Supply of Karcher spares

Supply of Karcher spares

Defence Support Group. UK-Telford: field kitchens

2012/S 104-173758

Contract notice


Directive 2004/18/EC

Section I: Contracting authority

I.1)Name, addresses and contact point(s)

Defence Support Group (DSG), DSG Support Group
DSG Land Supply, BLDG B15, Mod Donnington, Shropshire
For the attention of: Vivienne James
TF2 8JT Telford
Telephone: +44 1952673762
Fax: +44 1952673862

Further information can be obtained from: The above mentioned contact point(s)

Specifications and additional documents (including documents for competitive dialogue and a dynamic purchasing system) can be obtained from: The above mentioned contact point(s)

Tenders or requests to participate must be sent to: The above mentioned contact point(s)

I.2)Type of the contracting authority

Ministry or any other national or federal authority, including their regional or local sub-divisions
I.3)Main activity

I.4)Contract award on behalf of other contracting authorities

Section II: Object of the contract

II.1.1)Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority:

LSBU9/0469 supply of Karcher spares.
II.1.2)Type of contract and location of works, place of delivery or of performance

NUTS code
II.1.3)Information about a public contract, a framework agreement or a dynamic purchasing system (DPS)
II.1.4)Information on framework agreement
II.1.5)Short description of the contract or purchase(s)

