Security Contract Nottingham

Security Contract Nottingham

Security Service of Nottingham City Homes 14 Hounds Gate. REFERENCE NCH0025
Awarding body Nottingham City Homes Ltd

Est. Start Date: 01/05/2012
Est. End Date: 30/04/2013


Nottingham City Homes is seeking a security contractor / provider to provide a complete morning. Afternoon and weekend service, including Bank holidays, statutory holidays and any Nottingham City Homes concessionary holidays. The staffed security service is to be based at Nottingham City Homes, 14 Hounds Gate, Nottingham NG1 7BA

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Additional information

Contract Type One off
Procurement Process Open Tender
Option to extend Option to extend up to a further 24 months subject to satisfactory performance reviews.
Estimated ValueText Description
Category Security,
CPV codes 79000000, 75000000,
Suitable for SME YES

Document Available Until

23 March 2012

25 days

Submission Return By

26 March 2012

28 days

extend contract options:

Option to extend up to a further 24 months subject to satisfactory performance reviews.

Contact Details

Nottingham City Homes Limited
Rebecca Vines
Nottingham City Homes,
Beechdale Court Offices,
Beechdale Road,