Supply Data Matching Software

Supply Data Matching Software

The new tool should also be flexible enough to allow adjustments but will initially enable: Improved identification of families in need of early help. Improved ability of Northamptonshire County Council and its partners to identify and support vulnerable families. Improved match rates.


Data Matching Solution
Awarding body Northamptonshire County Council



EST. START DATE: 07/07/2015
EST. END DATE: 30/06/2017


Provision of DATA MATCHING SOLUTION to support implementation of Northamptonshire’s Early Help Families programme 2015 – 2020

Northamptonshire County Council is looking to purchase a data matching solution with risk profiling capabilities for the Children, Families and Education Directorate of the local authority.

The Solution will, in the first instance be supporting Northamptonshire’s Early Help Families programme, which is Northamptonshire’s name for the second phase of the Troubled Families programme that was rolled out nationally from 2012-2015.

In the first phase identification of families eligible for the programme has been made through by the manipulation of 4 data sources. This is best described as a basic version of risk profiling.

This is seen as a key contributor to the remodelling of the Early Help offer in the County. The Council is seeking a streamlined and effective way of matching data to:
a) both identify and enable risk profiling of families where pre determined criteria have already been identified will be used
b) assess these families who following support have made progress against that criteria.

The Council will work on behalf of the Northamptonshire Early Help Partnership to lead the identification of families and monitor their progress. To identify and the monitor progress a range of data sources will be utilised both internal and external (from partner agencies) to the Authority. Information sharing agreements are in place for all data sources.

This will enable the programme in its second phase to become more proactive in identifying families in need of early help. The risk profiling approach will be significantly expanded and involve using a defined range of criteria from a defined range of data sources to identify particular families who may be more vulnerable to reduced resilience (e.g. they are experiencing a multitude of issues that could impact on their resilience). The principle of using data from multiple sources to identify families will remain but the scale of sources will significantly increase

In phase 2 a more sophisticated and streamlined method of data matching is required that supports a more sophisticated risk profiling methodology and a significantly increased amount of data.

The solution will also be used as an indicator tool for young people who are or are at risk of being disengaged in education, employment or training (EET). Here, the tool will be used by partners to identify young people who are most in need of support to re-engage in EET or ensure that they remain in EET.

The new risk profiling tool must enable the Local Authority and its partners to automate the identification of families most at risk of increased vulnerability via adopting an “overlaying” principle

The new tool should also be flexible enough to allow adjustments but will initially enable:

• Improved identification of families in need of early help
• Improved ability of Northamptonshire County Council and its partners to identify and support vulnerable families
• Improved match rates
• Improved accuracy rates
• Improved ability to track families
• Reduced requirement for manual data matching and quality assurance

The data matching and risk profiling tool(s) implemented by the Supplier must be capable of multiple functions / requirements as identified in the specification. A version will also need to be in place and operational by 30 July 2015.

The award is scheduled to be made by the end of June 2015 with the contract being initially for 12 months though an option to extend for a further 12 months will also be evident.

The value of the contract per annum will not exceed £50,000 (£25,000 per annum) though there is an expectation that the award price will be significantly lower than this. The Council within its statutory requirements is required to demonstrate the achievement of “Best Value.” Bids exceeding the £50,000 value will be excluded from the process.

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Contract Type One off
Procurement Process Quotation
Option to extend 12 months
Estimated ValueTEXT DESCRIPTION Fifty thousand pounds
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CPV codes 48000000,
Suitable for SME YES


30 June 2015

10 days


30 June 2015

10 days


12 months


Northamptonshire County Council
Ravina Kotecha
Northamptonshire County Council

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