Stroke Support Services

Stroke Support Services

The Council are seeking a suitably qualified and experienced organisation to provide a community based stroke support service. Council:

Buckinghamshire County Council
Social Community Care Supplies and Services
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Start Date for Expressing Interest:
12/03/2012 13:00:00
Last Date for Expressing Interest:
16/04/2012 12:00:00

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Lindsey Sheen
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01296 383872
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The Council are seeking a suitably qualified and experienced organisation to provide a community based stroke support service.
Buckinghamshire County Council Adults & Family Wellbeing Services are responsible for commissioning stroke support services.  The tender will include an expert stroke programme; county wide long term support for stroke survivors and carers and improved access to information.
Research shows that people who live with chronic conditions, including a stroke, often know what they need to do to manage their condition and can moderate the impact of their illness and improve their quality of life, given the necessary skills and tools.  Training through an expert stroke programme can provide users and carers with the opportunity to explore ways of being able to manage there condition and feel confident and able in doing so.
There is also a need for long term community support to be made available for some stroke survivors including reviewing health and social care needs at six months and sign posting to other professionals including GP’s.  It is estimated that 9, 000 people and their carers would benefit from this kind of service. Further development of the existing patient portfolio (information & resource pack) is needed for those currently living with the condition in Buckinghamshire and this will be an important resource for the expert stroke management programme. Further information resources will be developed for carers and professional.
The contract will be for a period of two years with an option for up to a further two years subject to satisfactory performance and availability of funding.

Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) may apply to this contract.
If your organisation wishes to participate in this process, you need to register with the South East Business Portal (SEBP) and follow the instructions to express an interest for the Provision of a Community Stroke Support Service. The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire needs to be completed online so you will be unable to take part if you do not register. Please use the link below and follow the instructions on the website:
The deadline for online completion of the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire is midday on 16th April 2012.
The Council intend to hold a Bidder Event on the 23rd March 2012. This event will give Buckinghamshire County Council the opportunity to meet organisations interested in providing Stroke Support Services within the county, allow organisations the opportunity to meet other interested parties and provide clarity around the potential procurement process for this service.