Sexual Abuse Counselling Market Testing

Sexual Abuse Counselling Market Testing

A service to support Children and Young People aged 5 – 18 years who have experienced sexual abuse and trauma.

Opportunity Id
A service to support Children and Young People aged 5 – 18 years who have experienced sexual abuse and trauma
85000000-9 – Health and social work services
98000000-3 – Other community, social and personal services
SOFT-MARKET TESTING ONLY *** Please note – Expressing an interest does not mean you have registered your interest against this opportunity, as this advert is to notify organisations of the soft-market testing ONLY. *** This soft market test is not part of any procurement process and does not represent a call for competition. It is purely investigatory in nature, although the responses may be used to assist the Council is defining a potential preferred delivery and contracting model and assist in the development of a service specification(s). This notice does not represent a formal commitment by the Council to undertake a procurement procedure. Participation in this soft market testing will not include or preclude any organisation from participating in any potential future procurement exercise. Any responses you provide will not prejudice your involvement in any potential future procurement exercise, as organisations that take part will not be advantaged or disadvantaged in any way in any potential future procurement exercise. No information provided in your response will be used in any evaluation of any subsequent response to a potential future procurement exercise. To complete the market testing questionnaire please follow the below link: Deadline for returns is Wednesday 11th May 2016 Background Sexual abuse can have many and varied impacts on children and young people. Abuse is not a condition but a complex phenomenon with both short and long term impact on the psychological, social or behavioural development of the child. It can impact on behaviour and relationships, including risky or harmful sexual behaviour, delinquency, crime and poor parenting. In time, the consequences can limit the survivor’s future opportunities and lead to further adversities later in life. Dealing with the consequences of childhood sexual abuse also has a significant economic cost. The emotional and mental health of children and young people is a priority concern for Somerset. Mapping of existing provision has taken place and has identified a gap in early response support for children of all ages and their families who have experienced sexual abuse. This service is not intended to replace existing services but to fill a gap for those whose needs fall outside the threshold for specialist mental health services. The intention is to offer children and young people early response support before symptoms reach the need for specialist services. Any new interventions should take due account of and enhance existing interventions, resources and services across the statutory and voluntary sector. This potential new service will aim to significantly reduce the negative impact child sexual abuse and trauma has on the lives of children and families living in Somerset. It will offer a package of services to relieve the symptoms of sexual abuse and preventing further abuse. It will help to de-stigmatise abused children, enable them to feel safer and increase their resilience and self-esteem. It will be aimed at 5-18 year olds and work to the Working Together to Safeguard Children definition of sexual abuse*. *‘Working together to safeguard children: A guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children’, HM Government, March 2015
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sexual abuse, childrens service, young people

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Somerset County Council
Leanne LeMoucheux
County Hall

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From 26/04/2016 09:24 to 11/05/2016 09:24

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