Supply of an eRecruitment system

Supply of an eRecruitment system

The principle objective is to replace the existing eRecruitment service with a new service enabling cashable savings and efficiencies to be realised. The Council is looking to achieve this through a hosted solution.

Leeds City Council
LCCITS120023: Supply of an eRecruitment system
The Business Support Centre (BSC) is a provider of shared services, providing support services to Leeds City Council, its immediate partners and beyond. BSC customers include employees within all directorates, schools, arm’s length management organisations (ALMOs) and a number of colleges and other external organisations. The service ensures the Council meets its statutory requirements with regard to PAYE, pensions, employment checks and payment of bills. The recruitment process is also supported by the HR Resources Team who manages the internal redeployment pool.
The service utilises an eRecruitment solution to facilitate the electronic capture of application forms and to offer a web based service for vacancies. This solution has been in place for 7 years and is in need of replacement. The service would like to take this opportunity to increase the functionality currently available and to devolve a large part of the process to business managers.
Recruitment involves a series of activities and processes which support vacancy fulfilment. The introduction of a new eRecruitment solution provides an opportunity for these processes to be reviewed and move towards a more devolved service featuring increased self-service.
The principle objective is to replace the existing eRecruitment service with a new service enabling cashable savings and efficiencies to be realised. The Council is looking to achieve this through a hosted solution.
Outline Requirements
eRrecruitment software is a vital part of any recruitment process, providing HR and business managers with the tools and capacity to deliver time and cost effective resourcing. Suppliers should have a demonstrable track record in delivering solutions which meet the Council’s outline requirements:
Candidates should be able to:

    • build and maintain a candidate Profile;
    • apply for live vacancies;
    • attach CV’s, cover letters, academic transcripts and any other relevant documentation;
    • subscribe to automated job alerts, which are personalised to their requirements or interests;
    • provide full application details for ‘speculative’ or ‘future opportunities’, i.e. not just applying for a ‘general application’;
    • manage, accept and decline invitations to interviews; and
    • view saved copies of all correspondences from the prospective employer in a personalised mail section.

Recruitment Service and Business Managers
Officers within the Business Support Centre and business managers should be able to:

    • manage both online and email based requisition approvals processes;
    • co-ordinate all advertising and workflow of vacancies between relevant points – corporate vacancies, intranet, external agencies;
    • issue automatic or manual candidate acknowledgements at any stage of the recruitment process;
    • filter, screen and score candidates according to application responses;
    • tailor their application processes for any type of recruitment – contract, permanent, full or part time, Graduate etc.;
    • manage all interviews online with the ability for candidates to self-schedule;
    • manage all candidate communications, e.g. offers of employment; and
    • report on all aspects of the recruitment process easily with no advanced skills in general software applications, e.g. spread sheets.

General Solution Requirements

    • integrate with the Councils HR and Payroll system – SAP;
    • support access for a range external providers e.g. schools and academies;
    • support a range of pre-employment checks;
    • the initial stages of a strategy on ‘whole workforce talent pool’ are emerging, but the concept has not yet been fully developed. However core to this approach is the concept of ‘job matching’ which is when the system automatically matches suitable employees\applicants with available roles based on skills profiling and the Council is keen to explore how this approach may be adopted and may deploy a talent management solution; and
    • the e-recruitment solution should  support and integrate with a talent management solution  with skills profile and job matching;

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