SSIA Concession to Provide Training

SSIA Concession to Provide Training

The programme provides social work management training to front line team managers and was the first accredited programme of its type in the UK.


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Authority Name and Address


SSIA, Local Government House, Drake Walk,


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Cathryn Thomas

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Address from which documentation may be obtained


SSIA, Local Government House, Drake Walk,


CF10 4LG


Cathryn Thomas

+44 2920468518


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Corporate, Local Government House, Drake Walk,


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Lorraine D’Agnilli

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2 Contract Details



SSIA Concession to provide training


Description of the goods or services required

In 2009 the SSIA commissioned the design and delivery of a National Team Manager Development Programme (TMDP). The bespoke programme was subsequently developed as the Post Graduate Certificate in Managing Practice Quality in Social Care, worth 60 academic credits at level 7. The programme provides social work management training to front line team managers and was the first accredited programme of its type in the UK. Note that this is not a general management training programme, but specific to the challenges and issues of leading and managing teams and services within the specific context of social services.

Over 350 students have so far registered and started this training programme in Wales. As of October 2014, 266 students had successfully completed, which was 77% of those attending the first 16 programmes. Whilst the vast majority of those undertaking the course are from local authorities (this was always the priority group), a small number of voluntary sector managers have been allocated a place where they also have met the course criteria.

In 2012, the SSIA commissioned an independent evaluation of the programme and the full report was published in April 2013. It is available for review on the SSIA website:

3.1. Aims

The overall aims of the TMDP are to:

• Help managers develop an in-depth understanding of the key drivers influencing social care policy and practice in Wales;

• Support the development of critical thinking skills to improve case management decisions; and

• Provide managers with a range of tools and techniques to improve the quality of practice within their teams by building and sustaining positive culture and professional behaviour.

3.2. Target Audience

As well as team managers already in post, TMDP is also targeted at aspiring team managers, including senior practitioner who work in social work teams. Managers are often responsible for integrated teams with health or education as well as social work professionals. The programme is therefore suitable for other professionals, as well as those who have come to management through the professional social worker qualification. However all students undertaking the course must manage or supervise qualified social workers as well as other professionals e.g. community-based Occupational Therapists. The course is, however, not currently appropriate for managers of provider services, such as residential or day care services, although this will be kept under review.

To register and be eligible for the programme participants must have:

• A recognised professional social work qualification and registration with the Care Council for Wales, the General Social Care Council, the Scottish Social Services Council or the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (or equivalent body for non-social work staff where applicable)

• Have a minimum of three years post-qualifying experience

• A current position as a team manager or a senior practitioner in a social work team, or have been identified as an emerging leader by their employer

• Applicants who are not currently team managers must be able to fully participate in the course and apply its learning within the workplace

• The ability to study at postgraduate level

• Be personally committed and have the support of their employer to participate in and complete the whole programme

3.3. Current Programme Delivery

The programme enables managers to improve quality within their teams. It is highly interactive and provides students with practical tools, methods and skills as well as relevant new knowledge. The programme is set in the context of guidance and legislation by the Welsh Government, and is regularly updated to reflect current national policy and guidance.

The structure of the course (current delivery with IPC Oxford Brookes and IPR with SSIA) is set out in the module flowchart in Appendix 1. A hard copy of course materials will be available to view at Local Government House, Drake Walk, Cardiff. If you like to review these please contact the SSIA at to arrange. The programme covers the following elements as well as three modules which include taught days, support days and assessments:

Pre-programme seminar – specifically for candidates and their line managers

360 degree assessment and PDP:

360 degree is completed at the beginning and end of the course and is a course requirement and informs the individual’s PDP which is needed to achieve the PG certificate.

Taught Days:

There are three modules for the programme and they cover:

Module 1 – An Introduction to Managing Practice Quality

• Improving practice quality

• Demand and capacity

• Managing casework

Module 2 – Evidencing Performance and Quality

• Promoting and embedding evidence-based practice

• Monitoring, review and analysis

• Managing external audit, inspection and review

Module 3 – Leading and Managing for Quality

• Team leadership in social care

• Managing the performance of individuals within the team

• Leading and supporting change

Support Days:

These days consist of the following:

• Action learning (of up to 10 students)

• Assignment support

• Individual support meetings (1:1 support from tutors)

• Study day (allowed at least one study day for each module)


Each module includes an assignment:

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Total quantity or scope of tender

This section describes what SSIA is looking for from a design and delivery provider, and what is required from a proposal. Providers who tender for this work will be expected to:

• confirm their intention to retain the programme as a post graduate certificated level course or equivalent worth 60 academic credits at level 7. If an alternative, but equivalent qualification is to be proposed, a full explanation and justification will be required.

• outline their choice of Awarding Organisation and the process by which they will validate that programme. As the Post Graduate Certificate is a regulated programme, the provider will also be expected to outline the process for seeking and achieving Care Council for Wales approval.

