Supply of Vans and Cars

Supply of Vans and Cars

Supply of Vans, Cars and Fitout Services.

United Kingdom-Reading: Vans

2013/S 139-242572

Contract notice – utilities


Directive 2004/17/EC

Section I: Contracting entity

I.1)Name, addresses and contact point(s)

Thames Water Utilities Limited
Procurement Support Centre – 3rd Floor East, c/o Mail Room, Rose Kiln Court
RG2 0BY Reading

Further information can be obtained from: The above mentioned contact point(s)

Specifications and additional documents (including documents for a dynamic purchasing system) can be obtained from: The above mentioned contact point(s)

Tenders or requests to participate must be sent to: The above mentioned contact point(s)

I.2)Main activity

I.3)Contract award on behalf of other contracting entities

The contracting entity is purchasing on behalf of other contracting entities: no

Section II: Object of the contract

II.1.1)Title attributed to the contract by the contracting entity:

1155 Supply of Vans, Cars and Fitout Services.
II.1.2)Type of contract and location of works, place of delivery or of performance

Main site or location of works, place of delivery or of performance: Whole of Thames Water region.
NUTS code
II.1.3)Information about a public contract, a framework agreement or a dynamic purchasing system (DPS)

The notice involves the establishment of a framework agreement
II.1.4)Information on framework agreement

Framework agreement with several operators
maximum number of participants to the framework agreement envisaged: 4
Duration of the framework agreement

Duration in months: 84

II.1.5)Short description of the contract or purchase(s):

Thames Water seeks to award a Framework Agreement(s) to suppliers who can offer the best range of vehicles meeting TW’s business requirements. Light commercial vans and job requirement cars as well as the vehicle fit-out and alternative fuelled vehicles are in the scope of this tender. These were clasiffied into Lots as follows:
Lot 1 -Vans
Lot 2 – Cars
Lot 3- Fitout Service
Lot 4 – Alternatively fuelled vehicles
TW operates the fleet containing 1736 vehicles (excluding HGVs) and light commercial vans account for its largest share. The standard replacement cycle for our vans is 5 year and for job requirement cars is 4 years.
The profile of the current TW’s fleet is as follows:
Medium van – c 700
Large van – c 200
Small van – c 200
Car Derived van – c 120
4 x 4 -c 80
Cars -c 450
All of the above types will be included in the tender
All vehicles (excluding cars) will require a specific fitout (specifications will be provided at ITN stage).
TW’s budget for vehicle replacement programme for the next 7 years is c £46M with over 20% of this budget being allocated for purchases for the next 18 months.
Various supply models will be explored during the tender process as the overall objective is to find the most cost effective and efficient vehicle supply end-to-end process, taking into account TW’s operational needs and geographical spread ( from Greater London and M4 corridor). It is expected that agreement with selected manufacturer(s) will incorporate all services which may have be provided by the manufacturer’s dealer if involvement of dealer is required.
Agreement for fitout service may need to be finalised after the selection of vehicles/manufacturers is completed.
TW is committed to environmental principles and the appointed supplier will be expected to re-use racking and other elements of the existing fitout as much as possible.
TW may wish to include into ITN some of the requirements from a few TW’s alliance partners as part of their fleet is utilised for servicing TW
TW’s AMP6 alliances or other authorised contractors, may award contracts pursuant to this tender, for the ultimate benefit of TW. The ITN may therefore include some requirements designed to test each bidder’s capability to deliver goods and services in relation to the same.
II.1.6)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)

34136000, 34110000, 50117000

II.1.7)Information about Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)

The contract is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA): no
II.1.8)Information about lots

This contract is divided into lots: yes
Tenders may be submitted for one or more lots
II.1.9)Information about variants

Variants will be accepted: yes
II.2)Quantity or scope of the contract
II.2.1)Total quantity or scope:

Information to be provided in the invitation to negotiate.
II.2.2)Information about options

Options: yes
Description of these options: Thames Water envisages that any agreement awarded would be for an initial duration of 2 years, with options to extend biannually up to a maximum overall term of 7 years.
Provisional timetable for recourse to these options:
in months: 84 (from the award of the contract)
II.2.3)Information about renewals

This contract is subject to renewal: no
II.3)Duration of the contract or time limit for completion

