Supply Digital Wireless Radio Aids

Supply Digital Wireless Radio Aids

Digital Wireless Radio Aids for Pupils with a Hearing Impairment.

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15 151 Digital Wireless Radio Aids for Pupils with a Hearing Impairment
170000 – Education
The Cheshire East Sensory Inclusion Service requires the purchase of digital wireless radio aid systems. This is assistive listening equipment for children with a medically diagnosed hearing loss and is replacing previous FM radio aids. The digital wireless radio aid systems are to be used in conjunction with personal hearing aids in school to alleviate the problems caused by background noise in classrooms and around school and afford optimum learning opportunities for pupils with a hearing impairment who are educated in mainstream school environments. Radio aids are used in schools and educational settings to:- • help deaf children hear their teachers and other students • To help pupils in situations when it is difficult to listen Hearing aids and cochlear implants allow most wearers to hear quiet speech in ideal listening situations. However, most speech is heard in less than ideal listening situations and there are times when children may find it difficult to hear and listen, such as when: • there is unwanted background noise • sounds are echoing around the room (reverberation) • there is a distance between the person who is speaking and the deaf child – often the situation in a classroom Historically Cheshire East has provided this equipment. The technology for this equipment continues to develop and it requires specialist knowledge and training to fit and monitor its use. Deafness is a small incidence disability and Cheshire East would like to purchase and supply equipment that can be used and reused across the authority as required. The systems currently in use are FM rather than digital. 30 digital wireless radio aid systems (30 x 1 transmitter and 30 x 2 receivers) The Sensory Inclusion Service requires digital wireless radio aid systems, which are suitable for use in a classroom environment by pupils with a medically diagnosed hearing loss. The current requirement is for 30 sets. However we may wish to buy additional sets and additional free training, during the life of the contract- and wish for these to be the most up to date models.
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