• confirm their willingness to deliver the programme in line with current design and content. Ongoing updating work to ensure currency of information, the requirements emerging from the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 and reflect best practice is expected throughout the currency of the contract. Where a potential need for significant change is identified, the provider needs to ensure that this is raised formally, in writing with the National Programme Management Committee (NPMC) through SSIA and that such change is agreed by NPMC in advance of any implementation.

• confirm the process by which minor revisions and updating, based on ongoing evaluation or other developments such as future plans and changes to the social care landscape in Wales, will be made. The need to ensure the programme continues to reflect currency and relevance is for the programme provider and must be at no additional cost to the SSIA or student unit cost. As indicated earlier, any proposals for material changes to any element of the programme, its content, structure, delivery etc, must be notified in writing to the NPMC who must give agreement to the change before implementation. The provider will be expected to provide NPMC with 6 monthly reports summarising progress, issues and changes, student progress, completers, non-attenders, withdrawals, deferrals etc, along with reasonable information about the reasons for non-completion or slower than expected progress. The nature and timing of each report will be agreed in advance with the provider.

• confirm that anyone currently holding modular credit from an uncompleted TMDP will be able to transfer its full credit value to any new validated programme at no additional cost to them, their employer or SSIA as long as they re-enrol on a new module within 5 years of the date of inception of the new contract. If this is not possible, because, for example, of changes to module content, the provider must confirm that they will undertake a process to map the content of previous and new module to identify the volume of credit that can be transferred and the opportunities possible for practitioners to undertake smaller items of work to make up the difference in required credit rather than needing to repeat the whole module.

• provide information on how they will negotiate the acceptance and transfer of the 60 CAT points achieved by the student to other academic institutions. There will be a clear expectation to actively maximise the use of the credit achieved through TMDP by APL to programmes run either by the provider or other institutions.

• outline what the provider sees as the key improvements that need to be addressed in light of the independent evaluation report.

• provide details of policies, processes, procedures and timescales for programme and module completion, deferrals, suspension of studies, re-submission of assignments etc.

• provide details of quality assurance processes, including those related to routine monitoring and evaluation, participant feedback and tutor reviews, assessment strategies and marking scales, moderation and external examination.

• describe how they propose to meet the learning and development needs of all potential participants, including through the use of appropriate language mediums. The SSIA is committed to ensure that the programme fully reflects Welsh provision in the context of language, legislation, culture, geography and institutions. The provider will also need to demonstrate how as many elements of the programme as possible can be delivered in the Welsh language where this is appropriate. The proposal will need to describe if/how this can be achieved for programme delivery, mentoring and support, completion of assignments, and in the provision and delivery of feedback.

• describe how they will;-

• support SSIA with initial and ongoing marketing including the identification of participants and securing their (and their managers’) commitment to programme attendance.

• develop marketing materials for individual managers and their organisations, as well as materials for the SSIA website and general information for enquirers.

• interact with NPMC, attend meetings as required and/or provide information in response to requests or queries during the period of contract.

• commit to fully participating in any independent or other review or evaluation of any aspect of the delivered programme, including the provision of any or all (anonymised) data relating to student progress, and cooperate fully in arrangements for any future re-tendering of this contract and the transition arrangements that will have to be discussed and agreed.

• need to consider options for potential development in the future ie module by module delivery, giving consideration for people outside the specified target audience if the content is appropriate.

3 Conditions for Participation


Minimum standards and qualification required

Providers are invited to apply.

Closing date for applications is 5pm on Monday, 20th April 2015. These are to be submitted by email to

Interviews and presentations will be held in Cardiff on Wednesday, 6th May 2015.

Applicants will be advised of whether they are to attend an interview by Monday, 27th April 2015. The panel will include members of the National Programme Management Committee, who reserve the right to co-opt additional expert advisors as necessary.

Note: No exceptions will be made to this timescale and applicants should ensure they are available to attend interview at the specific time allocated to them on Wednesday, 6th May 2015.

Submitting proposals:-

The work will be conducted in accordance with the WLGA “Terms and Conditions for Supply of Consultancy Services”, a copy of which is attached/included with the invitation to tender.

The WLGA reserves the right to appoint on the basis of the best overall bid scores with the intent of achieving the best value for money solution.

Note: The best ranked bidder following evaluation will be requested to evidence appropriate insurances, professional indemnity certificates etc, as part of the due diligence process and any contractual arrangement will be subject to such matters being in place and evidenced.

For more information on this work and expected outcomes, please contact Cathryn Thomas at

4 Administrative Information


Type of Procedure

Single stage – Any candidate may submit a tender.


Reference number attributed to the notice by the contracting authority



Time Limits

a) Time-limit for obtaining documentation 20-04-2015

b) Time-limit for receipt of completed tenders
20-04-2015  Time  17:00

c) Estimated award date 22-05-2015


Language or languages in which tenders or requests to participate can be drawn up



Tender Submission Postbox

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Additional Information

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Additional Documentation

150318_SSIA Delivery of a Team Manager Development Programme – Concession to provide training
WLGA Terms and Conditions – Consultancy – February 2009


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