Field kitchens. J2/items:
2910-12-1668646 filter, fluid,104MM body LG;35MM body OD;0.5BAR OPG PRESS;6.1MM DIA intake & discharge; for diesel fuel; inline disposable W/Hose connections. QTY 519
3990-99-2126490 box, tote, plastics; 600MM NOM; 400MM NOM; 400MM NOM; 70 litre storage container; nato olive green. QTY 1211
3990-99-4636458 box, tote, plastics; 600mm NOM; 400MM NOM; 300MM NOM; 51 litre storage container, nato olive green. QTY 754
3990-99-4807882 box, tote, plastics; 500MM NOM; 400MM NOM;400MM NOM;49 litre storage container, nato olive green. QTY 201
3990-99-6798255 BOX, tote plastics; 600.00MM NOM; 400.00MM NOM; 400.00MM NOM; blue;70 litre storage container, W/Attached lid QTY 1482
4320-12-3517640 pump, inflating-deflating, hand operated. QTY 163
4330-12-1689956 filter element, fluid,30.5MM body DIA; 12MM body ID; 39MM body O/A LG; cylindrical shape W/OUT container. QTY 100
4510015222894 faucet, single, plastics; lever; camtainers; polished; exposed; handle; vertical; compression; not self-closing; complete faucet. QTY 34
4520-12-3526965 igniter, spark, fuel straight plug; 78,0 MM LG; 102,0 MM max WD; 50,0 MM max H; flange MTG; D0356-6.622-223.0. QTY 54
4520-99-2126632 pipe, exhaust aluminium; anodized; 400.00 millimetres nominal; 122.00 millimetres nominal; black; chimney; to be produced from 1.6MM thick aluminium;. QTY 61
4520-99-2977094 pipe, exhaust steel corrosion resisting; finish-2B; 260.00 millimetres nominal; 100.00 millimetres nominal; oven flute: produced from 1.5MM thick. QTY 33
4520-99-9896235 pipe, exhaust, steel corrosion resisting; 1042MM nominal; 164MM nominal; cookset flue. QTY 29
4530-12-3792034 flame housing. QTY 20
4720-12-3624601 hose, nonmetallic QTY 74
4720-99-3005129 hose, air duct undislosed; PVC coated; 2000.00MM NOM; 355.00MM NOM; grey; flexible air supply hose QTY 12
4720-99-3554327 hose assembly, nonmetallic, 1500MM nominal; fuel supply assembly. QTY 88
4720-99-3913436 hose, nonmetallic 1000.00 millimetres nominal; 110.00 millimetres nominal; flexible exhaust hose; tobe produced from reinforced material QTY 168
4720-99-4955149 hose set, nonmet, hose must be suitable for use W/conventional petrol & diesel fuels; 1900MM NOM; 13MM NOM; FUEL HOSE SET COM 3 OFF separate LGS,1 QTY 4
4730-12-3525052 sleeve, flared, tube fitting brass; 4,0 MM hose/tube OD;6,0 MM O/A LG;6,5 MM sleeve OD. QTY 11
4730-12-3525053 nut, tube couplg iso metric fine THD; 8MM THD size; 1MM THD pitch; R-H THD; brass; 11MM NUT H; 10MM WD across flats; 4MM SML ID; any acceptable Fabrctn.. QTY 11
4730-12-3624600 cap, pipe QTY 124
4730-12-3792012 Reducer, tube brass; nickel; male thread; whitworth; 0.250 in THD; 19 AND 28 TPI; 13,0 MM O/A LG; concentric reducer. QTY 13
4730-99-2416361 clamp, hose, steel; zinc; RDG C 7*band; 13.00 MM min and 20.00 MM max; 10.00 MM nom; slotted hex head screw; HI-grip wing screw hose clip. QTY 5
4810-12-3792028 valve, solenoid, fuel/oil, hydrocarbon media design; magnetic valve operation method; 24,0V DC. QTY 6
4820-12-3626070 valve, butterfly QTY 152
4940-12-3791987 holder, nozzle. QTY 46
5315-99-1318500 pin, straight, headless, steel, cres; 47MM NOM; 8MM NOM; cookset locking pin W/retaining keyring to be produced from 2MM THK nickel plated steel. QTY 752
5315-99-9836537 pin, lock material AISI316; retaining pin (UK) pattern; to fit shaft DIA 14MM TO 18MM; 3MM WIRE QTY 982
5330-01-5206178 gasket, gasket – 400MPC, UPC400, 800MPC, UPC800, 1826MTC. QTY 106
5330-01-5206179 gasket, gasket – 2120PMC. QTY 111
5330-12-3792149 gasket, solid SGLE OR COMP NONMETC MATL C-SECT SHAPE; 3MM C-SECT THK; NON-CIRC; 4.5MM HL DIA; 162MM O/A LG; 150MM O/A WD; 130MM APER WD; 142MM APER LG. QTY 6
5340-01-5206175 door, access, general purpose, 400MPC DOOR. QTY 1
5340-99-6764816 bracket, mounting steel corrosion resisting;finish-2B; 560.00 millmetres nominal; chimney support bracket; item to be produced from 2MM thick Stnls. QTY 35
5340-99-8759810 support stand, fuel sply, 304 Stnls ST; 380MM NOM; 185MM NOM; fuel sply stand; sliding arms can be raised to compensate for uneven surfaces when ATT** QTY 31
