Supply Hosted Financial Management System

Supply Hosted Financial Management System

The London Borough of Merton (‘the Council’ and ‘LBM’) is seeking to procure a replacement financial management system (FMS) hosted in the cloud.

London Borough of Merton
Hosted Financial Management System
The London Borough of Merton (‘the Council’ and ‘LBM’) is seeking to procure a replacement financial management system (FMS) hosted in the cloud.

LBM is acting as the Lead Authority on behalf of itself and other London boroughs who may use the framework agreement being the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, and the London Boroughs of Richmond upon Thames, Sutton and Wandsworth.

LBM currently uses the following systems which may be replaced by this re-procurement:

• Infor Financial Management
• Proactis Purchase-to-Pay Systems and
• Ash Information Systems – Debtors Management

The system will need to provide functionality to support all the areas relevant to local government financial and procurement management such as budgeting and forecasting (Capital monitoring, revenue monitoring, financial accounting and budgeting – directly reporting against the ledger, data warehouse or data extraction) including accruals accounting; management of income and expenditure across all areas of the business; IFRS accounting; construction industry tax scheme; procurement functionality will include procure-to-pay) from procurement sourcing, supplier management and accounts payable.

The system must provide automation at each stage of process including straight through processing and self-service portals for customers and suppliers; various types of e-invoicing and streamlined processes.

Management information must be available at transactional levels to support business managers making decisions and available as high level summary reporting to support the strategic vision and reporting of savings. The reports must be available in analytical and graphical formats utilising dashboards etc. The reporting functionality must allow for self-service reporting across these systems.

At a minimum, the systems provided to participating councils must be integrated with the Authority’s HR and Payroll system, Cash Management /Credit Card Incomeour system and other non-ERP feeders systems (and potentially the Revenue & Benefits system at a future time). The system must also enable multi company accounting structures & bank accounts to be operated for all partially or wholly owned LBM companies and subsidiary entities.

The Provider will be responsible all of the following but not limited to the system build, hosting the new system and disaster recovery backup, migrating our data/processes/systems from the existing system, facilitating end user acceptance testing and user training.

The Authority is initially looking for a Provider to supply Merton with a single instance of the hosted financial management system where the 4-year costs have a budget of 800,000 GBP. During the framework term, should the other 4x councils choose to join this framework contract,  a further 4 instances could potentially be required bringing the total estimated costs to 4,000,000 GBP.

Full details of the exact services constituting the Services will appear in the tender documentation, as will details of the mechanisms to be used by the Boroughs herein named to place call-off contracts under the Framework Agreement.

The duration of an individual call-off contract under the Framework Agreement will not necessarily be limited to four years but will be governed by the precise subject matter of the call-off contract concerned. Such considerations will include but not be limited to the requirements in relation to these Services for system change and implementation costs, which it is envisaged will result in the need for call-off contracts with a duration in excess of 4 years.

The form of the call-off contract will be set out in the final Framework Agreement, subject to the right to make specific amendments in respect of an individual call-off.

No guarantee or warranty is given as to the nature or volume, if any, of the Services or the number of call-offs, if any, under the Framework Agreement

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