Duration in months: 84 (from the award of the contract)

Information about lots

Lot No: 1 Lot title: Supply of Vans

2)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)


Lot No: 2 Lot title: Supply of Cars

2)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)


Lot No: 3 Lot title: Fitout Service

2)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)


Lot No: 4 Lot title: Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles

2)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)

34136000, 34110000

Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information

III.1)Conditions relating to the contract
III.1.1)Deposits and guarantees required:

Bonds and/or parent company guarantees of performance and financial standing may be required.
III.1.2)Main financing conditions and payment arrangements and/or reference to the relevant provisions governing them:

Specified in Invitation to Negotiate document.
III.1.3)Legal form to be taken by the group of economic operators to whom the contract is to be awarded:

Consortia may be required to form a legal entity prior to any award.
III.1.4)Other particular conditions:

The performance of the contract is subject to particular conditions: yes
Description of particular conditions: Specified in the Invitation to Negotiate.
III.2)Conditions for participation
III.2.1)Personal situation of economic operators, including requirements relating to enrolment on professional or trade registers

Information and formalities necessary for evaluating if the requirements are met: As detailed in section VI.3
III.2.2)Economic and financial ability

Information and formalities necessary for evaluating if the requirements are met: As detailed in section VI.3.
III.2.3)Technical capacity

Information and formalities necessary for evaluating if the requirements are met: As detailed in section VI.3.
III.2.4)Information about reserved contracts
III.3)Conditions specific to services contracts
III.3.1)Information about a particular profession

Execution of the service is reserved to a particular profession: no
III.3.2)Staff responsible for the execution of the service

Legal persons should indicate the names and professional qualifications of the staff responsible for the execution of the service: no

Section IV: Procedure

IV.1)Type of procedure
IV.1.1)Type of procedure

Some candidates have already been selected (if appropriate under certain types of negotiated procedures): no
IV.2)Award criteria
IV.2.1)Award criteria

The most economically advantageous tender in terms of the criteria stated in the specifications or in the invitation to tender or to negotiate
IV.2.2)Information about electronic auction

An electronic auction will be used: yes
Additional information about electronic auction: Thames Water reserves the right to conduct an electronic auction, if it wishes to do so, as part of the award criteria for the particular contract/agreement.
IV.3)Administrative information
IV.3.1)File reference number attributed by the contracting entity:

IV.3.2)Previous publication(s) concerning the same contract

IV.3.3)Conditions for obtaining specifications and additional documents

Time limit for receipt of requests for documents or for accessing documents: ..
Payable documents: no
IV.3.4)Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate

31.7.2013 – 12:00
IV.3.5)Language(s) in which tenders or requests to participate may be drawn up

IV.3.6)Minimum time frame during which the tenderer must maintain the tender
IV.3.7)Conditions for opening of tenders

Section VI: Complementary information

VI.1)Information about recurrence

This is a recurrent procurement: yes
Estimated timing for further notices to be published: Between 2 – 7years
VI.2)Information about European Union funds

The contract is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: no
VI.3)Additional information:

