Supply of Electronic Electrical Certification System

Supply of Electronic Electrical Certification System

HMS would like to procure an electronic solution that will produce: Domestic Electrical Installation Certificates, Domestic Electrical Installation Condition, Reports, Domestic Minor Works Certificates,         Emergency Lighting Completion Certificates, Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection Report,         Domestic Fire Alarm Certificate.

Housing Maintenance Solutions
Supply of Electronic Electrical Certification System
HMS (Housing Maintenance Solutions Ltd) was established in July 2011 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) with the aim of directly undertaking operational activity for LMH’s responsive repair and maintenance requirements.
LMH has 15,000 properties in the Liverpool area.
HMS intents to expand their scope and service offer to new domestic and commercial clients over the coming 12 months.
Currently electrical certificates are completed manually on paper by 16 electricians who work in the field. The certificates are then delivered by hand and reviewed and signed off by a qualified supervisor prior to being scanned and saved on to the house file.Approximately 4,000 certificates are completed annually


HMS would like to procure an electronic solution that will produce:
·         Domestic Electrical Installation Certificates
·         Domestic Electrical Installation Condition   Reports
·         Domestic Minor Works Certificates
·         Emergency Lighting Completion Certificates
·         Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection Report
·         Domestic Fire Alarm Certificate
·         Domestic Visual Condition Report
·         Electrical Danger Notification
·         Electrical Installation Certificate
·         Electrical Installation Condition Report
Each certificate needs to have an automatically generate unique reference number.
The certificates need to be completed while the electrician is onsite in the property and the electrician should have the option to select items from a list where applicable
The electrician should have a way of pre-populating information e.g. customer address  but should also have ability to free type for private works.
New tablet devices will be purchased for the electricians – this is not part of this project.
The devices will be either Android or OIS.
The electricians will require a method to export the certificates they have completed from their devices by 3G to their supervisor for review and sign off. The review and sign off will be completed on a Windows PC/Laptop.  Once the certificates are signed by the supervisor, they need to be saved in.pdf format that can be renamed and saved on to the electronic house file.
All certificates must be branded with the HMS logo and client logo or details. These will be provided upon award to successful supplier.
Please see the Specification breakdown where you are to fill in and submit your prices.
The award of this Contract will be on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender taking into consideration the following award criteria:
Quality             60% ( Method Statements)
Price                40%
Submissions must be received by 12.00 noon 2nd August 2013
You will need to log onto The Chest to access documents and to check for new questions and answers, additional information, notifications and updates. IT IS THE PROVIDERS RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT THEY VIEW THESE SECTIONS THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS. Providers must ensure that their response is submitted prior to the deadlines specified. Providers responses must be fully submitted via The Chest no later than the deadlines specified.

No submission shall be considered or accepted if it is received after the final closing date and time specified in the documentation, unless the contractor has contacted HMS Procurement and there is a valid reason.

For the avoidance of doubt, the time registered is when a tenderer presses the final “Submit” button and will be based on the Due North Server time. IT IS THE PROVIDERS RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT THEY ALLOW SUFFICIENT TIME TO SUBMIT THEIR RESPONSE. HOUSING MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR SUBMISSION IS RECEIVED LATE.

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