Strategic Projects Funding – BAT Funding

Strategic Projects Funding – BAT Funding

2015 bidding round now open.

From: Foreign & Commonwealth Office

First published: 26 January 2015

Part of: Foreign affairs

2015 bidding round now open

The BAT funds a number of projects each year across the following four priority areas:

  • Environmental protection and minimising human impacts
  • Education and outreach
  • Heritage
  • Governance and promoting UK sovereignty

For those interested in considering an application for BAT funding, all proposed projects should fall within under at least one of the four priority areas as outlined above and in more detail in the BAT 2014-19 Strategy document. The funding year runs from July to June. Please feel free to contact the BAT government to discuss any potential projects.

Please submit all bids to the BAT government by Friday 6 March 2015.