Stonesoft – McAfee – Firewall Supply and Support Framework

Stonesoft – McAfee – Firewall Supply and Support Framework

New Stonesoft (McAfee Group) hardware. Manufacturer hardware support (warranty). Incident support (break/fix). Supplier’s advice in the use of our Stonesoft (McAfee Group) Firewall estate.

Warrington Borough Council
Stonesoft (McAfee) Firewall Supply and Support Framework
The Council is seeking to award a single supplier framework to a supplier capable of supplying the following:

    • new Stonesoft (McAfee Group) hardware
    • manufacturer hardware support (warranty)
    • incident support (break/fix)
    • supplier’s advice in the use of our Stonesoft (McAfee Group) Firewall estate
    • optimum use of the Stonesoft Management Console software

The Council requires a contract for 24 months plus an optional 12 months extension, at the Council’s discretion.
A piecemeal approach to purchasing firewalls and warranty support dates has resulted in a complex environment to manage.  There are seven active firewalls, one vpn appliance and two spares units within the environment.
The Council is not committing to a minimum level of service requirement or any purchases for the service.  It shall only “call-off” services on an “as required” basis, as the Council will from time to time require.
To ensure that everything is logged and audited, only correspondence, questions and clarifications raised in The Chest will be addressed by the Council. The Council will not respond to any e-mails, letters or telephone calls regarding this opportunity.
The Council will look to select the supplier offering the best value proposal based on price and the response to the specification available to those suppliers who register and express an interest.

Mr Christopher Hilditch
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Key Dates
05/11/2013 11:50
25/11/2013 12:00
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