There is no application form available for completion. Applicants are required to respond directly to this Notice (thereafter referred to as PQQ). Responses to the PQQ should consist of a max of 20 pages (40 sides) of A4 paper.
The format for submitting responses by post or courier should be 1 x USB memory stick or CD, in a format compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003, and 1 x hard copy.
Prospective bidders must answer all questions as accurately and concisely as possible in the same order as the questions are presented.
Requested accounting and reference materials may be attached as appendices. TWUL retains the right not to review any unrequested material.
Where a question is not relevant to a bidder’s organisation, this must be indicated, with further explanation provided.
Supporting information must be presented in the same order as the questions and must reference the relevant question. All questions in this PQQ must be answered in English.
Failure of a bidder to provide the required information, make a satisfactory response to any question, or supply documentation referred to in its response to this PQQ or any clarification within the specified timescale may mean that the bidder will not be invited to participate further in this procurement process. Responses to this notice will not be returned.
1.2 Queries about the procurement process
TWUL will not enter into discussion about its requirements in respect of this procurement exercise at this stage.
1.3 Bidder contact
Bidders must include a single point of contact in their organisation for all communications regarding this PQQ, in section 2.2
TWUL will only use this nominated contact. Therefore, bidders must notify TWUL of any change to these contact details as soon as possible.
1.4 Confidentiality
TWUL is required to comply with regulation 41(2) of the Utilties Contract Regulations 2006.
1.5 Evaluation of the response
1.5.1 TWUL will treat a bidder as ineligible and will not select a bidder if a bidder answers yes to question 2.5.1 of this PQQ confirming that circumstances specified in Regulation 26 of the Utilties Contract Regulations 2006 apply to that bidder (being an economic operator for the purposes of the Utilties Contract Regulations 2006) or if TWUL becomes aware at any stage during the procurement process that any of the circumstances specified in Regulation 26 apply to that Bidder (a summary of Regulation 26 is provided under tab 3 (Regulation 26)).
1.5.2 Responses to this PQQ will be evaluated against selection criteria to select bidders to proceed to the next stage of this procurement process.
The selection criteria will be a combination of financial and non-financial factors and will include:
a) Economic and Financial Standing of the Bidder- the bidder must be in a sound financial position to participate in a procurement of this size.
b) Bidder Experience and Capability – the bidder must be able to demonstrate successful past performance of providing similar services for each lot it wishes to apply for.
1.5.3 TWUL may seek independent financial and market advice to validate information declared or to assist in the evaluation of PQQ responses.
Reference site visits or demonstrations and/or presentations are unlikely to be required at this stage (although TWUL reserves the right to require them).
Following evaluation, further assessment may be necessary before any indication can be given to bidders on whether they will proceed to the next stage.
1.6 Evaluation method and question weights
1.6.1 This PQQ contains three types of questions:
a) Pass/fail questions: an unsatisfactory response leads to the exclusion of the bidder from the procurement process;
b) Weighted answer questions: the answers to these questions have an impact on the bidder’s final score as determined by their weight; and
c) Questions for information only: the answers to these questions are not evaluated so as to impact the final score.
1.6.2 PQQ responses will be evaluated by TWUL following pre-defined scoring guidelines.
1.6.3 The PQQ questions set out in Section 2 are weighted as follows:
Financial and organisational standing – 20%
Quality assurance – 10%
Capability to deliver and experience – 70%
Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)
Only the responses to the questions included in this document and additional information specifically requested will be evaluated.
In this PQQ “your organisation” means the economic operator (for the purposes of the Utilities Contract Regulations 2006) bidding for this contract or contracts.
2.1 Organisation identity
2.1.1 Full legal name of the company in whose name the tender is being submitted:
2.1.2 Contact name:
2.1.3 Address of Registered office:
2.1.4 Telephone number:
2.1.5 Facsimile number:
2.1.6 E-mail address:
2.1.7 Company Registration number:
2.1.8 Date of Registration:
2.1.9 Registered address if different from the above (2.1.3):
2.1.10 VAT Registration number:
2.1.11 Website address (if any):
2.2 Single point of contact
2.2.1 Name:
2.2.2 Address:
2.2.3 Email:
2.2.4 Telephone:
2.2.5 Fax:
2.3 Lot selection
2.3.1 Please indicate which lots your company intends to participate in.
2.4 Organisation & Management
2.4.1 Organisation identity
Please specify the identity of your company (Sole Trader, Public Limited Company, Limited Company or Partnership)
Is your organisation a joint venture or consortium? (Yes/No)
If yes, please provide details of parent company interests in the JV.
2.4.2 If your organisation is a company, is it a subsidiary of another company? (Yes/No)
If yes, please provide the name of the holding or parent company.
If yes, please provide the name of the ultimate parent company.
