Supply Policy Management System

Supply Policy Management System

We currently have a large Juniper estate and require a 100% compatible or equivalent security policy management, through an intuitive, centralized, web-based interface that offers enforcement.


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Computer and Related Services, Materials and Products, Printing and Publishing, Technology and Equipment

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East Midlands

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£20,000 – £30,000

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10 June 2015

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23 June 2015

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02 July 2015

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02 July 2018


We currently have a large Juniper estate and require a 100% compatible or equivalent security policy management, through an intuitive, centralized, web-based interface that offers enforcement. For this we require a security software application installed on a network management appliance. This application should provide extensive security scale, granular policy control, and policy breadth across the network. It should help NERC quickly manage all phases of the security policy life cycle for stateful firewall, security intelligence (leveraging threat feeds, command and control related threats, botnets, and local data feeds), unified threat management, intrusion prevention system, VPN, and Network Address Translation. We wish to centrally configure and manage application security, security intelligence (for protection against Web application attacks, command and control based threats, and botnet activity), and VPN, IPS, and NAT security policy through one scalable management interface. About UK Shared Business Services Putting the business into shared services UK Shared Business Services Ltd (UK SBS) brings a commercial attitude to the public sector; helping our customers improve efficiency, generate savings and modernise. It is our vision to become the leading provider for our customers of shared business services in the UK public sector, continuously reducing cost and improving quality of business services for Government and the public sector. Our broad range of expert services is shared by our customers. This allows our customers the freedom to focus resources on core activities; innovating and transforming their own organisations. Core services include Procurement, Finance, Grants Admissions, Human Resources, Payroll, ISS, and Property Asset Management all underpinned by our Service Delivery and Contact Centre teams. UK SBS is a people rather than task focused business. It’s what makes us different to the traditional transactional shared services centre. What is more, being a not-for-profit organisation owned by its customers, UK SBS’ goals are aligned with the public sector and delivering best value for the UK taxpayer. UK Shared Business Services Ltd changed its name from RCUK Shared Services Centre Ltd in March 2013. Our Customers Growing from a foundation of supporting the Research Councils, 2012/13 saw Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) transition their procurement to UK SBS and Crown Commercial Service (CSS – previously Government Procurement Service) agree a Memorandum of Understanding with UK SBS to deliver two major procurement categories (construction and research) across Government. UK SBS currently manages £700m expenditure for its Customers, our growth projections anticipate this will rise to £1bn in 2013/14. Important information

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UK SBS Professional Services team


North Star House

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