Supply Traffic Regulations Order Management Service

Supply Traffic Regulations Order Management Service

West Lothian Council are seeking to procure the services of a suitably equipped and experienced organisation to: a) Digitise and map existing Traffic Regulation Orders. b)Provide a Traffic Regulations Order management service.


Traffic Regulation Orders MIS


1 Authority Details


Authority Name and Address

West Lothian Council

Corporate Procurement Unit, West Lothian Civic Centre, Howden South Road,


EH54 6FF


Mark Duignan

+44 1506281813

+44 1506281325


Address from which documentation may be obtained

As in 1.1


Completed documents must be returned to:

As in 1.1

2 Contract Details



Traffic Regulation Orders MIS


Description of the goods or services required

West Lothian Council are seeking to procure the services of a suitably equipped and experienced organisation to:

a) Digitise and map existing Traffic Regulation Orders

b)Provide a Traffic Regulations Order management service including

– graphical representation of West Lothian Council’s traffic order restrictions mapped onto a GIS.

– secure, managed access to the data over the internet by Council staff ensuring it meets all aspects of WLC’s Information Security policy.

– linking of text based schedules and TROs to the mapping information.

– automated generation of text-based TRO schedules from the mapping information.

– a full history of restrictions in force on any given date, including location, type of order, variations etc, to be available on demand.

– ability to generate onsolidation orders

– service availability 24 hours a day 365 days a year, accessible using current web browser technology without requiring plug-ins (subject to notified scheduled maintenance).

– ability to output data in standard GIS formats.

– facility for WLC staff to draw up new restriction schedules on GIS map to develop draft orders.

c) Maintain and update the system to ensure full and current details of TRO restrictions in force.

d)West Lothian Council staff training


This requirement does not include

a) moving traffic restrictions

b) consolidation of existing orders

Further details available within ITT.

NOTE: The authority is using PCS-Tender to carry out this procurement process. Please note this is a separate website and if you are not already registered, registration will be required

To access PCS-Tender, record your interest in this notice and access the tender documentation please visit and search for project Code 2202 within the appropriate area.

If you have already registered on Public Contracts Scotland and PCS-Tender and paired your accounts you can access PCS-Tender through your Public Contracts Scotland Control Panel.


Notice Coding and Classification

351400 Traffic Control

160 Edinburgh & Lothians


Total quantity or scope of tender

West Lothian Council currently has approximately 400 traffic orders indexed. Some of these are revoked or partially revoked but this is not separately recorded. The orders cover mainly waiting, loading and parking restrictions and speed limits but there are also a smaller number of orders covering stopping-up, redetermination of rights of passage and moving vehicle restrictions. The active waiting, loading and parking restrictions are collected into ‘Parent Orders’ which are marked-up versions with variations noted and referenced but not yet consolidated. These marked-up ‘parent orders’ indicate approximately 1800 active items. All of the orders have been indexed by area and type and scanned to PDF format.

There are approximately 5-10 new TROs promoted with around100 amendments to existing items each year. Most of the amendments relate to residential disabled persons parking places.

3 Conditions for Participation


Minimum standards and qualification required

4 Administrative Information


Type of Procedure

Single stage – Any candidate may submit a tender.


Reference number attributed to the notice by the contracting authority



Time Limits

a) Time-limit for obtaining documentation 06-05-2014

b) Time-limit for receipt of completed tenders
09-05-2014  Time  12:00

c) Estimated award date 26-05-2014


Language or languages in which tenders or requests to participate can be drawn up



Tender Submission Postbox

5 Other Information


Additional Information

(SC Ref:302517)


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