2.4.3 Please list locations and the approximate number of staff at each location from where your organisation provides services similar to those required. For each location please indicate the breakdown of staff in terms of function within the business e.g. design, build, test, system commissioning, site work commissioning, project management, quality management, training etc.
2.4.4 Please provide a copy of your structure to include your organisation parent company and ultimate parent company (as relevant). Please confirm a copy has been enclosed (Yes/No)
2.5 Compliance
2.5.1 Compliance with Regulation 26 of the Utilities Contract Regulations 2006 (as amended)
“Do any of the circumstances set out in Regulation 26 of the Utilities Contracts Regulations 2006 apply to your organisation? (Yes/No)
Note: this is a Pass/Fail question
TWUL may exclude an organisation from this contract process if circumstances as set out in Regulation 26 of the Utilities Contracts Regulations 2006 apply to that organisation.
“If yes, please provide details:
We may seek evidence at a later date in order to verify your answer.”
2.5.2 Outstanding court actions
Are there any court actions, significant employment tribunal hearings and/or regulatory actions outstanding against your organisation or any company in your organisation’s group (where relevant) in any country? (Yes/No)
If yes, please provide details (max. 100 words):
2.5.3 Recent court actions
Has your organisation or any company in your organisation’s group (where relevant) in any country been involved in any court action, significant employment tribunal and/or regulatory actions over the last 3 years? (Yes/No)
If yes, please provide details (max. 100 words):
2.5.4 Conflicts of interest
Please identify any potential conflict of interests between your organisation and/or its directors and TWUL (max. 100 words).
2.5.5 Data protection
“Is your organisation registered (notified) under the Data Protection Act 1998, or if not, do you comply with it?
(Notified and complies/Not notified but complies/Not notified and does not comply)”
If Yes, please provide your registration number:
2.6 Financial and Economic Standing
Please provide the following financial information. Note that we require the information for all organisations and sub-contractors that will be providing a substantial element of the services. However, for a sub-contractor we will not need information relating to its parent company. In addition to evaluating the responses to the questions below, we may use an independent organisation to assess your company’s financial status and risk. If your organisation is a subsidiary within a corporate group, the following financial information is required for both your organisation and the ultimate parent company. If your organisation is selected to participate further in this procurement process, you are required to notify TWUL immediately of any adverse changes to your organisation and it’s ultimate parent company’s (as relevant) financial situation occurring during the procurement process. Following receipt of such notification, TWUL will review the information provided against the selection criteria may determine that your organisation should be excluded from this procurement process.
2.6.1 Financial information
Please provide the most recently available financial information.
Income Statement Figures for Contracting Organisation (Please provide GBP for 2010 and 2011 individually)
-Profit After Tax
-Cash on Balance Sheet
-Total Current Liabilities
-Net Assets
-Consolidated Tangible Net Worth (CTNW)
-Set-out calculation of CTNW with page reference to financial statement
Balance sheet figures for Contracting Organisation (Please provide GBP for 2010 and 2011individually)
– Latest Net Assets
– Latest Intangible assets
– (Other adjustments)
– Latest CTNW
Please provide further turnover breakdown information for Contracting company (Please provide for 2010 and 2011individually)
– Turnover (as above) (GBP)
– Turnover earned from sales of different type of vehicles (cars, vans etc)
– Turnover earned form Thames Water (GBP)
– Turnover earned from Thames Water %
– Turnover earned from largest customer (GBP)
– Turnover earned from largest customer %
– Turnover earned from top 5 largest customer (GBP)
– Turnover earned from top 5 largest customer %
– Turnover earned that highlights specific experience relevant to this scope (GBP) Please summarise why this turnover is relevant in highlighting specific experience
-Turnover earned that highlights specific experience relevant to this scope (%)
2.6.2 Turnover by top customers
Please provide details of your organisation’s top five customers by turnover, showing the percentage each represents of the total turnover for the last financial year, and the contract expiry date. Organisations with a single customer representing a high percentage of their total turnover may be ineligible for selection.
2.6.3 Liquidity
Does your organisation have access to undrawn committed bank facilities with a maturity greater than one year? (Yes/No)
If yes, size of facility (GBP)
If yes, please enclose a confirmation letter from your bank
Please explain whether there has been within the past 2 years or anticipated within the next year:
i) Any changes to your organisation’s executive team?
ii) Any insolvency proceedings in respect of your organisation?
iii) Any financial restructuring, giving of additional security to lenders or factoring in respect of your organisation?
2.6.5 Material disputes
Please disclose (with details, including date and resolution) any pending or threatened material disputes or litigation involving your organisation over the past 5 years
2.6.6 Credit report
Please provide a credit report in respect of your organisation from either Moody’s, S&P or Fitch, or IF NOT AVAILABLE a credit rating report from Dunn and Bradstreet or specify and submit an alternative credit report and your reasons for not submitting a Dunn and Bradstreet report.
2.6.7 Additional supporting financial information
Please provide any additional financial information you wish to submit in support of your PQQ response.
2.6.8 References to support the scoring of section 2.6
Please attach to your submission the following documents:
A copy of the most recent audited accounts for your organisation covering the last two years of trading, or the period available if trading for less than two years.
A separate statement of the organisation’s turnover which relates directly to the supply of the type of services covered by this procurement for the last two years of trading, or for the period that is available if trading for less than two years.
Details of any material changes in the business, corporate structure or financial standing of your organisation since the date of the last set of audited accounts or likely to take effect within the next twelve months.
A bank letter confirming access to liquidity, if applicable
A credit report
2.7 Delivery Capability & Expertise
a. Please provide your standard “Product List” for vehicles in scope of this tender (information on gross weight, cubic capacity, length and height needs to be included).
b. Please advise if you are /are not prepared to provide your services under single Agreement model (i.e. dealership services included in the agreement with manufacturer).
c. Product/Services -Please provide an overview of the core services/products your company offers with a few key statistics (such as number of orders processed, volume and profile of vehicles delivered etc) to give an insight into the profile of the activities undertaken over the last 2 years.
d. Capacity – Please advise what is your current operational capacity (depending on the Lots which you are applying for, it could be number of vehicle conversions per week or number of deliveries). Please also advise what average % of your max capacity was utilised during the last 12 months.
e. Clients – Please provide an overview of your client’s profile with a few key supporting statistics (such as total number of clients, client numbers by size of their operation, geographical region etc). Who are your current 4 largest customers?
f. Lead time – In relation to the product/services in scope of this tender, please advise the average lead time achieved during the last 12 months.
g. Profile of your trading – Do you have a long term contracts/Framework Agreement with majority of your clients or do you trade on an adhoc/one off purchase order basis. Please indicate the % split and average longevity of your contractual relationship
h. Supply Chain – All of our vans will need to be fitted out to the required specification and therefore please advise how do you work with other parties (other organisation/sub-contractors) to ensure that the services are delivered in the most cost effective and efficient way. Please provide the relevant case study which demonstrates your approach “in practice”.
i. If you are applying for Lot 3, please confirm what experience do you have in fitout recycling and provide at least one case study which demonstrate your experience/successes achieved with other clients.
j. Confirm ability to provide a single point of contact for resolution of day-to-day queries and a dedicated, key account manager who will oversee the running of the Agreement
k. Please provide the details of your standard insurance cover for: Public and Product Liability, Motor Insurance, Professional Indemnity.
l. Service Levels – How do you measure your organisation’s operational performance? Please provide a few key statistics demonstrating the methodology used and the results achieved
2.8 H&S – not required at this stage
2.9 Quality assurance
2.9.1 Certifications and industry association memberships (such as Van Excellence)
Please provide details of any quality assurance certification or industry association membership that your organisation holds, e.g. IS0 9000, BS25999 and other relevant standards.
Please attach a copy of any certificates referred to and state whether any of the certifications are suspended, pending or anticipated.
2.9.2 Quality assurance implementation
What procedures does your organisation have in place for identifying and recording non-compliant work (in terms of quality) and for subsequently implementing corrective and preventative actions (max. 100 words)?”
2.9.3 Quality accreditation changes
Please advise whether the quality accreditation status of your organisation has changed over the past 3 years. (Yes/No)
If yes, please also explain why (max. 100 words).
2.9.4 Environment and sustainability
Please provide full details of your organisation’s approach to environment and sustainability (max. 100 words). Please attach, if available, your organisation’s written environment and sustainability policy statement as an appendix.
VI.4)Procedures for appeal
VI.4.1)Body responsible for appeal procedures
VI.4.2)Lodging of appeals

Precise information on deadline(s) for lodging appeals: Thames Water Utilities Limited will incorporate a standstill period at the point information on the award of the contract is communicated to tenderers. That notification will provide full information on the award decision. The standstill period, which will be for a minimum of 10 calendar days, provides time for unsuccessful tenderers to challenge the award decision before the contract is entered into. The Utilities Contracts Regulations (SI 2006 No 6) provide for aggrieved parties who have been harmed or are
at risk of harm by a breach of the rules to take action in the High Court (England, Wales and Northern Ireland).
VI.4.3)Service from which information about the lodging of appeals may be obtained
VI.5)Date of dispatch of this notice: