Supply of Copier Paper – Dynamic Purchasing System

Supply of Copier Paper – Dynamic Purchasing System

Hertfordshire County Council invites applications from suitably experienced and competent organisations who wish to pre-qualify onto its Dynamic Purchasing System for the Supply of Copier Paper.

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Computer and Related Services, Materials and Products, Printing and Publishing, Technology and Equipment

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SG13 8DE

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13 November 2017

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11 December 2017

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16 January 2018

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15 January 2020



Hertfordshire County Council (the ‘Council’) invites applications from suitably experienced and competent organisations who wish to pre-qualify onto its Dynamic Purchasing System (‘DPS’) for the Supply of Copier Paper.

The DPS is a two stage process and will be conducted in accordance with Regulation 34 of The Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Firstly, organisations apply by completing the Council’s online supplier questionnaire (‘SQ’). Organisations which satisfy the pre-determined selection requirements set out in the SQ will then be admitted to the DPS. Individual orders throughout the duration of the DPS will be awarded via competition during the second stage. Organisations admitted to the DPS should note that they won’t be invited to tender for competition(s) until they have signed and returned the DPS Agreement to the Council accordingly.

The pattern and volume of demand for Copier Paper may be subject to change and it is stressed that there are no undertakings concerning likely volume of demand. For the avoidance of doubt, each organisation admitted to the DPS acknowledges that, no form of exclusivity or volume guarantee is guaranteed by the Council for the Copier Paper and that the Council is at all times entitled to enter into other contracts and arrangements with other organisations for the provision of any or all Copier Paper which are the same or similar. Please note the Council is under no obligation to run a set number of competitions during the validity of the DPS.

The Council is procuring on behalf of the participating contracting authorities listed below and includes any future successors to these organisations:

Hampshire County Council
The Castle
SO23 8UJ

For guidance only, an estimated annual quantity (where known) is given in the Specification of the procurement documents. The participating contracting authorities do not undertake to purchase that quantity and equally the successful organisations should be prepared to supply quantities in excess of the figures shown.

The anticipated annual joint expenditure, for the Council and the participating authorities on Copier Paper is presently circa 1,905,095 GBP per annum.

An essential ingredient of the successful working arrangements for each individual order will be regular dialogue between the parties to ensure the smooth running and achievement of the objectives specified for each order respectively.

The DPS will commence on the 16th January 2018 and will be for a core period of 2 years with the option for extensions up to a total further period of 2 years.

12:00 noon on 11 December 2017 was the earliest date when the Council can begin to evaluate applications and admit organisations to the DPS. Please note that organisations can apply to join the Council’s DPS at any time during its validity if they satisfy the selection criteria and no…


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Chris Mulhall (HCC)


Pegs Lane
SG13 8DE
United Kingdom


01707 281571



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Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided.


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