5355-12-3310435 knob pointer; 28MM WD; 17MM O/A THK; bushing MTD; grip aid; round shaft; 6MM ID; plastic phenolic & copper alloy; black. QTY 11
5930-12-3701172 switch, rotary QTY 69
5970-12-3792141 insulation sleeving, electrical shrinkable; 10 meters nominal O/A LG;3,0 MM expanded ID;1,0 MM recovered ID; black. QTY 5
5995-99-1319692 cable assembly QTY 44
5995-99-3612791 cable assembly, special purpose, electrical 2000.00MM NOM; blue; 240V splitter harness; consists OF 230V PLUG (PIN) connector-BLUE; heatshrinkable ETC. QTY 69
6105-12-1971282 motor, direct current 112.9 MM O/A LG;24V; splash proof protected; clockwise shaft rotation;-40 DEG C &70 DEG C temp rating; horizontal MTG QTY 50
6110-99-1690677 distribution box fibreglass; 200.00MM NOM; 180.00MM NOM; yellow; 110V splitter box; certified to IP56:2 off outlet sockets type 419 304 to BS ETC.. QTY 67
6110-99-2127203 distribution box fibreglass; 200.00MM NOM; 180.00MM NOM; BLUE; 240V splitter box; certified to IP56;2 off outlet sockets type 419 304 to BS4343 ETC. QTY 100
6685-12-3525857 sensor, ambient temp, 104MM NOM; DC; 7360-12-341-3142 Feldkueche; container ISO 20 FUSZ Lebensmittelzubereitung; 12V NOM; Umgebungstemperatur: minus*** QTY 100
6685-99-7446425 thermometer, self-indicating, bimetallic,304 stainless steel; 90MM NOM; 8MM NOM; thermometer. QTY 10
7240-12-3627529 pan, drip QTY 43
7310-01-5206173 kit, latch, K20 engineer systems support, cambro MFG CO; 400MPC latch KIT. QTY 6
7310-01-5207950 cover, food container, description: engineer systems support, cambro MFG CO. QTY 39
7310-01-5207956 cover, food container, engineer systems support, cambro MFG CO. QTY 5
7310-01-5207957 latch set, engineer systems support, cambro MFG CO. QTY 30
7310-12-3624956 cover, food, container, multipurpose QTY 13
7310-12-3626416 divider, steam table, opening QTY 108
7310-12-3627140 shield, heater, duct QTY 1
7310-12-3627601 frame stand QTY 9
7310-99-2361666 bag, thermal nylon; 0 litre thermal BAG QTY 63
7310-99-3384863 stand, food cooking & serving eqpt, St Cres; 1065MM NOM; 750MM NOM; cookset support stand W/telescopic legs adjustable between 430MM & 660MM. QTY 23
7310-99-3484087 shelf, field kitchen box steel corrosion resisting; finish-3B; 1730.00 millimetres nominal; 485.00 millimetres nominal; preparation table shelf; QTY 35
7310-99-3540454 shelf, field kitchen box 500.00 millimetres nominal; 378.00 millimetres nominal; oven shelf; to be made in accordance with P/number G3400852230DL; QTY 51
7310-99-6953131 food container, multipurpose, steel corrosion resisting; 325MM NOM; 176MM NOM; 150MM NOM; gastronorm insert. QTY 109
7310-99-7455644 shelf, field kitchen box, steel corrosion resisting; 970MM NOM; 740MM NOM; 25MM NOM; cookset shelf. QTY 3
7310-99-9155476 parts kit, burner burner spares kit consisting of the following parts; 2910-12-166-8646; 5920-12-186-8822; 4530-12-3 QTY 423
7310-99-9579771 cover, food, container, multipurpose, teel corrosion resisting; 305MM nominal; 155MM nominal; gastronorm LID. QTY 301
7320-01-2136160 cap, vent, dispenser, plastic, snap-on. QTY 61
7320-99-8338540 table, food preparation steel corrosion resisting; finish-2B; 1800.00 millimetres nominal; 550.00 millimetres nominal; QTY 136
7330-01-5207955 food container, insulated, 25.125 IN.O/A LG;12.125 IN.O/A H;17.125 IN.O/A WD;interior DIMS-20.125IN L,12IN W,8IN H; capacity – 24.5 QTS. QTY 351
7330-01-5207960 food cntnr, insul, 25.75IN O/A LG;24.875IN O/A H;18IN O/A WD;INT DIMS, 21.25IN L,13.125IN W,19.125IN H;s tore hot & cold food; holds a variety of****QTY 153
7330-01-5208274 jug, insulated, engineer sys sppt, cambro MFG CO;2.5 gals capy; plas, polyene; ultra camtainers; 16.75IN L;11.75IN W,19.75IN H; nylon over-center latch QTY 171
7330-12-3624955 griddle plate QTY 28
7330-12-3627141 pot, cooking QTY 37
5305-12-3792165 screw, CAP, SKT HD ISO M; 5MM THD DIA; R-H;100MM Fastnr LG; St Comp; 450 newtons per SQ MM offset yield strgth; 700 newtons per SQ min tensile strgth.. QTY 9
5998-12-3792223 circuit card assembly. QTY 16
II.1.6)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)


II.1.7)Information about Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)

The contract is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA): no
II.1.9)Information about variants
II.2)Quantity or scope of the contract
II.2.1)Total quantity or scope:
II.2.2)Information about options
II.2.3)Information about renewals
II.3)Duration of the contract or time limit for completion

Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information

III.1)Conditions relating to the contract
III.1.1)Deposits and guarantees required:
III.1.2)Main financing conditions and payment arrangements and/or reference to the relevant provisions governing them:
III.1.3)Legal form to be taken by the group of economic operators to whom the contract is to be awarded:
III.1.4)Other particular conditions
III.2)Conditions for participation
III.2.1)Personal situation of economic operators, including requirements relating to enrolment on professional or trade registers

Information and formalities necessary for evaluating if the requirements are met: Expressions of interest to participate in this requirement are to be submitted in writing or by email to Vivienne James, procurement officer, Dsg Land Supply Telford, building B15, Mod Donnington, Telford, Shropshire TF2 8JT. Tel: +44 1952673762, fax: +44 1952673862, email and should as an absolute minimum demonstrate the following: 1. Evidence of ISO 9001:2008 accreditation; 2. Proven knowledge of and the capability to deliver the required scope of work; 3. Experience of similar work on previous contracts, particularly those held by mod or other government departments.

III.2.2)Economic and financial ability
III.2.3)Technical capacity
III.2.4)Information about reserved contracts
III.3)Conditions specific to services contracts
III.3.1)Information about a particular profession
III.3.2)Staff responsible for the execution of the service

Section IV: Procedure

IV.1)Type of procedure
IV.1.1)Type of procedure

IV.1.2)Limitations on the number of operators who will be invited to tender or to participate
IV.1.3)Reduction of the number of operators during the negotiation or dialogue
IV.2)Award criteria
IV.2.1)Award criteria

Lowest price
IV.2.2)Information about electronic auction

An electronic auction will be used: no
IV.3)Administrative information
IV.3.1)File reference number attributed by the contracting authority:

IV.3.2)Previous publication(s) concerning the same contract

IV.3.3)Conditions for obtaining specifications and additional documents or descriptive document

Payable documents: no
IV.3.4)Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate

IV.3.5)Date of dispatch of invitations to tender or to participate to selected candidates
IV.3.6)Language(s) in which tenders or requests to participate may be drawn up
IV.3.7)Minimum time frame during which the tenderer must maintain the tender
IV.3.8)Conditions for opening tenders

Section VI: Complementary information

VI.1)Information about recurrence
VI.2)Information about European Union funds
VI.3)Additional information

The contracting authority considers that this contract may be suitable for economic operators that are small or medium enterprises (SMEs). However, any selection of tenderers will be based solely on the criteria set out for the procurement, and the contract will be awarded on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender. Suppliers interested in working with the Ministry of Defence should register on the MOD Supplier Information Database (SID) Register, available at The MOD SID is a database of active and potential suppliers available to all MOD and UK Defence procurement personnel, and is the main supplier database of MOD Procurement organisations. Please note: the registration and publication of a company profile on the MOD SID does not mean or imply that the supplier has in any way been vetted or approved by the MOD. Suppliers wishing to compete for advertised MOD contracts must respond to any specific call for competition by submitting a separate expression of interest in accordance with the instructions of the purchasing organisation.

Advertising Regime OJEU:- this contract opportunity is published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU),the MoD Defence Contracts Bulletin and GO Reference: GO-2012531-DCB-3962453.

VI.4)Procedures for appeal
VI.4.1)Body responsible for appeal procedures
VI.4.2)Lodging of appeals
VI.4.3)Service from which information about the lodging of appeals may be obtained
VI.5)Date of dispatch of this notice: