Supply and Delivery of Drones to University of Chester

Supply and Delivery of Drones to University of Chester

Supply and Delivery of Drones and associated kit (Gimbals, cameras, software) to the University Centre Shrewsbury Campus.

Contract summary


  • Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation – 34000000

Location of contract

North West, West Midlands

Value of contract

£50k – £60k

Published date

13 June 2018

Closing date

27 June 2018

Contract start date

09 July 2018

Contract end date

31 December 2019

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The University of Chester is seeking tenders for the Supply and Delivery of Drones and associated kit (Gimbals, cameras, software) to the University Centre Shrewsbury Campus. This is for the Centre for Research into Environmental Science and Technology (CREST) project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (the project is also known as ESBRC).

This tender is for the supply and delivery of Drones and Associated equipment. The contract is for an initial period until 31st December 2019 in respect of ERDF Funded Project No: 36R17P01462. The University reserves the right to award to one or more provider, where one or more of the required equipment ranges cannot be supplied by one provider.

The initial anticipated requirements are detailed within Document 2 – Specification and Pricing Schedule.
Whilst the anticipated contract value, based on indicative quantities within this tender is approximated at £50,000 to £60,000 including VAT, actual demand and volumes may vary from the indicative values given in this tender, as over the period of the contract term, additional requirements may be identified, or reduced, as demand may increase or alter. Quantities or volumes specified within this tender document are therefore indicative only. One order may therefore be placed for the total requirements, or as separate, individual orders.

The appointed provider/s will be awarded the contract for the duration of this contract term, no guarantee can therefore be given regarding the volume, nor value, of business placed. The appointed provider/s may therefore be required to supply requirements, below, or in addition to, what has been initially specified within this tender.


About the buyer

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Procurement Services


University of Chester,
Parkgate Road





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How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided, or follow the instructions given in the notice description or information section.