Streetscape Maintenance 2014-2016

Streetscape Maintenance 2014-2016

The maintenance of the high quality surfacing including Caithness and Granite paving slabs, setts and cubes. The maintenance of street furniture including bollards, railings, benches etc., the removal or graffiti, general cleaning, painting and the maintenance of art features.


1 Authority Details


Authority Name and Address

Renfrewshire Council

Community Resources, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street,




Margaret Dempster

+44 1416184781

+44 1416187050


Address from which documentation may be obtained

As in 1.1


Completed documents must be returned to:

As in 1.1

2 Contract Details



Streetscape Maintenance 2014-2016


Description of the goods or services required

The Roads Division of Renfrewshire Council’s Community Resources provides a road maintenance service (excluding trunk roads) within the Renfrewshire Council area to maintain the integrity of the streetscape within Renfrewshire.

Works include but not limited to:

-the maintenance of the high quality surfacing including Caithness and Granite paving slabs, setts and cubes, and other materials such as granolithic concrete, including minor cleaning and weeding;

-the maintenance of street furniture including bollards, railings, benches etc., the removal or graffiti, general cleaning, painting and the maintenance of art features.

-the maintenance of drainage systems.

-the lifting and final reinstatement of the high quality surfacing to openings required by the various statutory undertakers.

NOTE: The authority is using PCS-Tender to carry out this procurement process. Please note this is a separate website and if you are not already registered, registration will be required

To access PCS-Tender, record your interest in this notice and access the tender documentation please visit and search for project Code 1964 within the appropriate area.

If you have already registered on Public Contracts Scotland and PCS-Tender and paired your accounts you can access PCS-Tender through your Public Contracts Scotland Control Panel.


Notice Coding and Classification

391111 Open Spaces – Maintenance
391112 Open Spaces – Repair
391211 Roads – Maintenance
391212 Roads – Repair
399999 other Works – Construction, Repair and Maintenance

150 Glasgow & Strathclyde


Total quantity or scope of tender

Renfrewshire Council wishes to establish a contract to maintain the integrity of the streetscape within Renfrewshire with a suitably experienced contractor.

The Contract will be based on the NEC3 Term Service Short Contract April 2013.

3 Conditions for Participation


Minimum standards and qualification required

Minimum standards required:

(1) Tender submissions must be sufficiently complete to enable a full and detailed evaluation of all components of the bid to be undertaken.

(2) Tenderers must evidence a good credit rating from a recognised credit reference agency and will be required to evidence a minimum annual turnover for this contract of 210,000GBP.

Please provide one of the following:

a. A copy of your audited accounts or equivalent for the most recent two years, along with details of any significant changes since the last year end.


b. A statement of your organisations turnover; profit and cash flow for the most recent full year of trading or where a full year of trading has not been completed the same information for the period applicable. NOTE if this information is not available in an audited format please provide an end of period balance sheet or make the response specified below.


c. If you are unable to provide the information requested above, please provide additional information and documentation that will give the Authority the assurance that you are capable of carrying out any subsequent awarded contract. For example, a statement of your organisation’s cash flow forecast for the current year and a letter from your bank outlining the current cash and credit position or other alternative means of demonstrating financial standing.

In addition, where the bidding organisation is a subsidiary in a group, one of the responses described in a) through c) above are also required for the organisation with overall responsibility for the group.

Where a consortium or association is proposed, one of the responses described in a) through to c) above is also required for each member of the consortium.

Your financial accounts and supporting information should be in English and in UK Sterling. If the original documents are not in English, please provide copies of the originals and a certified translation into English. If the sums in the accounts are not expressed in UK Sterling then copies of the original accounts, shall be provided together with a UK Sterling rate equivalent copy utilising the pound buys exchange rate applicable on the date of issue of the Tender.

Tenderers should provide any additional information regarding the economic/financial standing of your organisation. For example provide a statement explaining why the organisation was not in net profit after tax in either of the reported financial years.

In the event that analysis of your financial position determines that additional measures are necessary in order to provide adequate assurance of your financial strength, would you be willing to provide either a parent company guarantee or a bank guarantee?

If you cannot provide any of the assurances as detailed above, and it is determined by the Authority that your financial strength is not adequate then your company may not pass the financial evaluation. If you can provide the assurances as detailed above, the Authority may explore these options with you before determining whether your company can be taken forward in this procurement exercise.

The Council will use Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) to assist in its determination of the organisations financial status and risk. It is recommended that tenderers review their own D&B Failure Score in advance of submitting their tender submission. If, following this review, Tenderers consider that the D&B Failure Score does not reflect their current financial status; the Tenderer should attach a document to this section giving a detailed explanation, together with any relevant supporting independent evidence. The Council will review any such information as part of the evaluation of Tenderer’s financial status. Where the Tenderer is under no obligation to publish accounts and therefore does not have a D&B Failure Score or equivalent rating, they must provide their audited financial accounts for the previous 2 years as part of their Tender Submission in order that the Council may assess these to determine the suitability of the Tenderer to undertake a contract or contracts of this size. Where a consortium bid is received, the D&B Failure Score of each consortium member shall be assessed. Where the Tenderer is a subsidiary of a group but is applying as a separate legal entity and fails to meet the minimum financial turnover requirements or minimum D&B Failure Score (or equivalent) as a company, in order to progress to stage two of the evaluation they must provide as part of their tender submission, written confirmation from an authorised signatory of the parent company, that either a parent company or bank guarantee will be provided within two weeks of request. The parent company must meet the minimum financial requirements as assessed by the Council. The parent company or bank guarantee will be in the form provided in the Tender Documentation. Tenderers must achieve a D&B failure score of 20 or above to pass this section.

