active school until 17th July 2015 and then closed for the summer, reopening on the 2nd September 2015 (the exact dates will be confirmed by the Employer).

The use of the school will be uninterrupted from the 18th July, however this will be confirmed by the school.

All supporting documenation can be found on London Tenders Portal;


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