Secure Data Sanitisation & Safe Disposal of Redundant ICT Equipment

Quotations are invited for the provision for the secure data sanitisation and safe disposal of Leicestershire County Council’s redundant ICT equipment.
The organisation will need to ensure that all computer equipment is as far as possible refurbished, tested for safety and recycled for reuse in the community.
Where refurbishment is not practical the successful organisation will ensure that the component parts are, where practical, reused or otherwise safely disposed of.
It is essential that environmentally friendly disposal methods are used and the successful organisation is required to perform its obligations under the contract in accordance with LCCs environmental policy.
Data sanitisation and subsequent collections of the redundant equipment, which will include PC’s, laptops, servers, monitors, printers, mice, scanners, base units, hard disk drives and all other peripherals, should be free of charge and generate revenue for LCC.