The Council may undertake supplementary investigations to establish if the D&B failure score is a reflection of the current financial stability of the Tenderer; the outcome of such investigations will influence if a Tenderer is deemed to meet the minimum requirements to pass this bid selection stage in terms of their financial stability for the purposes of this contract. The Tenderer will be notified if supplementary investigations into the financial stability are being undertaken.

Where the Tenderer intends to sub-contract more than 25% of any Contract value to a single sub-contractor, the Tenderer must provide a D&B comprehensive report on the sub-contractor. The Council reserves the right to request one copy of all sub-contractors last 2 financial years’ audited accounts and details of significant changes since the last financial year end. The Council also reserves the right to reject the use of sub-contractors in relation to the Contract where they fail to meet the Council’s minimum financial criteria.

(3) Tenderers must evidence the under-noted insurance provision being in place or provide confirmation that in the event of success in the tender process, the under-noted insurance provision will be put in place:

– Employers Liability to a minimum indemnity of 5,000,000GBP

– Public Liability to a minimum indemnity of 2,000,000GBP

– Third Party Motor Insurance to a minimum of 5,000,000GBP

(4) Tenderers will be required to confirm that none of the criteria in respect to Regulation 23 (Criteria for the rejection of economic operators) of the Public Contracts (Scotland) 2012 Regulations apply.

(5) Tenderers must evidence robust health and safety policies and processes in operation.

(6) Tenderers will also be required to provide their up to date Health & Safety Policy.

(7) Tenderers must provide a statement of compliance with relevant statutory obligations. Tenderers will also be required to provide their up to date Equal Opportunity Policy.

(8) Tenderers must provide evidence of robust Quality policies and systems / practices in operation. Tenderers will also be required to provide their up to date Quality Policy.

(9) Tenderers must confirm compliance or qualifications proposed must be deemed acceptable by the Council.

(10) Tenderers must evidence ability to service the Contract by reference to resources by discipline; plant and machinery available.

(11) Tenderers must evidence relevant and appropriate organisational experience in relation to fulfilling the requirements of the Contract by providing 5 similar contracts delivered within the last 3 years. Track record shall be assessed by way of references provided.

(10) Tenderers must evidence environmental management policies and processes are in operation. Tenderers will also be required to provide a copy of their environmental management policy.

(11) Tenderers must evidence a robust process for ensuring that plant, machinery and vehicles proposed are certified as fit for use.

(12) Tenderers must confirm that they do not use, or ever intend to use, blacklists to exclude employees or potential employees on grounds of trade union membership or trade union activities.

(13) Renfrewshire Council encourages all suppliers to pay the ‘Living Wage’. Tenderers should advise if they adhere to the ‘Living Wage’.

This question will not be scored and will not impact on your response.

Stage 1 of the process requires compliance/confirmation on all of the above and will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

All Bids passing stage 1 will then be evaluated on the basis of the award criteria contained with the tender documentation and this notice.

Tender evaluation is on the basis of price 90%, quality 10%.

4 Administrative Information


Type of Procedure

Single stage – Any candidate may submit a tender.


Reference number attributed to the notice by the contracting authority



Time Limits

a) Time-limit for obtaining documentation

b) Time-limit for receipt of completed tenders
11-03-2014  Time  12:00

c) Estimated award date 25-03-2014


Language or languages in which tenders or requests to participate can be drawn up



Tender Submission Postbox

5 Other Information


Additional Information

Tenders will be evaluated on a price:quality ratio of 90:10. The quality award evaluation criteria are as follows:

The proposed works will be within busy urban environments close to residential and commercial frontages and the nature of the works will present hazards to the workforce and general public. Particular hazards identified at this stage include manual handling (large heavy slabs, setts, cubes and street furniture); noise & dust from cutting operations; shared paved surfaces i.e. both pedestrian and vehicular; daily changes to working areas and proximity to existing services.


-Please describe your approach to works in such an environment and specific measures you will take to mitigate these specific hazards (30% of 10%)

-Explain how you will minimise disruption to traders and pedestrians; maintain pedestrian and vehicular movements; ensure continuity of deliveries during construction and control noise and dust nuisance to the public (30% of 10%)

-Please outline your approach to maximising community benefits (40% of 10%)

Tenderers should submit all questions relating to the tender through the e-tender system’s messaging area.

Any contract awarded as a result of the tender will be subject to Scots Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.

The minimum timeframe during which the tenderer must maintain the tender is 150 days.

Persons authorised to be present at the opening of tenders will be any person as authorised by the Director of Finance and Corporate Services. It is anticipated that tenders will be opened on March 11th 2014.

The purpose of this contract notice is to publicise the tender opportunity for Streetscape Maintenance 2014-2016. Please register your interest in this requirement on the Public Tenders Scotland Portal (link to this website is noted below).

Please note that no tender documentation is held within this Public Contracts Scotland website. To receive this tender documentation, interested parties must now register at the Public Tenders Scotland Portal and then log into this site and access the tender documentation.

All questions and communications relating to this tender must be posted via the Public Tenders Scotland Portal message area. This ensures fairness and transparency to all interested parties.

(SC Ref:296173)


Additional Documentation


Publication date of this notice